15 More Actors Who Look EXACTLY Like Identical Twins (2023)

There are so many famous actors that it can be difficult to keep them in order. Everyone has seen a movie or TV show and mistaken one actor for a completely different actor at some point in their life. You can't blame anyone for mistaking one for the other from time to time. People who look like celebrities are always fascinating, but also incredibly confusing.

Do they share DNA? No, they just look like identical twins. With millions of people in the world, it's not uncommon to come across doppelgangers. Sure, they have their little differences, but sometimes you have to look a little harder to spot them.Our previous listhad many recognizable actors in it, such asJeffrey Dean MorganmiJavier Bardem, there are many other celebrities who are also incredibly similar.

They say that everyone has a twin somewhere in the world, and that goes for celebrities too. We promise you're not seeing double.

Are here15 More Actors Who Look Exactly Like Identical Twins.


Jaime Pressly y Margot Robbie

15 More Actors Who Look EXACTLY Like Identical Twins (1)

Strange as it may seem,harley quinnhe has a twin brother.suicide squadActress Margot Robbie looks eerily alikemy name is earlprotagonist Jaime Pressly. Twitter also noticed the two.

Her cheekbones are too perfect, so it's amazing for two people to have them. Identical blondes are thirteen years apart, but it's hard to tell. They are basically the same height, and one is only an inch taller. Both stars are daring, never afraid to show their sassy side on camera or strip down for a role.

Robbie is Australian and Pressly is American, but the gorgeous blondes share photos of each other. Have you ever been seen together in the same room? If they're not related, maybe they could be the same person.

Michelle Williams y Carey Mulligan

15 More Actors Who Look EXACTLY Like Identical Twins (2)

Actress Carey Mulligan has starred in many critically acclaimed movies, such asLeadmiThe Great Gatsby, but is also known as the British version of actress Michelle Williams, who recently starred in the award-winning filmmanchester by the sea.

Both women sport short blonde cuts and have the same smile. Their skin tone is exactly the same and they have identical fine structures. They give off a charming and feminine energy. If they weren't seven years apart and on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, they could pass for brothers. Particularly with their unique short haircuts, it's almost impossible to tell them apart at times.

The actresses even share a taste for fashion, wearing similar looks at events. If they don't share genetics, maybe they share a stylist?

Kristen Stewart y Teresa Palmer

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Although Kristen Stewart is well known in Hollywood since she played Bella Swan inTwilight,warm bodiesstar Teresa Palmer is an Australian actress who is starting to make a name for herself in the United States. The two of them look strikingly similar to twins, which the internet discovered only a few years ago. In fact, there were message boards dedicated to the subject.

They have the same chin shape and both actresses always seem to have dark circles under their eyes. Actresses get confused in public all the time, according to Palmer. She is flattered to be compared to Stewart, calling her "fiercely talented".

One played a girl in love with a vampire, while the other played a girl in love with a zombie. Clearly, each has a love for the supernatural.

Sarah Hyland y Mila Kunis

15 More Actors Who Look EXACTLY Like Identical Twins (4)

Despite the age difference,bad mothersstar Mila Kunis andModern Familystar Sarah Hyland get confused all the time. The two seem to be related.

They both have striking green eyes and long dark hair, making it easy to confuse them. Hyland is well aware of the resemblance. in ainterview withnot style, revealed that fans call her Mila on a regular basis. Kunis even confessed that she sometimes pretends to be Hyland because she makes her feel young. The media even mistakenly asked Hyland about the Kunis movie.black Swan, confusing them on the red carpet.

Hyland also took advantage of their resemblance when she and ex-boyfriend Matt Prokop dressed up as Ashton Kutcher and Kunis.That 70's showcharacters for Halloween.

Jennifer Garner y Hilary Swank

15 More Actors Who Look EXACTLY Like Identical Twins (5)

Actresses Jennifer Garner and Hilary Swank have incredible cheekbones, long brown hair, and identical noses. Even their mouths and jaws are similar in shape. So it's no wonder people confuse them.

Neither actress has starred in anything super memorable in recent years, but both have won awards in the past. Garner and Swank did itgolden balloons. However, there are a few ways to tell them apart. Garner is two inches taller than theMillion Dollar BabyThe star and the actresses are two years apart in age.

It's particularly hard to tell these two apart when they have short bangs. Looking at them side by side is like a game of finding the differences. We look forward to seeing both of you on the big screen soon.

Daniel Radcliffe y Elijah Wood

15 More Actors Who Look EXACTLY Like Identical Twins (6)

harry pottermiFrodo Bolseirothey get confused with each other all the time. Each actor has starred in some of the most famous fantasy series of all time and has strikingly similar eyes, but they are actually two different people.

Although the two are pretty much the same height—Daniel Radcliffe is 5'5" and Elijah Wood is 5'6"—they have their differences. Wood is eight years older and was born in Iowa, while Radcliffe was born in London. However, the flowing hair and boyish charm are almost indistinguishable.

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Wood even expressed his frustration at being mistaken for the young wizard in an interview onConan, saying he doesn't think that's going to happen yet. However, it is an easy mistake to make. The resemblance between the two actors can be seen inthis now famous gif.

Emily Kinney and Evanna Lynch

15 More Actors Who Look EXACTLY Like Identical Twins (7)

living deadactress Emily Kinney andharry potterofEvanna Lynch looks strikingly similar. The sweet, blonde-haired actresses could easily be mistaken for each other. Both eyes are also blue, adding to the confusion.

However, Kinney is an American-born actress, while Lynch is from Ireland. The two hail from opposite parts of the world, but their fans adore them. Kinney's character Beth kicked some zombie butt and showcased her amazing singing voice on the show.

Meanwhile, Lynch's character Luna was an eccentric, sweet and adorable enchantress. People who have seen both the show and the movie find it strange how much the characters are alike. The biggest difference is the ages. Kinney is 32 years old, while Lynch is 26.

luna lovegoodcertainly seems morebeth greenewhat Maggie does. she has someharry potter/living deadcross in the future?

Ian Somerhalder y Chace Crawford

15 More Actors Who Look EXACTLY Like Identical Twins (8)

Apparentlyo CWhe has a predilection for thicker eyebrows and perfect jaws. Chace Crawford guest-starred as Nate on his showGossip Girlwhile Ian Somerhalder played Damon indiaries of a vampire.The two actors also look exactly the same.

Their latent good looks make them the perfect candidates for teen dramas, even though they are both much older than their demographic. Both actors are in their 30s. They have matching baby blue eyes and perfectly messy hair. Even their faces have a similar shape. The only noticeable difference at first glance is the different color of their hair.

Perhaps they share a distant relative? Anyway, no one complains that two such handsome men appear on their televisions. Maybe Somerhalder and Crawford could co-star in a show together one day as brothers.

Melissa Benoist y Blake Lively

15 More Actors Who Look EXACTLY Like Identical Twins (9)

o CWhe seems to like similar actresses too - Blake Lively starred inGossip Girland Melissa Benoist is on the airsuperchica, and these two protagonists seem to be sisters.

Although Benoist is not naturally blonde, she dyed her hair for her role asKara Danvers. As soon as she revealed her new hair, people started noticing a striking resemblance to Lively. They even speak the same thing and have similar mannerisms, giving both of them a "girl next door" vibe. The actresses are a few years old, Benoist will be 28 in October and Lively 30.

They are definitely double. Benoist was even married to someone named Blake once - sheHappinessco-star Blake Jenner. Maybe it's a sign that these two actresses should work together one day.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt y Heath Ledger

15 More Actors Who Look EXACTLY Like Identical Twins (10)

Heath Ledger y Joseph Gordon-Levitt protagonizan10 things I hate about youtogether in 1999, but people didn't realize how similar they were until much later.

Their brown eyes, sharp jaws, and the shape of their noses are mirror images of each other. Although Ledger was Australian and Gordon-Levitt American, the two bear enough similarities to seem related. Even his movie choices are similar. Both actors were part of Christopher Nolan's film.dark Knightmovies, but not in it. Although some fans wanted to see how Gordon-Levitt would fare as a recast.Clown.

Gordon-Levitt is older than Ledger when he passed away, but he would be the perfect candidate if they wanted to do a Ledger biopic.

Orlando Bloom y Luke Evans

15 More Actors Who Look EXACTLY Like Identical Twins (11)

AfterThe Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug came out, people thought that Luke Evans and Orlando Bloom were exactly the same. Both are a big part ofLord of the Ringsuniverse after all.

It was weird seeing Evans' character Bard alongside Bloom's character Legolas, especially when Bloom had long blonde hair for the role. Fans joked that Evans looked more like Bloom in the movie than Bloom.

empirates of the caribbean, Bloom sports hair like the one Evans has inOh Hobbit.Basically, Evans reminds a lot of Bloom's fans. In their normal lives, they both have curly dark hair that looks very similar.

The two also starredThe Three Musketeerstogether butoh hobbitis what really sparked the jokes about their similar appearance.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau y Josh Holloway

15 More Actors Who Look EXACTLY Like Identical Twins (12)

To War Two ThronesmiLostthey're two iconic dramas, so maybe in some weird way it makes sense that they have similar stars. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Josh Holloway bear an uncanny resemblance.

Both look robust and beautiful. They can pull the longest hair and seem to always have the perfect amount of nape. They also have the exact same nose. Each actor plays a bad boy who would do anything for his loved ones.

They are also a year apart in age and the same height, both 6'2”. It is hard to believe that they are not related. Especially considering the fact that they both look like Prince Charming fromShreck 2.

Does Holloway look like a Lannister? He maybe he will appear in the last season ofTo War Two Thronesjust to complicate things. Jaime might have some competition on his hands.

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Zoe Saldana y Jada Pinkett-Smith

15 More Actors Who Look EXACTLY Like Identical Twins (13)

gothamofJada Pinkett-Smith eGuardian of the Galaxy'sZoe Saldana is exactly the same. The stunning women are seven years apart, but they could play sisters in a movie.

The beautiful actresses have the same noses, smiles and even eyebrows. They share similar long dark hair. The stars are also great dancers. Pinkett-Smith is seven inches shorter than theday in the starsactress, but that's the only big difference in appearance at first glance.

They attended a Michael Kors fashion show together in 2013, and the photo they took showed just how similar they look. It was hard to tell which actress was which. Pinkett-Smith's daughter, Willow Smith, also attended the concert. The three of them sat together, with Saldana fitting in perfectly with her family.

Tom Cruise y John Barrowman

15 More Actors Who Look EXACTLY Like Identical Twins (14)

Actor John Barrowman plays Malcolm Merlyn inSetaand Tom Cruise recently starred in a movieMother. While their careers may look a bit different, their physical appearances are more or less the same.

They have the same hair and their eyes are practically identical. Each actor is 50 years old, and Cruise is five years older than Barrowman. While Barrowman is Scottish and 6'0" and Cruise is American and 5'7", it still looks like they were separated at birth.

Barrowman once recreated the iconicrisky businessscene, boxing at the BBC for charity, so it seems even he is aware of their resemblance. A television critic analyzingTorchhe once said that Barrowman was "like Tom Cruise with braces but without the Scientology".

Nicholas Hoult y Ed Skrein

15 More Actors Who Look EXACTLY Like Identical Twins (15)

Ed Skrein recently made headlines when he turned down a role in the newboy from Hellmovie, while Nicholas Hoult is busy reprising his role as Beast inX-Men: Dark Phoenix.Both of them may be busy with completely different projects, but it's obvious to most fans that they look exactly the same.

They can both sport a short cut, have the same pointy ears and identical mouths. Hoult said he was proud of Skrein for turning down the role after saying it was for a person of color.

They even have interest in the same movies. Hoult and Skrein were both in the dark comedy.Kill your friends.The director said that he would love to work with the two again one day. Maybe in the next movie, the two could play twins.


Do you know other actors that we forgot look like identical twins? Let us know in the comments section!

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