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NOMaster of Restoration, we use the best equipment and cleaning products necessary to completely restore your home or commercial building to its pre-disaster condition. We work quickly and efficiently to give you some peace of mind after a loss.

Our disaster cleaning and recovery services include the following:

  • water damage restoration
  • Channel cleaning
  • storm damage restoration
  • fire remediation
  • Restoration of smoke and soot damage
  • odor removal
  • fix powdery mildew
  • Content and packaging cleaning
  • ships and tarpaulins
  • commercial gastronomy
  • Remodeling and remodeling of houses
  • post-construction cleaning
  • battery cleaning
  • Vandalism and restoration of property damage
  • air duct cleaning

Water Damage Restoration – Lake Havasu, AZ

From rain and flooding to leaking pipes and sewers, there are many ways that excess water can seep into a property. In this case, water damage occurs, which must be treated immediately. Otherwise, the damage will only get worse over time; Porous building materials continue to absorb water and can lead to mold growth.With our water damage restoration services, RestorationMaster can help Lake Havasu, AZ homes and businesses that have suffered water damage.Our technicians remove excess water and moisture from properties, restore or repair damaged materials and furniture, and dry the property using our advanced drying equipment.

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Fire Damage Restoration - Lake Havasu, AZ

Fires are considered one of the most destructive disasters for a home or building due to the amount of damage they can cause. Not only does the flames of a fire cause serious damage, but the resulting smoke and soot cause secondary damage that is often worse than the original damage. Damage from corrosive by-products such as smoke and soot can become permanent and continue to spread after the fire is extinguished. Knowing this, it is important to begin the recovery process soon after the fire is extinguished.With our fire damage restoration services, RestorationMaster can help homes and businesses in Lake Havasu, AZ that have suffered fire damage.Our technicians restore damaged materials and items, installing replacements where necessary, removing smoke and soot damage so it doesn't become permanent, and eliminating lingering smoke odors.

Various disasters can leave unpleasant odors in your property. However, odors are difficult to eliminate without professional help.At RestorationMaster, we use our smoke deodorization and odor removal services to remove odors from homes and businesses in Lake Havasu, AZ.Our team will do it with advanced deodorizing equipment. The odors we eliminate include smells from fire, smoke, animals, mold and bodily fluids.

The HVAC system is an important part of your building. But when dust, dirt, and other debris builds up in your building's HVAC system, it spreads those substances around your property that you don't want in the air you breathe. It can also make your HVAC system inefficient.At RestorationMaster, we can help you with this through our air duct cleaning services, which include removing deposits from your HVAC system.With our services, your property will have better indoor air quality and a more energy efficient HVAC system.

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Mold Remediation – Lake Havasu, AZ

Mold growth is not only unsightly, it can damage your property and endanger your health. The longer mold remains unsolved, the more damage it will do to your home or business. Prolonged exposure to mold can also worsen any negative health effects it causes. Knowing this, it is important to get help for mold growth immediately.With mold removal, RestorationMaster can help homes and businesses in Lake Havasu, AZ.Our technicians will contain the mold to prevent further damage, eliminate the source of moisture that caused the mold to grow, remove the mold and clean the affected areas.

Wastewater Treatment – ​​Lake Havasu, AZ

Regardless of the amount, having standing water in your home or business is a concern. The situation is even more worrying when the water is contaminated with sewage. Because the water itself can cause damage, but also damage caused by microorganisms, bacteria and pathogens from wastewater. Knowing this, it is important that contaminated water is handled and cleaned by a professional. If cleaned improperly, there is a greater likelihood of health problems.With our sewer cleaning services, RestorationMaster can help homes and businesses in Lake Havasu, AZ that have been suffering from sewage-polluted water damage.Our technicians will vacuum all the waste water and disinfect all affected areas to clean the space and prevent possible health problems.

For those afflicted with debris, it can be difficult to get help or even recognize the problem at hand. But if the person concerned has agreed to get help setting it up, the cleaning must be done discreetly and carefully. For this reason, it is important to hire a professional company that handles hoarding cases with empathy. In theMaster of Restoration,We use modern cleaning techniques to ensure quality cleaning and prioritize customer well-being. We will establish a connection with the person concerned to build trust and comfort. When we complete our work, your loved one's home will be safely livable again.If you or a loved one need to collect cleaning services in Lake Havasu, AZ, call(888) 915-7197at any time of the day to request our services.

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Storms, floods, fires, accidents and other disasters can sometimes damage your property enough to make it unstable. If so, it is imperative that your home is secured immediately. Otherwise, it is vulnerable to further damage.At RestorationMaster, we use our boarding services to protect badly damaged homes in Lake Havasu, AZ.Our team protects the structure of your home by plugging all holes and other openings. This will save your home from further damage that would lead to more expensive repairs.

Storm Recovery - Lake Havasu, AZ

From tornadoes to thunderstorms and snowstorms, thunderstorms can occur at any time and sometimes be strong enough to cause serious damage to your home or commercial property. Wind storms are a problem, especially in Lake Havasu, AZ, and they also pose a serious threat to your home or business.With our storm recovery services, RestorationMaster can help homes and businesses in Lake Havasu, AZ that have been damaged by a storm.Our technicians will repair the structure and exterior of your building and remove debris from your property.

Property Remediation – Lake Havasu, AZ

If vandalism occurs, the act usually leads to property damage. The unpredictability and viciousness of vandalism makes it a frustrating situation to deal with. Vandalism is a broad term, so actions can vary and result in different types of damage.With our vandalism and property damage restoration services, RestorationMaster can help homes and businesses in Lake Havasu, AZ that have been damaged by vandalism.Our technicians use effective cleaning products and equipment to remove residue and debris left behind and repair damaged building materials.

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Content Recovery – Lake Havasu, AZ

Sometimes disasters are so damaging that in addition to the structure and furniture of your property, your personal belongings are also damaged. This damage must be repaired immediately to ensure your damaged items can be restored.With our content packaging and restoration services, RestorationMaster can help homes and businesses in Lake Havasu, AZ that have been damaged by a disaster.Our technicians will clean your content on-site if your property is in good condition, or our technicians will clean your content off-site through our packaging services. Our packing services include the packing of your personal belongings for transport to our secure facility where they will be cleaned and stored pending the completion of the property's restoration.

Post-construction cleanup – Lake Havasu, AZ

Construction projects can be overwhelming due to their sheer size, so it can be a relief when the job is done. However, it may require a lot of cleaning after construction. Dirt and debris can make a mess in your home or business. Sometimes it gets into the ventilation system, which can damage it and cause health problems.With our construction cleaning, RestorationMaster can help homes and businesses that have recently been remodeled or renovated.Our technicians are trained and certified to clean, treat and restore your home after construction so you can return to a clean and safe home.

Natural disasters can be so devastating that businesses have to close temporarily in order to recover. This is unfortunate, not only for the lost uptime, but also for the money spent on repairs.At RestorationMaster, we offer commercial restoration to support commercial real estate in Lake Havasu, AZ.Our team restores damage from storms, fire, mold and other disasters, regardless of the damage or the size of your property. We're also doing whatever it takes to improve indoor air quality and ensure your team returns to a healthy space.

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It can be disturbing and difficult to discover a traumatic scene in your home or business that resulted in serious injury or death. However, you must act accordingly and alert the police and paramedics immediately. Also, stay away from the site as existing biohazardous material is hazardous and should only be handled by professionals.At RestorationMaster, we offer crime scene and trauma cleanup services to restore homes and businesses that have been the scene of trauma involving biohazardous materials.With our services, our well-trained and equipped staff will safely remove biohazardous materials, clean the area and restore your property.

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For any of the above listed disaster cleanup or restoration services in the Lake Havasu, AZ area, contact RestorationMaster at(888) 915-7197.


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