Actor and former Sibay Shiok employee Xavier Ong claims Terence Cao owes him S$13,000 in pay (2023)

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A new saga is brewing in the local entertainment sphere.

It's Terence Cao, 54, actor and co-founder of E-Commerce/F&B VentureSibai Schiokand actor Xavier Ong, 27 years old.

Ong is also known as the stepson of industry veteran Wang Yuqing.

On the evening of February 13, Ong hosted a 51-minute live stream on City Boy, his own Facebook e-commerce page.

The actor said he will "talk about anything once and for all" and that he is not here to deny or defend anything.

"I just wanted to come and end an endless cycle that's been going on for a long, long time," he added.

Saindo de Sibay Shiok

To set the context, Ong made it clear that he left Sibay Shiok and now owns City Boy.

He resigned in January 2022 after working at Sibay Shiok for three to four months.

During his time there, he took part in charity broadcasts and daily live shows.

However, even before the team's trip to Thailand from December 2021 to January 2022, there were "underlying issues", Ong said.

The actor explained that he joined Sibay Shiok as a streamer and thanked co-founder Dawn Yeoh for bringing him on board.

In addition to streaming, he also acquired skills such as handling the backend system and replying to Facebook messages.

Ong thought this was not a problem as he thought it was useful knowledge for him.

However, according to Ong, it became an expectation for him to take on these roles and help convey another personality.

But the actor saw it as a "learning opportunity", adding that he is grateful for his time with Sibay Shiok because without her there would be no City Boy.

Unfortunately, as expectations rose, the words used against him also became harsher.

Ong claimed that when things went wrong he was scolded even though it wasn't his fault.

Though he remained grateful for the opportunity, Ong couldn't take any more of the unkind words.

Even in Bangkok, he would have been scolded for things that happened in Singapore.

The last straw that helped him was when he was told, "You're useless, I'll pay, shut up and work."

Ong then read Cao his long farewell message and told viewers of the live broadcast that they parted amicably.

In his text, the actor detailed the challenges he faced and that led him to the decision to leave the company.

He also stated that in addition to being "useless" he was also called an "idiot".

Part of his message was:

“I see what you are doing Terence to build an effective team in a fast-paced environment that puts us on a steep learning curve. It could have been a more enjoyable journey together. In the future please let me know how you are doing I would like to get the finances right after calculating my salary, commission and hotel expenses starting today. I'm open and accommodating."

In response, Cao said he was "ok" and appreciated all of Ong's efforts.

The older actor apparently apologized for his harsh words last night and even told Ong that they could still be friends as it's "just a job".

He added that Ong can just enjoy the rest of the trip to Bangkok instead of working, and another official will calculate Ong's commission as soon as possible.

The exchange took place on the 6th of January.

However, according to Ong, he continued to help with whatever they needed for the next two to three days.

not so friendly

But relations between the two soon deteriorated.

Ong claimed in his live broadcast on 13 February that Cao still owes him S$13,000 to S$15,000 in salary despite having sued the company last month.

Ong allegedly did not hear from Cao for a long period of time until the former used Sibay Shiok's telegram channel as a bargaining chip.

The former employee who created and owned the channel told Cao that he would like to transfer ownership to the team once he receives his salary.

It was then that Ong heard about the Sibay Shiok team again.

As Cao appeared to have him blocked on multiple platforms, Ong had to communicate with him through a management team from Sibay Shiok.

However, as things dragged on, an exhausted Ong finally told Cao that he would forego payment and do with the channel as he saw fit.

At that point, Ong used the channel to post his next live stream on the matter.

The news was released on the afternoon of February 13.

The first ad, which did not contain any indication of its sender, is also said to have been created by Ong.

Actor and former Sibay Shiok employee Xavier Ong claims Terence Cao owes him S$13,000 in pay (3)

Actor and former Sibay Shiok employee Xavier Ong claims Terence Cao owes him S$13,000 in pay (4)

Actor and former Sibay Shiok employee Xavier Ong claims Terence Cao owes him S$13,000 in pay (5)

On the same day, Sibay Shiok told his Facebook followers that his Telegram channel had been "hacked".

get emotional

Following his account of the events, Ong opened up the live broadcast for viewers to ask and answer.

At one point, as Ong condemned the state of affairs, he became visibly agitated and emotional to the point of tears.

He also clarified that he could not go to the Ministry of Labor (MOM) as he did not have an employment contract and also did not know how to deal with these things.

Responding to another viewer, Ong revealed that Yeoh had visited him in his hotel room the night before he left Bangkok and expressed how sorry he was that he had become such a "punching bag".

Ong said he doesn't blame Yeoh as she is stuck between him and Cao.

Cao and Yeoh also respond with a live stream

On the same night that Ong went public, Cao and Yeoh responded with a 49-minute live stream.

The pair said they needed to make a "quick announcement" in the interest of their company and their customers.

Without specifically mentioning Ong, Cao said it was the first time something like this had happened to them.

It was important for them to explain the situation as it affects not only Sibay Shiok or even him and Yeoh but also the reputation ofall celebritieswho founded the company.

Shane Pow and Vincent Ng were some of the previously mentioned actors.

While "everyone is free to say whatever they want," Cao said he felt an obligation to make a statement on behalf of the company and let customers know what was going on.

While the staff take their business and their customers "very seriously", there are also some people who like to be "annoying", the 54-year-old retorted.

About 12 minutes into the live stream, Cao finally addressed the real issue, acknowledging that a former employee had accused him of withholding his salary.

There were also allegations that the products sold by Sibay Shiok, especially theFeng ShuiThe bracelets are fake.

Cao said the team has received many requests for refunds due to these allegations.

After assuring viewers of the products' authenticity, he urged those who made the claim to prove themselves and their expertise.

As for the part where he allegedly owes Ong money, Cao has neither confirmed nor denied, but said the matter has been referred to his legal team in Singapore, who are working on it "with immediate effect".

Yeoh said he didn't want to "go that far" but had no choice but to take legal action.

"It's actually a huge disappointment," she added.

While Yeoh looked troubled, Cao put his arm around her shoulders to comfort her and said that's the way of business.

Cao then turned to the Telegram channel and said that all admins, including him and Yeoh, were kicked out.

Yeoh then asked who could be the admin responding to requests on the platform after a friend noticed someone else doing this.

The pair also berated those who were "poisoning" the channel by saying the products were fake and advised their followers to leave the channel.

Ong: "Disappointed" in Yeoh

SeShin Min Daily NewsOn the morning of February 14, he contacted Ong and frankly told the Chinese daily that he was "very disappointed" in Yeoh.

"I'm not shocked that Terence did the live stream because it met my expectations. But I was surprised by Dawn's performance...she has always had my back in Thailand and also in Singapore."

On the possible legal implications, Ong added:

"I'm hosting the live stream to bring closure to this matter, but if that [a lawsuit] happens, I have no control over that either... I haven't received anything at the moment and can only wait and see. Anyway, for me it's done ."

Issues from another live streaming company:

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Main image via City Boy and 西北 Shiok's Facebook pages

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