144 CLOWN Related Words, CLOWN Synonyms, CLOWN Antonyms - Word List (2023)

Words associated with clown

144 CLOWN Related Words, CLOWN Synonyms, CLOWN Antonyms - Word List (1)

synonyms of clown

lustig:: clown, buffoon

hanswurst: : a ridiculous character : clown

Harlequin: : Comedy and pantomime character with shaved head, masked face, colored tights and wooden sword

crazy: : a subordinate clown or acrobat in old comedies, foolishly imitating the principal's tricks : merry-andrew

Words related to clown

open cut: : a person who clowns around or acts hilariously

crazy: : Characterized by bad temper, recklessness, or stupidity

Antique: : an attention-grabbing plot or action, often wildly playful or funny : caper - usually a series of childlike escapades

To deceive: : a person without judgment or prudence Only a fool would ride a motorcycle without a helmet.

lustig: : a buffoon in Spanish comedy

To deceive:: Tolo 2a

bunt: : colorful colored hair

Angsthase: : a regular figure in the Italian commedia dell'arte who burles the Spanish Don and is characterized by ostentation and cowardice

scaramouche: : a regular figure in the Italian commedia dell'arte who burles the Spanish Don and is characterized by ostentation and cowardice

mimicry: : an ancient dramatic entertainment that often ridicules scenes from life

mimic:: sense of mime 2 She is a talented mime.

mommy: : a performer in a pantomime

Hose: : a commedia dell'arte character who is usually a skinny old man who wears glasses, slippers, and a tight combination of pants and socks

Comedian: : a comedy author

comedian: : a woman who is a comedian

Comic: : of, belonging to, or characterized by comedy by a comic actor

funny: : With a humorous, whimsical or odd quality, her dignified presence adorned our quaint apartment - Gwendolyn Brooks

Witzbold:: playful, shake

funny man: : Comedian Sinn 2 , Comedian

gagger: : Limit use of mouth by putting something in it to prevent talking or screaming

Gagman: : a joke writer

gag: : gagmann

Humorist: : a person subject to whims

Clown: : a person who likes to play : wag

Witzbold: : Jokersinn 1

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happy andrew: : a person who clowns in public

second banana: : a comedian playing a supporting role for a banana top

stand:: vertical, vertical

Top Banana: : the main comedian in a burlesque show

fan: : be in motion : move

Joke: : the ability to link seemingly disparate things together in order to illuminate or amuse them

synonyms of clown

Bastard: : an illegitimate child

Level: : a quadrupedal mammal distinct from a human, a lower vertebrate and an invertebrate

bleeders: : the one that bleeds

horns: : he who perishes

Grobian: : Bauer

lump: : the one who borders

Mist: : Sodomite

vulture: : buteo

What: : bus driver

chuff: : Flegel, Churl

Grobian: : ceorl

sneak: : moving with the body facedown and close to the floor A spider crawled across the bathroom floor.

Cretin: : an afflicted cretinism

junk yard: : a deposit or encrustation of dirt, grease or rubbish

crumb: : a small fragment, specifically of something baked (e.g. bread)

akt: : a mongrel or inferior dog

Garbage bag: : a dirty, slovenly, or despicable person

Puppy: : Canids wolves, foxes and other dogs

fink: : someone who is frowned upon or looked down upon

hoe: : the back of the human foot below the ankle and behind the arch of the foot

run: : Puppy

ruck: : An annoyingly stupid or stupid person behaved like an idiot

Clown: : a person who likes to play : wag

Old: : Any of a variety of small, wingless, mostly flat insects (orders Anoplura and Mallophaga) parasitic (see Parasite Sense 2) on warm-blooded animals

chump: : bow in reverence when the queen passed

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Pill: : fall in flakes or flakes : peel

Gears: : One of numerous rodents (Rattus and related genera) that differ from related mice in particular by their considerably larger size

Ratte fink::fink, Informant

Reptile: : an animal that crawls or moves on its belly (eg a snake) or on small, short legs (eg a lizard).

lazy: : a completely unpleasant person

idiot: : Rucksinn 1b

scum: : Foreign bodies or impurities rising or forming on the surface of a liquid, usually as a putrid, transparent coating - compare Pond Foam Sense 2

Garbage bag: : a dirty or despicable person

Scuzzball: : an unpleasant, dirty or dangerous person : crawling

Skunk: : One of several common black-and-white New World omnivorous mammals (particularly of the genus Mephitis) of the weasel family, which have a pair of perineal glands from which a pungent, unpleasant-smelling secretion is expelled

schmuddelig: : poor quality, appearance or behavior

dirty face: : a petty person

sloppy: : a petty person

culture: : soft, moist earth or clay

Schleimball: : Slime Sense 3

bitch: : a sloppy or rude person

Line: : One of numerous limbless reptiles (suborder Serpentes, synonym Ophidia) with a long, slender body and salivary glands, often modified to produce venom that is injected through tubular or grooved fangs

so and so: : an unidentified or unspecified person, thing, or action

Grama: : Territorial sense 1

fedor: : a mean or despicable person

stinky: : an unpleasant or despicable person

Pork: : one of several short-legged, omnivorous, stocky-bodied artiodactyl mammals (family Suidae) with thick, bristly skin and a long, flexible snout

sapo: : any of the numerous anuran amphibians (particularly of the Bufonidae family), which differ from the allied frogs in that they are largely terrestrial in habit, although they return to the water to spawn, sturdier and shorter in build with weaker ones and shorter hind legs and rough, dry, and bumpy skin instead of smooth and moist

worms: : an animal that is considered a worm

worms: : Noxious or annoying common small animals (such as lice or fleas) that are difficult to control

Words related to clown

parallel: : a person from a foreign country, culture, or group, considered inferior, uncivilized, or violent - mostly used in historical references. — Paul C. Schuytema Much of Italy escaped the Byzantines, victims of the energetic Germanic barbarians... who began their southward migration from the forest strongholds of eastern and central Europe. -Stephen O'Shea

brutal: : Of or belonging to beasts the ways of the brutal world

Caveman: : a mostly Stone Age cave-dweller

neanderthals: : a hominid (Homo neanderthalensis syn H. sapiens neanderthalensis), known from skeletal remains in Europe, North Africa and West Asia, who lived about 30,000 to 200,000 years ago - also called Neanderthals

brutal: : not domesticated or under human control : untamed wild animals

Großmaul: : a person who talks loudly


Commoner: : an ordinary person

scoundrel: : a person of low social status

villain: : infidel , pagan dishonest heretic

Schlingel: : a mean, unprincipled, or dishonest person

villain:: vagabond, vagabond

bully: : a rude or boorish person

sarna: : Pet mange

villain:: rascal, scoundrel

villain: : a person of ill repute : rascal

villain: : a character in a story or game who opposes the hero

misery: : a miserable person : someone who is deeply unhappy or in great misery

to deceive: : a clumsy stupid person : damn

idiot: : a stupid, incompetent, or stupid person

To deceive: : a person without judgment or prudence Only a fool would ride a motorcycle without a helmet.

Burro: : Burro

potatoes: : Fool , simpleton

do: : Fool , simpleton

Nit: : the egg of a louse or other parasitic insect

Idiot: : a scatterbrained or stupid person

murmur: : a hard-shelled dried fruit or seed with a detachable husk or husk and an inner core

crazy: : Rucksinn 1a

suave: : Rucksinn 1a

air head: : An area in enemy territory, usually secured by airborne troops, for later use to bring in troops and materiel by air

bird brain: : a stupid person

to deceive: : a stupid person

drink: : Beiboot

escondido: : a stupid person

stimulants: : a stupid person I think fast drivers are idiots . – Randy Wayne White … people promise windfall profits on essential investments – which, if paid for, are only paid for with the money of idiots and later idiots. -David Margolick

Idiot: : Nerd looked like an idiot in that sweater

proceed: : a stupid person

half knowledge: : a foolish or feeble-minded person

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Idiot: : a foolish or stupid person

idiot: : Fool , Idiot

idiot:: a very stupid person. They were acting like a bunch of idiots.

Peru: : a large North American gallinaceous bird (Meleagris gallopavo) domesticated in most parts of the world

To do: : Type

bold: : offensive contemptuous in speech or behavior : arrogant

harassment: : Damage , Injury Alleviating the Annoyance of Noxious Fumes from Rural Factories - Collier's Yr. Black

Prague: : an epidemic disease associated with high mortality

exploded: : a small piece that is cut

Snob: : Schuster

Snout: : Snout

snot: : Nasenschleim

Panaca: : an unattractive, insignificant, or incapable person

Effort: : a person without style, unattractive or socially inappropriate

Synonyms for clown

Almost antonyms of clown

Sustained: : a mythological or legendary figure, often of divine descent, endowed with great power or skill

heroin: : a mythological or legendary woman, usually of divine descent, with great power or skill

Idol: : an object of extreme devotion a movie idol

Example: : a person whose behavior in a given role is imitated by others

Knight: : a man of noble or gentle birth (see gentle entry 1 sense 1a )

agitate: : a woman with property rights or authority, especially as a feudal matron

Engel: : a spiritual being superior to humans in power and intelligence

Santo: : a person recognized officially, especially by canonization, as pre-eminent in sainthood

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