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Suzy Kassem is a multifaceted American writer, poet, philosopher, and artist of Egyptian descent. She is best known for her bookRise and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem.

These Suzy Kassem quotes are full of wisdom on a wide range of topics like love, leadership, success, truth, and ultimately how to make the most of your own life while enriching those around you.

Suzy Kassem's 67 best quotes

1. “Doubt kills more dreams than failure.” –Suzy Kassem

2. “The truth does not sit in a cave and hide like a lie. He roams proudly and roars loudly like a lion." –Suzy Kassem

3. “Teach everyone to fish, but first teach everyone to be fair. Take less, give more. Give more of yourself, take less of the world. Nobody owes you anything, you owe everything to the world. –Suzy Kassem

4 “If sheep choose wolves to be their shepherds, then they deserve to be eaten.” –Suzy Kassem

5. “When we keep hating, we keep losing. When we give each other respect and love, we have a lot to gain. There is simply more to be gained through love than through hate." –Suzy Kassem

6. “Before you were born, and you were still too small for the human eye to see, you won the race for life among 250 million competitors. And yet, how quickly you forgot your strength, when your very existence is proof of your greatness. –Suzy Kassem

7. “Always surround yourself with friends who have a lot of light in them. That way, you will always have candles around you when the days are dark.” –Suzy Kassem

8. “Whatever your passion is, keep doing it. Don't waste time chasing success or comparing yourself to others. Each flower blooms at a different rate. Stand out in doing what you are passionate about and focus only on perfecting it. Eventually, people will see what you're good at, and if you're really good, success will follow." –Suzy Kassem (This is one of Suzy Kassem's best quotes on success.)

9. "The truth can only be seen by those who have the truth in them." –Suzy Kassem

10. “Images are deceiving. Salt and sugar look exactly the same, but they taste very different." –Suzy Kassem

11. “Never judge someone's character based on someone else's words. Instead, study the motives behind the words of the person casting the bad judgment.” –Suzy Kassem

12. “We have a universe within us that mimics the universe outside.” –Suzy Kassem

13. “No one can make you a slave unless you let them.” –Suzy Kassem

14. “Fear the vulture, and the vulture will come. Fear nothing, and you are the vulture." –Suzy Kassem

15. “It is faith that builds the ladder to your dreams.” –Suzy Kassem

16. “Study a flower excited in sunlight and you will understand how all living things react to light. The Almighty has provided everything in nature. Observe nature and you will grow.” –Suzy Kassem

17. “Not a single bird takes its first leap from a tree without faith, and not a single animal in the wild begins its day without faith. Faith is the flame that removes fear, and faith is the emperor of dreams." –Suzy Kassem

18. "There is nothing that threatens a corrupt system more than a free mind." –Suzy Kassem

19. "Initiative without action is like having the mind to recognize a problem but not having the heart to solve it." –Suzy Kassem

20. “The key to a wonderful life is to never stop being amazed.” –Suzy Kassem

21. “Sometimes we have to wallow in the tears and fears of the past to water our future garden.” –Suzy Kassem

22. “Learn to love people unconditionally.” –Suzy Kassem

23. “Greatness comes with patience.” –Suzy Kassem

24. “Everyone should strive to be a citizen of the world. The limits were created by man, not by the Creator. There is no them and us. There is only us. –Suzy Kassem

25. “The number of ways you can live in a lifetime is limitless. So why limit yourself? Sky is not the limit. Beyond the universe is." –Suzy Kassem

26. “Fear the vulture, and the vulture will come. Fear nothing, and you are the vulture." –Suzy Kassem

27. “Be different. Be original. No one will remember a specific flower in a garden filled with thousands of the same yellow flower, BUT they will remember the one that managed to change its color to purple. –Suzy Kassem

28. “Wise words are like seeds. The more you spread them, the more they will become endless gardens of knowledge.” –Suzy Kassem

29. "Time has always been the greatest ally of Truth, because Time ends up relieving and revealing everything." –Suzy Kassem

30. "We take responsibility for the actions of others the moment we realize what they are doing wrong and do not remind them of what is right." –Suzy Kassem

31. "Momentum breeds success." –Suzy Kassem

32. “Pay no attention to pop culture, it poisons our minds and divides our children. Materialism promotes negative values ​​and selfishness. Eliminate all that. It is the plague of big companies”. –Suzy Kassem

33. "Love was made to lift you up, not hold you down." –Suzy Kassem

34. “We need to eliminate the concept of division by class, ability, race, income, religion and nationality. Every human being needs food and water to survive and every human being has a heart that bleeds, loves and suffers. –Suzy Kassem

35. “The journey of the sun and the moon is predictable, but yours is its final art.” –Suzy Kassem

36. "Language continues to separate us, although technology is bringing us closer." –Suzy Kassem

37. “The fight to be good is the final fight of every man. Being bad is easy, but being good requires sincere effort, discipline, and strength. We have to work hard every day to stay well.” –Suzy Kassem

38. “Recognize that we are all part of each other. We are all humans. We are all one." -Suzy Kassem

39. “The truth will never put you in jail. Only the suppression of your conscience will do it. This is what ‘THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE’ means.” –Suzy Kassem

40. "Lies can be formed from truths, but truths cannot be formed from lies." –Suzy Kassem

41. “Build bridges, not walls.” –Suzy Kassem

42. “Global improvement is a mental process, not one that requires large sums of money or a high level of authority. The change has to be psychological.” –Suzy Kassem

43. “Be yourself. An original is worth more than a copy.” –Suzy Kassem

44. “Three things have a limited threshold: Time, pain and death. While truth, love and knowledge are limitless. –Suzy Kassem

45. “Stand up for what is right, even if you are alone. Stand up for the truth, no matter who steps on it.” –Suzy Kassem

46. ​​​​​​​​“Greet every man with peace and leave every man with love. Ask yourself: One more enemy or one more dove? –Suzy Kassem

47. “Nothing exists without a purpose. Every experience you have had in this life was written for you to become the person you were meant to be." –Suzy Kassem

48. “Being different and thinking different makes a person unforgettable. History does not remember the forgettable. It honors the one minority that the majority cannot forget." –Suzy Kassem

49. “A man who tells you to follow him will turn his followers into his company. Whereas a true leader who doesn't tell you to follow him, he will sit in the company of his followers." –Suzy Kassem

50. “Behind every effect there is a cause. You can never remove an effect without first understanding its cause. –Suzy Kassem

51. “The truth always comes out with time.” –Suzy Kassem

52. “Sometimes, to change a situation you find yourself in, you have to take a big leap. But you won't be able to fly unless you're willing to transform." –Suzy Kassem

53. “It is what it is because you allow it to be.” –Suzy Kassem

54. “Make the book of your life a musical. Never give up on obligations, but have fun leaving a colorful legacy. Never allow anyone to be the composer of their own destiny. Take control of your life and never let the limitations imposed by society dictate how your music should sound or how your book should be written. –Suzy Kassem

55. "By studying yesterday, you will understand today." –Suzy Kassem

56. “Choose a leader who invests in building bridges, not walls. Books, not weapons. Morality, not corruption. Intellectualism and wisdom, not ignorance”. –Suzy Kassem

57. "If life gives you bad grades, don't let them interrupt your music." –Suzy Kassem

58. "You can't move things without moving." –Suzy Kassem

59. “Whenever you doubt yourSelf-esteem, remember the lotus flower. Even if it sinks to life under the mud, it does not allow the dirt around it to affect its growth or its beauty. Be that lotus flower always. Don't let any of the negativity or ugliness around you destroy your confidence, affect your growth, or make you question your self-worth." –Suzy Kassem

60. “To be successful, you have to be one of three bees: the queen bee, the hardest working bee, or the misfit bee. One success is inherited and the next is earned. Whereas the latter is self-inflicted, autonomous, and happens on its own terms." –Suzy Kassem

61. “No effect is without a cause, and no cause is without an effect. No unjust action goes unpunished, and no action or thought goes unnoticed throughout the universe." –Suzy Kassem

62. “Doubt, fear and regret are the three villains of success. However, if you close the door on the first two, you never have to worry about finding the third.” –Suzy Kassem

63. "Only the beautiful can recognize everything beautiful, and only the ugly can recognize everything ugly as beautiful." –Suzy Kassem

64. "The successes can be considered grievances, depending on who judges." –Suzy Kassem

65. "Many people will never learn their lessons in this life, or become the person they were meant to be, simply because they are too busy being someone else." –Suzy Kassem

66. "You are never too old to learn something new, nor too young to learn too much." –Suzy Kassem

67. “Never look back. The past is done. The future is a blank canvas. Work on creating a masterpiece. Only you have the power to make your painting beautiful." –Suzy Kassem

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Through her world-themed works, Kassem has been recognized as an evolutionary thinker and creative artist known for building bridges between Western and Eastern cultures. I hope these Suzy Kassem quotes and sayings have inspired you to think differently.

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