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He has four aces that you really should fold., the message comes through loud and clear from the telepathic villain, and the bard puts on a nice little show before crossing his hand. The paladin probably wouldn't approve, but hey, he had no problem cheating when the rogue forced him to dodge an ogre's mace last week, so who should he judge?

These are the potential shenanigans of telepathic power, eliminating the need for a high-level caster or easy-to-spot divining stones.

In short, Telepathic is a good power for low-level campaigns that stay below level 10, or campaigns where magic items are very rare and difficult to acquire. Other than this niche app, however, it's a poor performer that probably isn't worth it for most parties.

While there are situations where telepathy definitely comes in handy, this feat isn't as powerful as it seems at first glance. Let's look at its niche uses, what it does well, and where this new feat from Tasha falls a bit short.

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Breaking the telepathic feat

The most important first step in breaking down a feat is to take a look at its exact wording. For that case, ignore the player's manual as we'll have to jump into it.Tasha's Cauldron of Everythingto obtain the wording of this.

directly fromTasha's Cauldron of Everything:

You awaken the ability to mentally connect with others, granting you the following benefits:

  • Increase your Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma score by 1 to a maximum of 20.
  • You can speak telepathically to any creature you can see within 60 feet of you. Your telepathic statements are in a language you know, and the creature understands you only if it knows that language. Your communication does not give the creature the ability to respond to you telepathically.
  • you can throw them awayrecognize thoughtsSpell that does not require a spell slot or components, and you must take a long rest before you can cast it this way again. Your ability to cast the spell is the ability increased by this feat. If you have 2nd level or higher spell slots, you can cast this spell with them.

Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, p. 81

Let's break these benefits down in more detail!

Perk #1: Increases your Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma score by 1 to a maximum of 20.


I generally don't believe in a stat boost as part of a feat, seeing it more as a way to minimize damage by skipping an attribute stat boost than a major buff. However, since the rest of this feat's buffs are solid and can be one of three spell stats, it's one of the better versions of this buff.

Perk #2: Talk telepathically to any creature you can see within 60 feet of you. Your words must be in a language you know, and the creature will only understand you if you know the language.

The meat and potatoes of this feat, telepathic speech is undeniably powerful. The main benefit here is that since it's not a spell or a magic-based (at least mechanical) spell, or an anti-magic field should theoretically have no effect or be able to detect it. Words that must be in a language you know can be limiting.

While everyone knows the common, this takes away from creative solutions like talking to animals or elementals, things that allow for some alternatives. There's no guarantee of understanding, so this can be an interesting wrinkle.

Still, telepathic speech between party members is strong, but remember this is a 60 foot limit andline of sightsomething as small as a crowded bar could break that connection.

Advantage #3: You can dierecognize thoughtscast magic once for free per long rest.

Getting a 2nd tier spell for free isn't usually something you'd think of as "Meh", but if you read that spell's description, you'll see why. That said, it's a nice mix with this feat, otherwise there's no way for the person using telepathy to know whether or not the recipient is receiving the message, and how she's responding to the interaction.

Advantage #4: If you have 2nd level or higher spell slots, you can castrecognize thoughtsUse these spell slots after using your free spell.

Meh, because of the spell itself, but the ability to cast the spell you know with additional spell shots is always a positive bonus and something I feel is reminiscent of a lot of the original feats with spells that were so beautifully crafted and necessary, it should be repurposed feat.

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5E classes that should provide telepathic power.

There's no class that screams "telepathic." From a roleplaying point of view, this can fit in with the idea of ​​reaching another level of enlightenment as a monk, or receiving a gift from your god as a cleric or paladin. Bards like the mischief this can facilitate, and a bunch of rogues in the thieves guild could really use this in a crowded room.

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But as for the classes that should always consider it, I can safely say that there aren't any.

What I would be interested in though is how a DM would do it.play a kenkuwith this feat. Some would argue that having a kenku able to speak normally, albeit telepathically, could take some of the flavor out of this very interesting cursed race. I also think there is a lot of creative potential here.

5. Education classes that should always take the telepathic feat:

  • none

5E classes that should consider adopting telepathic power

This feat isn't as much to do with class, but when there's a party member who is clearly the tactician, or perhaps the face behind the scenes, then that's the only place this feat stands out in a campaign. low level that Contribute could use for communication. unknown to potential enemies and adversaries.

These are classes that in a low to mid level campaign can have room for a feat like telepathy where they can still be effective without maxing out the stat or performing another feat to hit at full power regardless of what level the campaign reaches the max. .

None of these are required per se, but among the classes that could take on this niche feat are those who can make it work both mechanically and in roleplay, including Builder, Bard, Druid, Paladin, Ranger, the Villain, the magician, the sorcerer or sorcerer.

worth mentioningMagicianThis is particularly interesting as there are summons that can have a similar effect, but if the warlock wants to accept other summons but still wants some level of telepathy, then this is a good solution, but depending on your warlock setup, it's possible that the feat does not make any sense. all.

Otherwise, any of these classes listed could be the group that directs, assists, or passes on vital information regarding telepathic performance. It's one that, depending heavily on your DM, could be good with a high Charisma character or a high Perception character or the rare build that has both traits.

5. Education Classes to Consider for the Telepathic Feat:

  • Mantenance staff
  • occurred
  • Druid
  • Paladin
  • ranger
  • villain
  • dry
  • Magician
  • dry

5E classes that should NEVER do the telepathic feat

While I love the idea of ​​abarbariantake on the telepathic feat as a troll because someone will end up with infinite rage pouring right into their head. Perhaps a barbarian pouring inappropriate curses into the decent little paladin's brain? could be fun. But not particularly useful.

The clerics already have a lot to put up with. As much as I love the Monk theme... Monks are the only class that can be a challenge to stay alive in 5E, and they really need 3 ability stats plus some Heroics, so they don't have room to roll a roll to do - way niche feat.

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And fighters can take it, but they tend to be active and attacking, making them less likely to be in observation situations where telepathic power might help more.

5. Education Classes You Should Never Take The Telepathic Feat:

  • barbarian
  • cleric
  • fighter
  • monk

Ultimate power level for 5E Telepathic

Telepathic Power Level:D+

It's the 5E Telepathic Worth the effort?

In most of the cases, no. For low level campaigns it can be effective, or for mid level campaigns it can be useful, especially with certain campaign styles.

There are arguments that this is actually a low C-level feat, but what gets it down is the myriad of other options through spells, sorcery, magic items, and other class features that can achieve the same or better effect. . If you're playing a low or even mid level campaign at an 8 or higher I might bump the rating up to a C, but I don't see many situations where that's "necessary" per se.

Telepathic Feat FAQ

Can I choose the Telepathic Talent instead of Rary's Telepathic Link or 5E Telepathic Link?

While you'll understandably want to keep the spell slot open for 5th level mages or wizards, you'll find that Rary's telepathic bond is a much better and deeper solution than the telepathic talent. Scrying Stones and the Message spell are some of the many other alternatives, and while this feat can be useful, especially at early to mid levels, it may not be worth it compared to Rary's Telepathic Link, Telepathic Link, or even a combination of others. magic Message Options and class functions.

When is telepathic power most useful?

Telepathic power is most useful at lower levels and can be most effective when a ranger who can perceive everything that happens in a room or on a battlefield can relay vital information to those who cannot.

Do you need spell casting skills to perform the telepathic feat?

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No. No casting is required to perform the feat, although you must be at least casting level 2 to cast detect mind more than once per long pause.

How useful is telepathic power?

In niche situations or niche campaigns, this can be a very useful power, but there will be large stretches where a party won't benefit much from this power.

Can you respond to telepathic power?

No. This feat allows you to send a message or a sequence of messages, but you cannot listen to thoughts or responses. It's worth noting that there's nothing here to suggest that you know if the link is done or if it's blocked. So this is an interesting detail to pay attention to, especially from a DM's perspective.

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