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Chapter Publishing Order Violet Eden / Embrace Books

hug him(2010)|
seduced / seduced(2011)|

Publishing order of disruptive books


Order of publication of independent novels

One Past Midnight / Between Lives(2013)|

Order of Publication of Illustrated Books

just as we are(2015)|

About Jessica Shirvington

Australian author of young adult, romance, science fiction and fantasy novels, Jessica Shirvington is a highly-skilled novelist with a following around the world. Creating enduring and much-loved series and franchises, she showcased iconic characters who took the world by storm, with her quiet, always-approachable style. Knowing exactly who she is writing for, she revels in the form, creating vast and expansive worlds for her readers to lose themselves in, as her books will stand the test of time for years to come.

Early and personal life

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Born in 1979 on April 15, Jessica Shirvington would grow up in Sydney, where she was born and raised, drawing inspiration from the world around her. Approaching literature from a very young age, she would pursue her passion for writing and reading with real vigor, always immersed in books. Her love for her written word would progress over the years as she returned to it, constantly refining and improving her craft.

She would also develop this love of writing throughout her education, developing her craft and developing it. Further setting her style and tone, she would later meet her future husband, Olympian-turned-sportscaster Matt Shirvington, at the age of seventeen. With the two living together with their two daughters Winter and Sienna, she continues to write to this day.

writing career

Producing her first novel in 2011, Jessica Shirvington would mark her debut on the literary scene with the title 'Embrace'. This would also be the first in a long series of novels of the same name, as well as being called 'The Violet Eden Chapters' as well. In time, she would also write the 'Disruption' series of novels, both published in 2014, the first being 'Disruption' and the second 'Corruption'.

He would also produce works such as the illustrated book 'Just The Way We Are' in 2018, along with various independent titles. Earning various awards and nominations for her work over the years, she would establish a name for herself that would be recognized throughout the world. Running various businesses and restaurants as well, she has a wealth of experience to draw from, something she will continue to do for a long time.


Originally released on the Hachette label, it was first released on October 11, 2011 to an already eager audience. Following on from the previous title, it provided the third novel in the ongoing story collection 'Violet Eden Chapters'. Known as the 'Embrace' series, as well as the 'Engel-Saga', they follow the character of Violet Eden as she finds herself as an angel.

It comprises another installment in a long and entertaining series of novels, keeping the pace flowing at a fast and fun pace. As she develops her character, she sees her becoming more complete, lingering in readers' imaginations long after they have finished the book. Taking place in a variety of different locations, it really manages to evoke a real sense of scale and scope as well. The fantasy elements of the story are brilliantly realized as well, as they seek to create a world that is complete and believable in equal measure.

Violet is coming to terms with the fact that she is actually an angel, overcoming the difficulties this initially presented to her. Faced with a choice that now awaits her, she has something that Phoenix, the exiled angel, wants from her and only her. Not wanting to let it fall into her hands, she must do everything she can to prevent it from happening, but despite her best efforts, he always seems to be one step ahead. Along with his now allies, she quickly realizes that he intends to open the gates of hell, when he returns to his home in Greece after a confrontation he had with his father. Will he be able to stop Phoenix from getting what he wants? What is the prophecy and will it be fulfilled? Who will this beautify?

between lives

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This was first released on May 1, 2013, originally published on the 'HarperCollins Australia' label. It would work as a completely standalone novel with its own standalone narrative, without being part of any overarching series or franchise. The story itself was succinct, based on a direct imaginary concept, allowing readers to become involved not only with the world but also with the message of the book.

Functioning like a fantasy novel with elements of science fiction, this is an imaginative story based on Shirvington's concept. Aimed at an audience of young adult readers, it really sets a relatable tone, while also completely capturing and challenging the imagination. Looking at ever deeper concepts, like what identity really is, it manages to say everything the author really wants to say, while still being entertaining. Examining the growth and discovery of a place in the world, he uses the concept deftly, taking the story to a whole new level in the process.

Sabine has a totally unconventional life as she lives two separate lives, both together. She will one day live her life as the popular girl with popular friends, expensive clothes, perfect grades, and an equally perfect boyfriend that everyone wants. Thus, every twenty-four hours, she 'changes' where she has to live again on the same day, becoming the girl who is considered a 'rebel' along with her friends, while her family faces financial difficulties. However, one day, in this second life, she meets Ethan, who feels that he truly challenges and understands her, as he is finally offered the chance to live only one life. What will she decide and can she leave it all behind? Who is she really? How will she find herself living between her lives?

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