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I wanted to tell a story I heard recently. I heard it from a friend I trust, but he heard it from someone I've never met, so it might not be true.

Anyway, the story is this: Becoming a flight attendant is a big competition in Korea (I guess that part since many English students I know personally want to be a flight attendant) and they go to a special school affiliated with a university and one of the top two Korean airlines, of which only a certain percentage can become a flight attendant.

However, the main part of the story is that in order to get into this school, they have an interview where they have to remove all their makeup off their face in front of the interviewers (presumably so they can be sure they are pretty women hired). as flight attendants).

Again, I don't know if this is true, but it is believable as many people who have flown on Korean Air and Asiana have commented on how attractive the flight attendants are (especially compared to western airlines).

If you've never flown with Korean Air or Asiana, here's a little demonstration of the type of flight attendant they choose. I didn't watch the whole thing because it's too long:

I just want to confirm that these women are probably not just models in airline uniforms. The women you see on the plane are just as attractive.

The fact that they are practically all young reminds me of another story an alumnus told me a long time ago. She said that she would only work for Korean Air until she was 26 (as long as she passed the interview and completed competitive school), because after that the airline might want to transfer her to ticketing or something else to make room for a younger woman create level.

I don't know if that's true now, and on every flight you see at least one woman over the age of 26, but it's easy to believe that most flight attendants are 26 or younger.

It would be easy to say that this is unfair and something should be done. I'm sure some people would suggest not flying any airline until it's clear that hiring practices are fair. However, there is a reason why my wife and I enjoy flying Korean Air, Asiana, and JAL (which apparently also hires attractive women, although most of them look to be over 26, if I had to guess). Service is much better than American Airlines, Continental, Northwest, etc.

(Video) Flying on the World's Busiest Route - Korean Air and Jin Air

Whether fair or unfair, we fly with one of the Asian airlines at every opportunity.

  1. I've heard of several Asian airlines restricting their hire policies based on appearance and age.

    I understand the mindset that there should be equal opportunity. On the other hand, I doubt that the US perspective is appropriate to impose itself. These Asian airlines (eg Singapore, Korea) seem to be doing something right. Overall, they are highly profitable and customer service oriented.

    On the other hand, if customers do not support an airline's contracting practice, they may choose an alternative provider!

    Have fun flying!

  2. I was a flight attendant for Asian airlines (I won't say which ones!) I retired early and then switched to a ground flight attendant.

  3. I flew with Korean Airlines last year. The flight attendants are attractive (certainly more attractive than the usual flight attendants I've seen on other airlines) and very attentive. After a 20-hour flight, her attitude and appearance were still polished and professional.

    So yes, they are THAT attractive.

    (Video) Korean Air Prestige Class Airbus A380 | New York JFK to Incheon (Seoul) Flight Review

  4. In fact, one of my students today said he had a cousin who applied to be a flight attendant, but I forgot to ask which airline - Korean Air or Asiana I think. She wasn't allowed to wear makeup for the interview, so she didn't have to rub herself in front of the interviewers.

    My student didn't know the exact details, but he said that they judged his cousin's appearance first.

  5. I think Singapore Airlines has one of the most attractive flight attendants among all Asian airlines. Very polite and attentive. Affirmative!

  6. I flew from Tokyo to LA on Korean Airlines today and was impressed by the beautiful Korean Airline attendants. You are so beautiful and so thoughtful that I thought I was in heaven. Also, I had to take the bus, but they made me feel like I was flying business class - I loved every minute of it and will continue to fly Korean Airlines whenever I can!


  7. I remember going to Korea for the first time when I was 23. I was waiting at JFK for my Korean Air flight, and when the flight attendants walked by, I was shocked. I thought to myself, "Korea is going to be great!"

  8. I once flew Korean Air from ICN-SIN Changi Airport and yes, I was amazed at how beautiful it was! It's not just how they look, there's something about them... the way they act and walk. It was fantastic! They are very customer oriented and make you feel at home…. Loved it although had some communication issues 🙁 other than that it's a great airline with great flight attendants…. I'm a girl by the way haha.

  9. My girlfriend is extremely beautiful and she happens to be a Korean Air stewardess. First of all, you don't need to graduate from a reputable university or a flight attendant college. Women from all types of schools are flight attendants on Korean Air. Some graduates of these flight attendant schools get hired, but in general it all depends on your English skills and general intelligence. When my girlfriend was signed in January of last year, 20,000 girls applied. Only 50 were chosen. From what my friend told me, only 5 girls in his class graduated from one of these "stewardess colleges" and only 6 in total from Seoul National and Yonsei University. So no, the prestige of the university doesn't matter.

    Second. Korean Air wants to hire stewardesses between the ages of 22 and 25 because it wants them to be in the cabin at their peak. After that they say they are all cabin veterans and have a lot of experience working on different planes. They then advance to higher positions in the cabin, working on the galley, prestige class and first class parts of the aircraft. Younger flight attendants (22-26) are considered (besides their beauty) more resistant to deal with a greater number of passengers in economy or business class. So they have a method to their madness. So yeah, they normally don't hire much older staff unless the candidate has advanced skills and experience to work in the booth as that's not how they want to do things. It's their business model... pure and simple...


    Yes, Korean society can be vain, but Korean Air is one of the most desirable (if not the most desirable) jobs in Korea. So, OF COURSE Korean Air can be incredibly picky when it comes to their hiring practices, you have to kill 20,000 girls somehow!

    And the makeup thing is a pretty ridiculous rumor... my girlfriend laughed when I asked her about it. It's true that everyone should wear their hair and makeup a certain way, but she's never heard of anyone having to rub their makeup off during their interview. (She found this very hilarious)

    There you have it... the true story behind Korean Air from a man who is lucky enough to have an amazing girlfriend. Korean Air is very, very complex and hierarchical, maybe I'll write a book about how messed up society will be one day...

  10. I traveled to and from Korea on Asiana Airlines and was impressed by the quality of the flight attendants and how polite and sociable they were. The fact that they were all very attractive young women who took their jobs seriously made it all the more enjoyable. The lack of political correctness and the focus on appearance and quality of service was a big plus. By comparison, the average US airline flight attendant is grumpy and uninterested. It's very obvious they are unionized in the US so they just don't care how their job performance is perceived by consumers.

  11. @Hongdae - so your girlfriend was told to wear makeup to the interview just to wear it a certain way?

    Many people have told me that makeup is not allowed in these interviews, but we could be talking about two different things (one to get into school and the other to actually be hired by the airline may have different rules).

  12. Hey guys,

    Do you have flight attendant training or school?

    If it was in Korea it would be great.

    It can also be in the US.

    (Video) Flying Korean Air from Korea to Malaysia 🇲🇾🇰🇷

    Please help my cousin make her dream come true!!

  13. I fly to Dubai from ICN. I never thought the companions were so beautiful. Maybe because I don't pay much attention to them. When I get on the plane in a few days, I'll take a closer look.

  14. I work in the international terminal at Vancouver Airport and I see the Korean Air women all the time, not only are their skin absolutely flawless, they are practically the same size. It's just a measure of how carefully Korean Air takes care of the face it presents to the public.

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