Magic Missile 5e [DnD Spell Rules + Tips] - DnD Salon (2023)

You create three glowing arrows with magical power. Each dart hits a creature of your choice that you can see within range. The dart deals 1d4 + 1 strength damage to the target. All darts hit at the same time and you can direct them to hit one or more creatures.

At higher levels.When you cast this spell using a spell slot of level 2 or higher, the spell creates one more dart for each slot level above the first.

Audition time:1 action
Range:120 pancakes
School:Level 1 Evocation

Player's Handbook, page 257

Magic Missile 5e

Magic Missile is one of the most iconic DnD spells and has been part of the game since the first edition. A top tier spell that guarantees a hit, Magic Missile is a great option in the early game and remains useful (even very powerful with some builds) later in the game.

Let's take a look at what you can accomplish with a Magic Missile in your quiver.

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Who can fire magic missiles?

The following classes have Magic Missile in their spell list:

The following subclasses receive the Magic Missile for free:

What does Magic Missile do in 5e?

Magic Missile automatically and instantly deals damage to one to three targets within 120 feet. The arrows hit at the same time, so you have to choose 1, 2 or 3 targets for the magic missiles before you see how much damage the spell does.

First level cast withoutmodifiers, Magic bullets deal an average of 10.5 full damage. Casting this spell increases total damage by an average of 3.5 and allows you to pick one additional target per level above the first.

It's important to remember that you only roll one d4 per spell level. Many players mistakenly roll 3d4 (or more, at higher levels) and add up the total or assign each roll to a specific target. While this technically has no effect on your average damage output, playing magic bullets this way is not correct.

What are the Magic Missile rules in 5e?

The rules of Magic Missile in DnD 5e are as follows:

  • You only roll 1d4.This is the most important rule that players and DMs get confused with magic bullets. Regardless of what level you cast Magic Missile, your only d4 + 1 roll is the damage you deal before any additional modifiers (more on that below).

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    This is described in the Combat section of the Player's Handbook on Damage Rolls: "If a spell or other effect deals damage to more than one target at the same time, roll the damage once for all" (PHB 196). Since Magic Missile deals all damage at once, it clearly falls under this rule.

    If you need more proof, here's Jeremy Crawford on the subject atwise advice.

  • There is no attack roll.The magic projectile lands automatically unless the spellcaster is using itTotaldefend. Shield does not affect Magic Missile damage as it increases AC which the spell does not interact with at all. Of course, you still need to see the creature to target it.

  • A focused marksman must shoot every bullet hit.If the caster is focused on a spell and is hit by multiple magic missiles, he must make a Constitution check (DC 10 or half damage if the missile somehow hits more than 20 :)) for each missile (HPHB 203).

  • The Shield spell automatically negates all damage from Magic Missiles.The Shield spell has a specific interaction with Magic Missile.

    Since Magic Missile arrows deal damage all at once, all Magic Missile damage can be negated if they are all aimed at the Shield caster; the magic rocket launcher has no chance to reassign these darts.

  • Damage modifiers affect each Magic Missile projectile.Since you roll Magic Missile damage once, you apply all modifiers to that roll once. However, since each projectile is independent, modifiers are multiplicatively effective on Magic Missile.

    Take Empowered Evocation, for example: the Level 10 Wizards Evocation feature. Allows them to add a modifier from Intelligence to the damage roll of any Summon Sorcerer spell. So if they have a +5 modifier, they effectively take +15 total damage from their Magic Missile when cast at 1st level.

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    For every level you raise Magic Missile above the first one, you would add an extra 5 damage. here it isJeremy Crawford is addressing a Reddit discussion on the matter.

  • You cannot target objects with Magic Missile.Unfortunately, Magic Missile cannot be used like real arrows: they must aim at the creature.

Magic Missile 5e [DnD Spell Rules + Tips] - DnD Salon (1)

How to use magic bullet in 5e?

Magic Missile is an easy option to deal damage in the early levels, but there are ways to optimize the use of the spell:

  1. Breaking the pitcher's concentration.One of the most popular uses of Magic Missile is to force multiple Concentration rolls on the caster who is concentrating on a powerful spell. Since concentration checks have a DC of 10 or half of the damage taken, the DC will almost certainly be 10.

    Note that this is a Constitution check, so casters with high Constitution or proficiency on Constitution saves are less vulnerable to this tactic.

  2. Evocation Wizard's best friend.At level 10, Wizards of the School of Evocation can add their Intelligence modifier to each projectile. This is due to the brazen nature of the Magic Missile, which allows the use of the Enhanced Evocation effect (PHB 117).

    A level 10 wizard probably has an intelligence modifier of +4 or even +5, which basically guarantees an extra 12 or 15 damage on a guaranteed level 1 spell.

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    There are even crazier theories about maximizing damage, but I'll leave that to the magic bullet experts.

  3. Spread the damage.Other than all the maddening apps, Magic Missile is just a good way to effectively take out a lot of low health villains. Casting a large spell on a single Goblin doesn't make much sense, but hitting three of them for 5 damage each can make cleaning up a breeze.

  4. Blast your way through deadly saves.Some NPCs are epic enough to pass out before dying, like player characters. These villains may seem tougher, but a magic bullet can make them as easy to kill as the goblins in your garden.

    Each time the creature takeseveryonedamage while at 0 hit points, diesaving throwfailure (PHB 197). Three misses and they die. Does anyone remember how many bullets a tier 1 magic bullet has? Oh right, three.

Who can I target with the Magic Missile 5e?

Magic Missile can target up to three creatures on the first level, plus one additional creature for each spell level higher than the first. This means you can target up to 11 creatures with Magic Missile in a cast spell if it is used as a level 9 spell.

Is Magic Missile 5e a good spell?

Yes, Magic Missile is a good spell. It does solid damage at low levels and still does decent mid-game damage. Also, few enemies are immune to Force damage. The Magic Missile also guarantees a landing, giving you a consistent and safe option every time.

Magic Missile remains incredibly powerful for evocation mages until the late game, thanks to Empowered Evocation's ability to grant each dart bonus damage equal to the caster's intelligence modifier.

Even if you are not an Evocation Mage, the Magic Missile ability can force multiplesConstitutional checksagainst enemy wizards who focus, it is extremely useful. Not to mention the decent splash damage on low health enemies makes it relevant in the late game.

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Consejos Magic Missile 5e DM

There is only one piece of advice for the DM regarding Magic Missile: The player only rolls a d4, regardless of what level the spell was spent. If you've played Magic Missile poorly in the past, no big deal: average damage is the same; it just becomes more consistent.

Simple magic bullet spell text

magic bullet:(1st level, 120ft, V/S) Spawn 3 darts that deal 1d4+1 Force damage (throw once) to one or more creatures within range. The darts hit simultaneously. +1 arrow for each spell level above 1.

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Does Magic Missile never miss? ›

Yes. There is an old saying in D&D "Magic Missile Never Misses." The idea, basically, is that it's a small amount of damage (per missile) that always hits it's target.

How do you counter Magic Missile? ›

The Shield spell and the Brooch of Shielding both stop Magic Missile cold, completely negating the damage. Some creatures (like the tarrasque) have abilities that can reflect Magic Missile, but the doppelganger does not.

Does Magic Missile trigger multiple concentration checks? ›

The typical concentration rule tells us to make a Constitution save to maintain concentration on a spell for each different source of damage: The arguments go as follows: Magic Missile only requires one concentration check, because the spell is a single source of damage.

Do you roll separate damage for each Magic Missile? ›

Magic Missile is one damage roll, so you roll one d4 and use that roll for each dart, according to Jeremy Crawford. Crawford has also suggested that it doesn't matter if you roll one die or several, but the specifics here matter when you start applying damage-boosting effects like Empowered Evocation.

What happens to missiles that miss their target? ›

"If the fired missile misses or loses the target within a certain time limit, the missile will self-destruct in the air. This time will depend on the range or capability of the missile, but generally, once the maximum range has been exceeded," Lelov said.

Can you counterspell magic missile? ›

They still have to do Verbal components, which can be recognized as casting a spell, so they can be counterspelled.

What item makes you immune to magic missile? ›

While wearing this brooch, you have resistance to force damage, and you have immunity to damage from the magic missile spell.

What is the best farm for magic missile? ›

The most efficient way to farm a purple Magic Missile is throughout the Magic Slaughter: Badass Round, available at Murderlin's Temple. One may also attempt to summon a Badass Wizard by sacrificing items at the Sacrificial Altar, located at Dragon Keep. Please note that the item is, however, a rare drop.

Does magic missile break invisibility? ›

Since the wand of pyrotechnics is not casting a spell nor is it making an attack (no attack roll) it does not break invisibility. This is true for all magic items that do not involve casting a spell or making an attack.

Is there a saving throw against Magic missile? ›

Magic missiles always hit without allowing a saving throw, even though in the Dungeon Master's Guide (1979) Gary stresses the importance of saves. Player characters “must always have a chance, no matter how small, a chance of somehow escaping what otherwise would be inevitable destruction.”

Can you uncanny dodge a magic missile? ›

Uncanny dodge would not work against Magic Missile, as it isn't an Attack, as no attack roll is made.

How many creatures can magic missile hit? ›

A single missile can strike only one creature. You must designate targets before you check for spell resistance or roll damage.

What is the best modifier for magic missile? ›

If any enemies are nearby when the missile is released, the missile will home in and attack them. Its best modifier is Mythical.

Do you roll 3d4 for magic missile? ›

Your right they are separate missiles. So you roll 1d4+1 for each individual missile. For a fireball, you roll 8d6 and apply the total to everyone. For magic missile, you do not roll 3d4+3 and apply the total to everyone.

Does mirror image affect magic missile? ›

The mirror image spell has no effect on magic missile, which doesn't involve an attack.

What happens to tank when hit by missile? ›

The jack-in-the-box effect is a specific effect of a catastrophic kill on a tank or other turreted armored vehicle in which an ammunition explosion causes the tank's turret to be violently blown off the chassis and into the air.

Can missiles follow a target? ›

Preset guidance is the simplest type of missile guidance. From the distance and direction of the target, the trajectory of the flight path is determined. Before firing, this information is programmed into the missile's guidance system, which, during flight, maneuvers the missile to follow that path.

What triggers a missile to explode? ›

When the warhead makes physical contact with the target, the explosive is detonated. Sometimes combined with a delay, to detonate a specific amount of time after contact. Using radar, sound waves, a magnetic sensor, or a laser the warhead is detonated when the target is within a specified distance.

Can magic missile hit an object? ›

The missile strikes unerringly, even if the target is in melee combat or has less than total cover or total concealment. Specific parts of a creature can't be singled out. Inanimate objects are not damaged by the spell.

How do you empower a magic missile? ›

According to Jeremy Crawford, Magic Missile involves exactly one damage roll, and all the darts cue off that roll. So, if you roll a 1, you could empower it to reroll your d4.

Can anyone use a wand of magic missiles? ›

Wands are simpler: They are standard magic items, with standard activation procedures. All you need to do is be attuned to it, if it requires attunement. Note, however, that most wands that require attunement usually require such by a spellcaster. Otherwise, for example the Wand of Magic Missiles, anyone can use them.

Does mage armor stop magic missile? ›

It's worth noting that mage armor and shield are both force effects, which have various usefulnesses, but that only shield stops magic missile.

Can a monk block magic missile? ›

The text of the Monk ability Deflect Missiles states the following: Starting at 3rd level, you can use your reaction to deflect or catch the missile when you are hit by a ranged weapon attack. A Ranged Weapon Attack is an attack that is both a Ranged Attack and a Weapon Attack; Magic Missile is neither.

How much damage does Magic Missile deal? ›

You create three glowing darts of magical force. Each dart hits a creature of your choice that you can see within range. A dart deals 1d4+1 force damage to its target.

Does Magic Missile ignore armor? ›

Magic Missile ignores armor, as armor is ignored by magic damage.

What is the difference between magic 1 and magic 2 missile? ›

The Magic 2 replaced the AD3601 seeking head by the all-aspect AD3633, allowing frontal fire on the target (the Magic 1 can only be fired from the rear on the target). The Magic 1 has a transparent dome on its nose, while the Magic 2 is opaque.

Are magic missiles good dead cells? ›

Magic Missile is a great ranged weapon that doesn't do a whole lot of damage when compared to other weapons at 111 DPS but will track the nearest enemy and guarantee a hit whenever used. They're great for kiting purposes as you can fire them off while dodging and running away.

Does the shield spell stop magic missile? ›

Shield creates an invisible shield of force that hovers in front of you. It negates magic missile attacks directed at you.

Can magic missile go through walls? ›

As with every edge case in 5e - it's the DM's call. Magic Missile never missing does imply the darts have the ability to maneuver around obstacles. So, as long as there is a viable path around the Wall of Force, the Magic Missile is free to take that path.

Can you use a wand of magic missiles as a focus? ›

Wand of Magic Missile is a spell focus. It can be used by arcane casters to provide focus for spells that have a material component (spell focus replaces the need to have actual material components).

How good is magic missile Terraria? ›

The Magic Missile can prove very useful when combined with the Binoculars, increasing the range in which the missile can be guided. The missile has a high amount of knockback while being as accurate as the player can move their mouse, allowing to knock enemies away with precision.

What is the point of magic missile? ›

You create three glowing darts of magical force. Each dart hits a creature of your choice that you can see within range. A dart deals 1d4+1 force damage to its target.

Does Magic Missile bypass mirror image? ›

EDIT: official ruling from Sage Advice says Magic Missile bypasses all illusory distractions (like Mirror Image), and still auto-hits the intended target.

What is the best farm for Magic Missile? ›

The most efficient way to farm a purple Magic Missile is throughout the Magic Slaughter: Badass Round, available at Murderlin's Temple. One may also attempt to summon a Badass Wizard by sacrificing items at the Sacrificial Altar, located at Dragon Keep. Please note that the item is, however, a rare drop.

What's better Flamelash or Magic Missile? ›

The Flamelash is a spell weapon that summons a flaming projectile that can be controlled with mouse movement. It is the second tier of missile spells: stronger than the Magic Missile, but weaker than the Rainbow Rod.


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