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NOTE: This article is about the 2018 Netflix incarnation of CatraShe-Ra and the Princesses of Power. The original version can be foundHere.

Overview of the villain

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hey love
~ Catra's most famous catchphrase.

Some people have a bad day. i had a bad life If I want something, it will be taken away from me. If I win the fight, I lose the war. Threats only work on those who have something to lose. But I? I've already lost everything. And you can't be good at it because you just get distracted. So what will it be?
~ Catra for the Crimson Waste Denziens.
Hello Adora. Ah... Where are your friends? (Adora: Catra, stop it. You have to-) It's always like that with you, Adora. "I have to do this. Oh, we have to do this.” Let's face it, this is all your fault. If you hadn't been caught, your sword wouldn't have opened the portal. If you hadn't taken up the sword and been the worst She-Ra in the world, none of this would have happened. (Adora screams) Admit it, Adora, the world would still stand if you had never walked through that portal at all. you did this to me you took everything from me You destroyed the world and it's all your fault.
~ Catra scoffed and blamed Adora as reality began to crumble.

vonis the deuteragonist of the Netflix original seriesShe-Ra and the Princesses of Power, a reboot of the 1985 Filmation seriesShe-Ra: Princess of Power.

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She serves as the deuteragonist of seasons 1 and 5, as the secondary antagonist of season 2, as one of the two main antagonists (alongsideHordak) from season 3 and one of the two secondary antagonists (btwHordak) from Season 4. She is Force Captain of Hordak's Evil Horde (a position previously held by Adora before defecting). Catra later becomes the deputy of theto hoardafterSchattenweberprison of.

Catra was Adora's childhood best friend and is obsessed with her as she claims to have feelings for Adora, but in the first season Catra felt hurt and betrayed when Adora joined the rebellion and became She-Ra. She is She-Ra's archrival, turned lover during the war for the first four seasons, but reforms in the fifth and final season when Horde Prime arrives and sacrifices her freedom to save Glimmer, after which she is brainwashed by Prime is subjected to it until it was saved by Adora, Entrapta, Glimmer and Bow. Catra then becomes an enemy of Horde Prime and joins the rebellion against him, becoming the fourth member of the Best Friends Squad. Catra reconciles with Adora and they become lovers.

She is voiced byalso Michalka.


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Catra is a slender, fair-skinned girl of feline origin with an athlete's physique. She has angular facial features such as a pointed chin, a straight nose, and slanted, heterochromatic, almond-shaped eyes in shades of light yellow (left) and turquoise (right). She has three freckles on her cheeks, gently arched dark eyebrows and a devilishly thin smile with sharp teeth.

Because of her portrayal and her feline parentage, she is depicted as a young girl with sharp claws on her hands and toes, small fangs, large black cat ears, and horizontal markings on her arms and three on her back that resemble those of a tabby cat. stripes. She also sports wild, slicked-back spiky ash-brown hair hidden behind a feline-inspired auburn headdress.

She wears a two-tone orange leotard top over ripped reddish-purple leggings that wrap around her foot, exposing her toes and heels. She is also seen in two belts, the thickest of the two bearing the Horde symbol, and as the show progresses we see her wearing the Captain of the Force brooch on her shirt over her heart.

At the time she sided with Adora, Catra wore a mix of her previous two looks, no longer wearing her iconic tiara and now sporting short hair.


Problems are okay: Wow, I knew this would piss you off, but you're still really obsessed, aren't you, kitty? You know it took a while but I finally understood your character. You try so hard to play the big bad villain but your heart was never in it, was it?
von: What--? What are you? To stop. Stop doing that.
Problems are okay: People hurt you, didn't they? They didn't believe you. They didn't trust you. I didn't need you Left you. But have you ever thought that maybe they're not the problem? And you. You drive them away, wildcat.
von: Why are you doing this?
Problems are okay: It's for your own good, dear. We both know that was never what you really wanted.
~ Duplicate issues analyzing Catra's twisted personality.

Catra is quite a provocative, lazy, irritable, cynical, irreverent, impulsive, self-centered, stubborn, provocative, violent, and abusive person. Although she got along well with her best friend Adora before she left the Horde, Catra never seemed able to befriend anyone, even at a young age, due to her aggressive and violent nature. As a result, she was a lonely person in her childhood. Although she did enjoy the company of Adora, who she enjoyed her time with.

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Because of her short-tempered, irreverent, impulsive, egocentric, stubborn, and violent personality, and her tendency to harm others (like clawing out Octavia's eye just because Catra didn't like Octavia's face), she was often scolded and punished by Weaver of Shadows. Due to her self-centered and egotistical personality, Catra developed a sense of inferiority as she believed that she was living in Adora's shadow and that this would later turn her into a more selfish and power-hungry person who always has to prove that she is the best. She also frequently blames herself, blames others, and uses scapegoats for her mistakes and actions, without ever taking responsibility for her shortcomings or mistakes.

As Captain of the Force, Catra remains largely focused on the Horde's success. It gets worse as you rank up, with Double Trouble even noting that Catra takes the war on the Rebellion very seriously. After losing Scorpia's friendship, Catra suffers a mental breakdown and develops mild mental instability. In the end, her consuming ambition was finally shattered when Double Trouble falsely betrayed her, claiming Catra wasn't a villain when in fact she was. This act only served to psychologically destroy Catra even more, causing her to believe even more that she was a victim and triple blaming her, shifting the blame and using others as scapegoats for her mistakes and mistakes. All of this left Catra on the verge of embracing death and encouraging Glimmer to simply kill her, though Glimmer refused to do so out of pity.

After the utter failure of her conquest of Eternia within the Horde and the psychological devastation caused by Double Trouble, Catra begins to question herself to the point of doubting her life choices. She also tries to bond with Glimmer as they encounter a similar amount of miscalculation and alienate her own friends. Risking her life to save Glimmer, Catra apologizes to Adora for everything she has done. She claims to have regrets for her past actions and claims that she realized Adora was always there for her. She also sacrifices everything to ensure Adora is safe, telling her old friend not to try to approach Prime and sacrificing her own safety to ensure Adora is safe as she doesn't believe that Adora wants to save her because Catra, having her own mind, destroyed their former friendship.

After her release from Horde Prime's mind control, Catra struggled to fit in with the group, behaving in a typically anti-social manner even when Adora wanted to help her, wanting to be left alone, declaring that everyone hates her, and calling Adora one idiot. for saving her. Catra faces up to her mistakes by apologizing to Entrapta and is moved when the Princess of Dryl forgives her without hard feelings, she was also moved by the acceptance of the group among them.

From then on, Catra returned to the provocative personality of her cadet days, while retaining a certain vanity and a little pessimism. Unlike her teammates, Catra had a slightly more level-headed mind, as evidenced when she pointed out that attempting to simply blow up Horde Prime's armada to return to Etheria as Adora had intended would be suicidal . She wasn't happy to see Shadow Weaver again due to his long bitterness towards her, but she cried when her mother figure sacrificed her life. Shadow Weaver's last words were to tell Catra how proud she was of her. At the end of the series, Catra confesses her romantic feelings for Adora and reconciles with Scorpia while preparing for more adventures with Bow, Glimmer, and Adora. In the end, Catra found her happiness.

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loves: Look around. This is a civilian city. These are not insurgents. They are innocent people.
von: Yes, innocent people who kidnapped a Horde officer. Let's go back to the Fright Zone. Shadow Weaver freaks out. [laughs] It would be funny if she wasn't such a horrible person.
loves: Catra, no. I can't go back Not until the Horde leaves this city alone. Help me.
von: What are you saying?
loves: I say this is wrong. They lie to us, manipulate us. Hordak, Shadow Weaver, all of them.
von: Of the! Did you just discover this? Manipulation is the whole Shadow Weaver thing. It's been spinning in our heads since we were kids.
loves: How could you agree to that?
von: Because no matter what they do. We both take care of each other. And soon we will issue the orders. Can we go home now?
loves: I'm not going home. Not from what I've seen. Come with me. You don't have to go back there. We can fix that.
von: You're joking? You've known these people for, how long, a few hours? And you will throw away everything for her? yuck What happened to you?
loves: I don't know. But I have to do something. I'm sorry Kate!
~ Catra reveals her evil nature.
von: You better have something for me.
Scorpio: Recordings of Entrapta. She kept them all in Emily. The chip was damaged when I pulled it out, but... I hope that doesn't matter? It was so small, and you know... a pair of tweezers.
von: You broke... the recordings?
Scorpio: I... I didn't want to...
von: I asked you to do something! One simple thing and you screwed up! But of course you screwed it up. Yes. you are scorpio That's exactly what you do! You couldn't handle Emily... You never know when to shut up... The only thing you did was get in my way! What did I expect, I mean how can you be so useless?! [Scorpia is silent] What?!
Scorpio: You are a bad friend.
~ Catra coldly berates Scorpia, which she will bitterly regret.
What are you waiting for? Do it. Looks like we're alone, Sparkles.
~ Catra broke down emotionally with Glimmer.
loves: Are you still getting flashes?
von: Yes, I keep having this horrible vision of some blonde girl thinking she's better than everyone else bursting into my room all day. Oh wait a minute.
loves: We'll find a way to get the chip out. If you just gave Entrapta [Catra quickly grabs a pillow and puts it on her face] a look, I bet she could...
von: I don't want to see anyone, okay?! Not you, not Arrow Boy or Sparkles, and definitely not Entrapta.
loves: So, are you going to hide here forever? At some point you have to face them...
von: No, not me. Just drop me off at the next planet, I'll go my own way.
loves: What, so Horde Prime can retake it?
von: I can look after myself.
loves: I promised to take you home, and that's exactly what I'm going to do. Why are you acting like this?! We saved your life!
von: I told you not to come back! But you love feeling like a hero don't you?
loves: Should I let you die there?!
von: WHAT DO YOU CARE?! I know you all hate me!
loves: I never hated you!
von: ...So you're even dumber than I thought. Just leave me alone.
loves: I'm such an idiot. I thought things would be different this time but obviously nothing has changed.
~ Catra argues with Adora.
Entrapta, wait... Thanks. And I'm sorry. (Entrapta: I forgive you.)
~ Catra apologizes for what she did to Entrapta.
von: Loves it! Please! You have to wake up! You can't give up. You have never given up anything in your life. Not with me either. So don't you dare start now!
loves: It is too late. I failed.
von: NO! NO! I understand you. I won't let go You did not understand? I love you. I always had. So please, just this once... stay. Remain.
~ Catra confesses her feelings for Adora.
von: Hey, Scorpio. Look, I... [Before finishing her words, Scorpia hugs her tightly.] Ooh, there you have it.
Scorpio: You know I'm a giant.
~ Catra reconciles with Scorpia.


  • Catra's appearance on the show differs greatly from her original design. In this case, she's more of a humanoid cat. She retains her signature tiara, which allowed her to transform into a purple panther in the original series. During the final season, she stops using it.
  • Catra is AJ Michalka's first villain role.
  • Like most real cats, she does not like water.
  • Unlike her original counterpart, Catra has a better relationship with herScorpio, although this ratio has deteriorated since season 3 but is restored in the final season.

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