Ghost of Tsushima: Game and Side Quest Guide - (2023)


Ghost of Tushima: Passage of side quests

Ghost of Tsushima: Game and Side Quest Guide - (1)

isuhar region

Most of the side quests are located in this region and, with a few exceptions, you can activate and complete them at any time. If you decide to do side quests, spend at least 10 hours in this region. And each side mission in Ghost of Tsushima - a separate story with their relationship.

Hisi Pass Incident

where to get: southwest of the sources of Hyonei

A relatively short quest to kill a small group of Mongols who attacked a defenseless villager named Banta. He's standing on the bridge. Right after the mission starts, sneak up on the Mongols on one of the cliffs and kill them by jumping over the top. Go back up and repeat the same with the Mongols on the other side of the gorge. As soon as you do that, we'll take care of the river and disperse the remaining targets. You can act covertly or in any other way. As soon as you deal with the Mongols, talk to the bow and then to his uncle.Ghost of Tsushima: Game and Side Quest Guide - (2)Hyonei hot fonts.

to the other side of honor

where to get: south of Yagata Forest

This quest is largely story-driven, so don't expect any serious obstacles. Cooperate with the villagers and explore the surroundings, trying not to leave the search area.

iron price

where to get: northwest of lovely pastures

A simple story with a series of investigations, battles and moving along the way. Use the traveling wind to tell you where to go. See the roads, kill the Mongols and complete the mission quickly.

price ok

where to get: north of the ki pond

In this quest you will have to ambush several Mongols. If you decide to fulfill it at the beginning of the game, you will have to decide how to properly attack your opponents. Hide in the bushes and wait for the first wave of Mongols. First, use something explosive (for example, black powder bombs, stickybombs, flaming arrows or explosives). As soon as you learn about the enemies, six more Mongols will join in the fight. Defend them and the job will be done!

para tsushima

where to get: North of Kii Pond, near the Khauren pastures

In this quest you have to cooperate with an ally by killing several Mongols. There are some long battles ahead of you, so we recommend Stockpenter before starting the quest. Otherwise, you'll have to focus on the Katana and the already unlocked racks that are suitable for certain types of enemies.

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whispering in the woods

where to get: south of Yagata Forest

In this mission, you will have to go through a scary forest at night to understand what the mysterious disappearances are about. As soon as you go into the woods at night, follow the lamps until you reach a camp that can be explored. Then move northeast a bit until you find a fire with another evil. Fast forward according to the new trailer where you will meet the Genie and you will soon understand who the ghosts are.

native home visit

where to get: southwest of Lake Isuhar

You have to save your family from various Mongols. Move with the guiding wind and kill the invaders in every way available.

The touch of a healer

where to get: West of the river swamps

Another story where you will move behind an ally and fight the Mongol stack. It's twice as long compared to For Tsushima, so it's important to stock up on patches and ghost removal tools ahead of time.

mother's peace

where to get: south of Cape Saito, in the extreme north-west of the region

An intriguing story entirely centered on Mrs. Masako. At the same time, it is not part of the "Mrs. Masako's Story" quest chain! But to start the quest, you must complete the story mission to recruit Masaco into your ranks. As soon as you reach the starting point of the quest, help Masako kill the Mongols. Then follow the linear path across the beach. There are only two mandatory duels in this quest, so you can feel relaxed most of the time. On the other hand, quite an emotional exchange awaits you.

lost at sea

where to get: Kijo Island, the southwestern point of the region

A man in trouble asks for help: save his daughter who is sent to a Mongolian ship. We recommend that you act in hiding so that the Mongols don't decide to finish off the prisoner. However, even if they decide to do so, you will have a few seconds to catch up with the Mongol marked with the "Red Skull" icon. But it's better to act secretly. If the alarm goes off, make sure you have enough comers and ghost tools to stop the accidental killer. Clear the ship and return to the ship with my daughter.

empty baskets

where to get: south of Lake Cuneham

Another short search. Follow the instructions, kill the gangsters and run back to Kestodel. I won't spoil the surprise.Ghost of Tsushima: Game and Side Quest Guide - (3)Shower.


where to get: At the entrance to Azamo Bay, in the extreme south-east of the region

You will unlock this quest after completing the story mission in which you save Taku, Yuna's brother ("Broken Blacksmith"). This quest is largely intended to continue the plot, related to the final destruction of the Mongols, who captured the village through which it was done earlier. As with other Mongol camps, there is a list of objectives that must be completed before the area is vacated. Each objective is marked with a marker on the map! There are a lot of Mongols in the area, so I advise you to act in hiding first, to "set up" the herd well.

Regardless of how you decide to clear the village of invaders, the story will end with a fight with the Mongol chieftain. Choose a ledge with water and try to break the warrior's protection with strong blows. He often uses an unblocked shield, so dodge by moving left or right. Place a unit or parry simple blows. The latter will automatically stun him, causing the enemy to open up to your counterpart. It's worth noting that sometimes the combination starts with a standard slash.

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buried honor

where to get: Zatoka Azamo

The quest becomes available after completing the "Cold Case" quest. Talk to the Kestodel, then follow the traveling wind home to investigate. You will understand who you should imitate. As soon as the gangsters arrive, fight them.

the robbers laugh

where to get: Cesy fishing village dock

The quest becomes available at the end of the first act and only after you liberate the fishing village of Kesi. Talk to the quest and follow the wind to the indicated house. Explore the area, find any clues that will lead you to the gangsters. Accept them and return to Kestodel.

Region Tyotama

The standard "Tsuushima Stories" in the Toyatam region fade into the background while the first characters centered on the former appear. However, there are some interesting quests here that you can complete at any time as soon as this area becomes available by completing the first act. Although there are still a few exceptions.

river of children

where to get: southeast of the swamps of the old channel, across the river and along the coast

The story centers on a mythological figure from Japanese folklore and the sudden disappearance of a fisherman. Move the trace to reveal the secret position of the rumors that have arisen in Tsushima. Pretty fuzzy description, but believe me, even better!

last request

where to get: Bar Genzo

You must fulfill the last request of a dying woman, which you will find in the Genzo Tractor. Move with the guiding wind and destroy each of the designated Ronin camps until you find the instructions to make a request. If you haven't fought the Ronin yet, you'll notice that they're quite quick and ruthless fighters, so fighting them requires timely parry or the use of ghost tools, including smoke and sticky bombs.

flesh and stone

where to get: South of Benkoy Falls

Another promotional story. Talk to the quest, run up the hill to the house of the local sculptor and run away from the Mongols. Talk to the sculptor and return to the place where you started the quest. Kill the Mongols.

rich people don't know

where to get: South of Mrs. Sandse Bridge

You have to help a desperate merchant. Talk to the people in the refugee camp and then move towards those who are starting to flee. Go beyond the leading wind that will take you to Umugi Beach. Notice the Ronini laid out here. Continue along the shoreline until you see a tree with some dots to grab onto. You will find a group of Ronin trying to kill innocent people. Understand them before they hurt someone. When it's over, free the prisoners and go right until you get to a low cliff where you have to learn something interesting and important. Return to the survivors of the camp and talk to the mission.

innocent thief

where to get: Bay City

The quest becomes available after talking to the conspiracy city in Umugi Bay ("Message of Fire"). Talk to the woman who is looking for her daughter, then talk to one of the Ronin in the tavern under Mrs. Sandjo's house. At the end, one of the characters will say that you need to move to the noman restaurant. Follow the wind leading to the restaurant entrance and kill all the gangsters. After you do that, free the prisoner and take him to a safe place.

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The world for God

where to get: Old Toyata Hills

A short and funny story. Don't spoil it with spoilers, just say you'll have to follow an ally and kill the Mongols.

Mrs. Sandse's generosity

where to get: Bay City

The quest can be completed in Umuga Bay, but it won't be available immediately upon first encountering a smuggler's settlement. I'm not sure what causes the quest to appear, but I assume it's after leaving town and completing 1-2 story quests. At least complete the city related quest ("Fire Message"). Either way, you'll have to talk to Mrs. Sandy in her house about the tavern.

Once you've done that, move with the traveling wind towards the three tracks. As soon as you get there, follow the well and run left along the rocky hill until you find a path between the rocks on the left. Move to the clearing to detect the house where it is being played. Come home and try to talk to the man. He will refuse to let you in. To get there, turn around, climb onto the big rock and jump into the house by grabbing onto the hook on the roof. Slide down the gap and jump down into the hole in the attic.

Enter the house and talk to the man. Ronin will appear, so you have to kill them. After doing that, go back to Umugi Bay and talk to Lady Sanjo.

debt paid

where to get: Southeast of Kawamata village, off the road, near a black paint vendor

You'll have to work with an ancient thief to defeat a much worse evil. Follow the spirit and instruments ahead of time as you have to clear the entire enemy camp. And even kill the leader!

the burden of worries

where to get: Move to the crossroads and graveyard south of Misty Cloud Shrine in Kusha Prefecture.

Examine the corpse in the indicated place, explore the cemetery and go to the launch pad. She walks over to a vase of red flowers. After studying it, collect the relic and return it to Kusha Temple.

Region Kamiagat

As soon as the third act begins, know that the endgame is close enough. There is a minimum of sub-tasks in this region. At least, except for character-oriented quests.

By Khan's standards

where to get: Templo de Jogaku

As soon as you gain access to the Temple of Zögak after completing the quests that open Act Three, look for the seeker next to the large red temple. He will talk about the armor his master made for Hotun-Khan. The four parts are scattered in various Mongolian camps. Similar to the "unstable state", your job is to clear each camp in order to collect all the armor pieces. Fortunately, you won't have to look for these camps on your own, because there will be markers on the map indicating their location.

When it comes to strip camps, you can do whatever you want. In two of them, the prisoners must be released, and in two others - to completely kill the Mongols, so that the leaders, whose details fall out. After collecting all four parts, return to the quest for a well-deserved reward - armor of the Mongol commander. A very convenient set that allows you to hide your identity from the Mongols and slow down detection.

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Is there a Ghost of Tsushima guide book? ›

Ghost of Tsushima LATEST GUIDE : Essential Guide Book to become a Legendary Samurai (Paperback) -

Are side quests missable Ghost of Tsushima? ›

Thankfully, there are no missable quests in Ghost of Tsushima. Even after you've finished the main story, you're free to head back into the open world and mop up any quests that might have passed you by. Progressing the story does not lock you out of any optional activities, either. In short, don't worry about it.

What is the best side quest in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

So without further ado, here are the 10 best side quests in Ghost of Tsushima.
  • 3 The Spirit Of Yarikawa's Vengeance.
  • 4 The Last Warrior Monk. ...
  • 5 The Sensei And The Student. ...
  • 6 Whispers In The Woods. ...
  • 7 The Heavenly Strike. ...
  • 8 Curse Of Uchitsune. ...
  • 9 Unfinished Business. ...
  • 10 Fit For The Khan. ...
Sep 8, 2020

How many side quests are there in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

Locations and information for all optional quests in Ghost of Tsushima. There are 61 Side Tales & 7 Mythic Tales in Ghost of Tsushima.

Is there a hidden tale of Tsushima? ›

None of the Tales of Tsushima are missable. It doesn't matter what dialogue choices or what ending you pick during the story. You can still do all of them after the story in free-roam. You can also reveal them on the map as question marks “?” by liberating all of the Occupied Mongol Territories.

Should a 12 year old play Ghost of Tsushima? ›

Great game, would buy for my 12 year old son.

It has violence, but most games nowadays have violence worse than Ghost of Tsushima - it doesn't have any gore. There's no nudity, and for blood, while it can be seen on swords, can be turned off. Overall, it's a great game, and has great motivational speeches.

What is the hardest class in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

Assassin is the hardest-hitting class, especially at close range. The Assassin can make quick work of most foes and cover long distances quickly. However, against some of Legends' powerful enemies, the Assassin can't take much punishment.

What is the best class to choose in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

Each class comes with pros and cons, and which class a player favors will depend entirely on their typical playstyle. For players who prefer attacking from afar and love using the bow, the Hunter class is the best choice, while players who love stealth should consider the Assassin class.

What is the hardest mission in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

10 Hardest Duels In Ghost Of Tsushima
  • The Spirit of Yarikawa. She's not really a spirit, but you better believe this is one tough lady. ...
  • Yasuhira Koga. ...
  • The Tengu Demon. ...
  • General Temuge. ...
  • Kojiro. ...
  • Lady Masako. ...
  • The Eagle. ...
  • Lord Shimura.

What happens if you don t assassinate anyone in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

The answer is 'No', the game's storyline is not affected by any of your approaches to a battle. You can choose whatever playstyle you want, irrespective of worrying about the end of the game. Whether you choose stealth or not, the game will still believe that you are using dishonourable ways to kill your enemies.

Can you complete Ghost of Tsushima honorably? ›

While there are no significant “choices” in the game (until one at the very end), you choosing to fight honorable or dishonorably does have one impact on the game: the weather.

What happens if you play Ghost of Tsushima honorably? ›

You'll get some branching dialogue choices throughout the game as characters pursue their own forms of justice, and sometimes, vengeance. You're given the option to say something honorable as a samurai or not. These choices don't actually affect the story.

What happens when you 100% complete Ghost of Tsushima? ›

There's no special armor, cutscene, story point, or extra reward if you do it all, though; there's only the fun you get out of the game.

How long does it take to complete Ghost of Tsushima 100%? ›

100% completion - Completing absolutely everything that the game has to offer — which includes finding every collectable — will take you around 60 hours.

Which is the best armor in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

1. Sarugami Armor. As it stands, the best armor in Ghost of Tsushima is the Sarugami Armor, a highly powerful set that gives its wearer the ability to carve up fatal combos whenever a perfect parry is executed.

Can you get off Iki Island? ›

How to Leave Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima. Once you start the Iki Island expansion, you cannot leave until you complete all of the main story missions on the island. The DLC begins with a quest called “Journey into the Past,” and you will reach a very clear point of no return before you complete this quest.

How many tales are on Iki Island? ›

You have to complete all six Unwritten Tales on Iki Island to unlock the "Common Courtesy" Bronze Trophy for Iki Island: Story. Here's how to find all six Unwritten Tales and solve them.

Is there Ghost of Tsushima movie? ›

Filmmaker Chad Stahelski is busy these days - not only is his John Wick: Chapter 4 hitting theaters this weekend, but he's also directing the highly anticipated Ghost of Tsushima movie adaptation.

Is Ghost of Tsushima very hard? ›

Ghost of Tsushima can be a very unforgiving game — especially early on when your armour is weak and you're unfamiliar with different enemy types and how to deal with them. That said, Easy still requires skill — you can't just mash the attack buttons and expect to walk away from battle unscathed.

Can you be a bad guy in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

There is no “good” or “evil” path.

The narrative frames straightforward confrontation as honorable, and stealthy tactics as dishonorable. However, Ghost of Tsushima has no systems that make meaningful distinctions between the two approaches.

Does Ghost of Tsushima have inappropriate content? ›

Advice for consumers. This game has received a PEGI 18 which restricts availability to ADULTS ONLY and is not suitable for anyone below this age. This rating has been given because it features depictions of graphic violence towards human-like characters. Not suitable for persons under 18 years of age.

Does Ghost of Tsushima have a strategy guide? ›

The Ghost of Tsushima Walkthrough includes directions and tips for every part of Jin's Journey for the prologue, Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3 -- as well as his continuing adventures on Iki Island.

What is the storyteller in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

Gyozen is a storyteller that travels all throughout Tsushima. He tells stories of Ghosts, fighting against Oni and mongols in an effort to free the Island. These tales evoke hope and desire of freedom in the people of Tsushima.

Should a 13 year old play Ghost of Tsushima? ›

This game has received a PEGI 18 which restricts availability to ADULTS ONLY and is not suitable for anyone below this age. This rating has been given because it features depictions of graphic violence towards human-like characters. Not suitable for persons under 18 years of age.

How factual is Ghost of Tsushima? ›

While not 100% accurate, Ghost of Tsushima is actually based on true historical events, chronicling the first Mongol invasion of Japan in which the island of Tsushima was occupied by the Yuan invasion force.

Which choice is better in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

Which is the Right Path? While obviously open to interpretation, there's a myriad of reasons as to why the “honorable” path is the right ending for Ghost of Tsushima. For one, the choice to have Jin kill his Uncle is a necessary one to bring their relationship to its natural conclusion.

What happens if I enter legends mode Ghost of Tsushima? ›

It means that you can fight through demonic realms and earn Legendary gear as rewards with your friends. Simply put, Legend Mode Ghost of Tsushima is an online mode where you and your friends can go on an adventure to unravel stories of legends.

Who is the main hero in Ghost of Tsushima? ›

Ghost of Tsushima is a 2020 action-adventure game developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The player controls Jin Sakai, a samurai on a quest to protect Tsushima Island during the first Mongol invasion of Japan.

How many hours is Tsushima ghosts? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Ghost of Tsushima is about 25 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 61½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Who killed Khotun Khan in real life? ›

In the conclusion of the final battle at Izumi port, all of the three technically happened: Jin beheaded Khotun Khan and left his body in a burning Mongol vessel that's on its way to sink.

Is Clan Sakai real? ›

Both characters are entirely fictional. The Sakai samurai clan has existed in real-life for generations, but it wasn't established until the 14th century — and the Sakai clan has never been led by a man named "Jin." There's also no such thing as the "Shimura Clan" in Japan, though Shimura is a fairly common surname.

Is Jin Sakai a real person? ›

1 Jin May Be Fictional, But His Life Is Authentic

The developers did take some liberties with characters like Jin and Lord Shimura. These people did not exist in Japan, and one person did not defeat the Mongols. However, the way these two lived was pretty authentic to the time.


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