Describe a childhood friend's IELTS cue card (2023)

Describe a childhood friend's IELTS cue card (1)

Describe a childhood friend IELTS C...

Describe an IELTS tip card for a childhood friend


Describe a childhood friend

You should say:

Who is this person?
How did you become friends with this person?
What do you like to do with this person?
Explain why you like him/her.

A WARNINGThe examiner will give you one minute to plan your answer.,and to prepare for the topic, the examiner will provide you with a pencil and notepad. You have one to two minutes to answer the questions related to the topic.

Sample answer 1


Despite having many childhood friends with whom I keep in touch, one of them is special and deserves to be highlighted.

Who is this person?

He's my best friend, Andrew, and we've been best friends for ten years.

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How did you become friends with this person?

I was in 6th grade when Andrew was accepted into my class after emigrating from another city.

I was weak in math and used to get bad grades. Seeing my need, Andrew came to my aid. Since he was good at math, he helped me find solutions to complex questions.

He worked with determination, dedication and discipline to improve my performance in mathematics. In the end, their hard work paid off and I got 2nd place in math class.

From that day forward, we became all-weather friends.

Explain why you like him.

I like him for his upbeat attitude. He knows how to handle challenging situations.Sent🇧🇷 Whenever I'm in trouble, he helps me by taking care of me.unchanged support.

Under his guidance, I experienced aparadigm changein my career. He is selfless and findsimmenselyHappiness working for the benefit of others.

What do you like to do with this person?

Andre is goodBadmintonPlayer. Whenever we have free time, we play this game together.

In addition, we are both travel enthusiasts and often take trips to the surroundings.

Also, Andrew is a great cook. I often visit him at his house for dinner and he pampers my appetite with various delicious delicacies.

Sample Response Vocabulary 1

1. Worth mentioning

Meaning:Important enough to warrant comment.

Phrase:The role of vaccines in containing the threat of the coronavirus is worth noting. After taking the dose, many people comfortably left their homes and went to work, losing their fear of the deadly virus.

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2. No

meaning: A bad ordifficultcondition or situation

size: I was going through a challenging time during the lockdown and when my dad saw my situation he came to my rescue and gave me the emotional support I needed.

3rd excursion

meaning: A short trip or excursion to a specific place

Phrase: Excursions help us to think outside the box because we get to know new things and people.

Sample answer 2


As an extrovert, I made many friends. One of my friends is someone I befriended when I was a kid and we are still best friends to this day.

Who is this person?

This person's name is Gordon and we have been studying together for 10 years.

How did you become friends with this person?

I distinctly remember forgetting to bring my lunch box one day in 10th grade. During the break, Gordon saw me not eating my food. He immediately came to me and shared his tiffin with me, and from that day forward we became close friends.

What do you like to do with this person?

Since Gordon and I have the same interests, we tend to do a lot of things together. First, we are bothinsatiableReaders, so at each meeting we exchange books and explain the summaries of the ones we read.

Second, we play badminton together in pairs. I'm good at smashing and Gordon is good at serving; Together we made a deadly combination and also won many trophies.

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After all, we are food enthusiasts; We cook delicious delicacies twice a month. When we last met, Gòrdan made a delicious spread and I baked a red velvet cake.

Explain why you like him.

I like Gordon because he always spreads positive vibes. Whenever I'm in a challenging situation, I turn to him because he helps me handle conflicts skillfully.

In addition, I look to him for flashes of inspiration to lead my life to impressive growth.trajectory.

Vocabulary for sample answer 2

1st bosom friend

Meaning:a very close friend

Phrase:During the Corona pandemic, I went into depression due to the lockdown; During this time of scarcity, my bosom mini friend emphatically supported me to master conflicts skillfully.

2. Deadly combination

meaning: two or more things that are dangerous/more effective when they are together or when they happen at the same time

Phrase:Pizza and Pepsi make a deadly combination, and when one is not available, the taste becomes mundane.

3. delicious

meaning: Food that looks or tastes good.

Phrase: I used to be bad at cooking, but now I'm an expert cook and I can cook a lot of delicious delicacies.

question to follow

Here are some examples of follow-up questions the examiner might ask during your presentation, Part 3, related to the cue map”Describe a childhood friend“.

1.How do people make new friends?

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People use various ways to start a friendship. He mainly lives by age and sex. Children develop friendships in educational institutions. They also make friends in the playgrounds and parks by playing and participating in other activities together. Women make new friends by attending cat parties, and men make friends at work or by joining social clubs.

2. In your opinion, what characterizes a long friendship between people?

Mutual trust is the connecting factor in long friendships. When people ignore each other's shortcomings and are open and direct, friendships can become lasting.

3. Is friendship easier when you have similar interests?

There's no denying itconvictionthat people with similar interests can spend time together without getting bored; therefore, your friendships are more successful. You can usually find similar topics for discussion. In a lasting friendship, your likes and dislikes should be more or less similar.

4.How do you find friends today?

Nowadays, people mostly thrive on the internet to make friends. They achieve this goal by joining social networks like Instagram, Twitter, etc.

5. Do you think we meet new people differently now than we used to?

Yes No doubt. These days, we find like-minded people across cyberspace by looking at social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.

6. What do you think? What kind of personality do young people admire?

The young generation usually consists of people who show opulent lifestyles by becoming rich and famous. They admire budding actors and sports stars.

7. Why is friendship so fickle these days?

Friendships these days are becoming fickle for many reasons. The main reason is that most people don't have enough time to cultivate friendships. People became workaholics because of workaholicsstrong competitionand rising inflation leaving no stone unturned to make a boatload of cash. Therefore, friendship is not on their agenda.

Second, friendship today thrives primarily on what we get in return and comes from looking at the potential benefits the other person can offer you. These friends are not all-weather friends and will often disappear when you need their full support. After all, friendships evolve through cyberspace these days. Sometimes you meet strangers you've never met in real life. There can be fake profiles online, so many friendships are often short-lived.

8. How do people in your country make friends these days?

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People in my country develop friendships in educational institutions, at work, in social gatherings, adventure trips, etc. Also, online friendships are becoming more important these days.

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How can I describe my friend in ielts? ›

What kind of personality your friend has: For this question, say that he/she is very friendly, helpful and caring and values your friendship. For his/her personality, say that she/he is talented, creative and has an attractive personality. Also, mention that she/he is understanding and well-behaved.

What would you like to tell a friend from your childhood? ›

He was a lively and helpful boy who liked me very much. We had many things in common and we helped each other with our studies. Since I enjoyed participating in different activities with him, I liked him as a friend as well. We had a strong bonding and intimate friendship between us.

Who is a childhood best friend? ›

Definition of childhood friend

: a friend that a person had when both of them were children : a friend since childhood We are childhood friends.

Are you still friends with people from your childhood ielts speaking? ›

Do you still keep in touch with friends from your childhood? Yes I am still in touch with my school friends, thanks to social networking websites like Facebook. We normally talk about the things we used to do when we were little. We remember the old memories and laugh at them sometimes.

What is the best way to describe a friend? ›

Example usages
  1. My friendship with my best friend is loving and sincere. We are loyal to each other.
  2. My friendship with my grandmother is warm and affectionate. She has my back.
  3. My friendship with our funny milkman is really great and fun. He is a good and warm-hearted man.
Jan 30, 2021

What is the best description of a friend? ›

A close friend is honest and speaks from the heart with good intentions. They tell you what you need to hear in a way that you can hear rather than gossip behind your back. A quality friend is trustworthy, not only are your secrets safe with them, but so are your vulnerability, fear, and weirdness.

What makes a childhood friend special? ›

Some people maintain friends from childhood, and this special bond affords many benefits. After all, you knew each other through all the growing pains and through those formative years. You both experienced classes, play, and sports activities together. This special friend therefore knows your integral character.

What are 10 qualities of a good friend for kids? ›

What makes a good friend?
  • Good friends make you feel good. ...
  • Good friends support each other. ...
  • Good friends don't always have everything in common. ...
  • Good friends listen. ...
  • Good friends are trustworthy. ...
  • Good friends handle conflict respectfully and respect boundaries. ...
  • Good friendships go both ways. ...
  • Having a group of friends.

How would you describe your best friend in 10 words? ›

Words to Describe Qualities of a Good Friend
9 more rows

How do you introduce a childhood friend? ›

1. I have many friends. My best friend's name is Malee. She is very kind. When I have too much homework, she helps me finish my work. She is tall for her age. She is taller than me. She is also thin. Her eyes are not good so she wears glasses. She smiles a lot and when she laughs she makes me laugh too. She lives near ...

What do you call a childhood friend? ›

comrade-in-arms. fellow woman. bunkmate. stooge. toady.

How do you appreciate your childhood friends? ›

Try them with your next appreciation post.
  1. I'm so thankful for this friendship. ...
  2. You have always been there for me unconditionally. ...
  3. Thanks so much for always being around. ...
  4. Thanks for all of the laughs, advice, and sweet (and naughty) memories throughout time.

Can you describe your childhood? ›

Childhood is the most fun and memorable time in anyone's life. It's the first stage of life which we enjoy in whatever way we like. Besides, this is the time that shapes up the future. The parents love and care for their children and the children to the same too.

Do you remember the friends you had made in childhood? ›

Do you remember the friends you had made in childhood? Yes, I very well remember my childhood friends. They are actually in touch with me every time though social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. A number of times we meet together in family functions and festivals to celebrate.

How do you talk to your childhood friend after a long time? ›

Ask about their current situation. Try “What have you been up to?” This question is a natural way to continue the conversation and ease you into a longer discussion. Bring up old memories while talking - it will give you both something to speak about where you can share common ground and interests.

How do you describe a friend in 5 sentences? ›

5 Lines on Best Friend

2) I share everything with him. 3) He helps in my every work. 4) He never leaves me alone. 5) We always play together.

How do you describe a friend in a few words? ›

Despite the very mundane dictionary definition of a friend: 'A relationship of mutual affection between two people' – a friend is so much more than that. My friends have gotten me through some amazing challenges in life and I've also shared some of the best memories with them also.

How do you describe your best friend in an essay? ›

In short, the bond I share with my best friend is one of my most prized possessions. Both of us inspire each other to become better humans. We push each other to do our best and we are always there in need. A best friend is indeed a precious gem and I am fortunate to have found that gem of my life.

How can I describe my friend in one line? ›

20. “She is genuine, brutally honest, caring in a roundabout way, funny, cute, interesting, patient with me, my calm in the storm and the list goes on….” 21. “How strong you are & how you have never given up on me & have always stayed by my side thru everything.

How can I describe my friend in paragraph? ›

My best friend is very lovely in nature and loved by everyone such as my parents, my class teacher, my neighbors, etc. He is one of the ideal students of my class. He is very punctual and comes to the school at right time. He always completes his home task timely and regularly as well as helps me too.


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