Miraculous Power Figures 5e: Player's Guide and DM Tips (2023)

Last Updated: January 22, 2023

In the world of the Forgotten Realms, players can find many different magical items.

OnGreat power figuresis a set of small figures that can transform into creatures when their command words are used.


What are miraculous power figurines?

Miraculous Power Figurines are small figurines made of stone or mineral imbued with magical power.

When the player uses a command word for figures and throws them into an empty space within 60 feet of them, the figure will turn into a beast.

The duration of the transformation and subsequent cooldown are character-specific and based on their relative strength as a beast.

There are several different figures in the world that players can find. Each one is designed to honor a different beast, and the figurine will be designed to resemble the beast it is intended to transform into.

Once a figure transforms into its specific creature, it will take the transformed beast's stat and remain in that form until one of several conditions is met.

1. If the duration ends, it will turn back into a figure.

2. If a creature's health drops to 0, it will turn into a figure again.

3. Re-using the command word while touching a creature will turn it into a miniature.

Once the creature transforms back into a figurine, it can't transform back into a beast until the timer expires. This time will be character specific.

Great types of power figures

There are different types of miraculous power figures. Each bears the likeness of a different beast and can transform into a different beast for different times. Some come in sets.

They're hereD&D5e Miraculous Power Figures.

bronze faucet


This raging bronze griffin figure can turn into a griffin for up to 6 hours. After returning to figure form, he cannot transform for 6 days.

ebony fly


This ebony horsefly figurine can turn into a giant fly for up to 12 hours. After returning to figure form, he cannot transform back for 2 days.

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golden lions


These golden lion figures are always made in pairs.

The lion transformation can be used individually or simultaneously, and each figure can transform into a lion for up to 1 hour.

Once the lions revert to their figurine form, they cannot change back for 7 days.

ivory goats


These ivory goat figurines are always created in sets of three, and each goat in the set is unique and functions differently from its relatives.

travel goat

This goat figurine can transform into a large goat with the same stats as the mount.

It comes with 24 charges, each representing up to 1 hour of use.

The traveler's goat can change as long as the figure maintains its charges.

When the charges run out, it will return and you won't be able to transform again for 7 days.

calf goat

This character can turn into a giant goat for 3 hours. Once used, it cannot transform again for 30 days.

horror goat

This character can also turn into a giant goat for up to 3 hours. However, this goat cannot attack.

While the goat itself cannot attack, its horns can be removed and used as weapons. One horn becomes a +1 spear and the other becomes a +1 longsword.

Removing one of the goat's horns requires an action, and the weapon disappears and returns to the goat when it reverts to its miniature form.

Additionally, this goat radiates a 30-foot radius of aura when the player mounts it.

Any enemy creature that begins its turn with a goat aura must make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw. On a failed saving throw, the creature is afraid of the goat for up to 1 minute or until the goat reverts to figure form.

Attacked creatures can repeat a Wisdom saving throw at the end of their turn, ending the effect on a successful saving throw.

On a successful saving throw, the creature becomes immune to goat's aura for 24 hours.

Once the goat returns to its figurine form, it cannot change back for 15 days.

marble elephant


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This is one of the largest figurines, measuring approximately 4 inches long and tall. He can turn into an elephant for 24 hours. Once flipped, it cannot transform again for 7 days.

obsidian steed

Very rare

This polished obsidian horse figurine can become a nightmare for up to 24 hours.

Nightmare will only fight to defend itself. Also, if you have a good setting, there is a 10% chance that the nightmare will ignore your commands.

If you ride a Nightmare that ignores your orders, you and the Nightmare will immediately be transported to a random location on Hades' plane, and the Nightmare will revert to its miniature form.

Once the Nightmare returns to its miniature form, it cannot change back for 5 days.

onyx dog


This onyx dog figurine can turn into a mastiff for up to 6 hours. The mastiff has an intelligence of 8 and can speak common when in beast form.

In addition, the mastiff hasseeing in the dark(within 60 feet) and sees invisible creatures and objects within that range.

Once the mastiff returns to its figurine form, it cannot change back for 7 days.

serpentine owl


This snake owl figurine can transform into a giant owl for up to 8 hours.

In beast form, the owl can telepathically communicate with you from any distance as long as you are on the same plane of existence.

Once the owl returns to its shape, it cannot change back for 2 days.

silver raven


This silver crow figurine can turn into a raven for up to 12 hours.

While in beast form, players are free to throw animal messengers at the raven.

Once the raven returns to its figurine form, it cannot change back for 2 days.

Where can I find characters with miraculous powers?

Miraculous Power Figurines will not be items you find nearby. These items must be crafted by master craftsmen who can imbue the figures with transformation abilities; They will not fall into the hands of just anyone.

The places where the Figurine of Miraculous Power can be found include the depths of dangerous dungeons, perhaps guarding the dungeon itself, belonging to people of great power, or guarding sacred and important areas.

DM's Guide to Including Miracle Power Numbers

mechanical considerations

Initiative order is the most important mechanical consideration when it comes to ensuring players have access to Miracle Power Tokens.

While figure cooldowns help lessen the raw pull of more allies into combat, the ability for your players to drop multiple figures in combat can quickly turn a big boss fight into child's play.

Therefore, you must be careful not to give your players too many chips, as the inherent power of the initiative order should not be ignored.

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Also, make sure the beasts the figures can transform into aren't too powerful for their current level.

Combat is designed to challenge players, and this challenge will keep them engaged.

Not only is the combat too easy and boring, but if it revolves around his character, players can feel secondary to the statue, which is never good.

Considering role-playing and world-building

When it comes to incorporating the gorgeous power figures, aesthetics will be critical to immersive integration.

If you put a Miraculous Power Figure in a situation where it doesn't make sense, players will notice the dissonance and will be removed from the experience.

For example, if you have a goth spider queen that suddenly drops Dread Goats or Golden Lions, players will wonder why she has them.

Therefore, the first thing you should ask yourself when placing figurines in your environment is "who is mabecause that will determine where you put them.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that if your players get the miniatures too early, they may stop early in the game.

Players are not supposed to start scoringmagic itemsonly later in the adventure, and as such, magical items tend to have relatively high firepower.

Unless you intend to smash the figures and render them useless in combat, there's a good chance your players will end up with figures if they win the fight.

Make sure they are at the right time in their adventure to have such powerful magical items.

You can also create creationspuzzles or codeswith the Miraculous Power Figurine.

For example, you can use the Magic Mouth spell to create an activation point where the spell activates figures to protect an area.

There are endless possibilities to incorporate wonderful power figures. Here are some character beats you can use to inspire your own campaign!

Characters and settings for wonderful power figures

The powerful noble has sets of Golden Lions to protect his estate and family. They were made for him by the most skilled artisans in the country, and he takes great pride in maintaining and caring for them.

Players can befriend the nobleman to learn the secrets of his figures, or they can kill him to take the figures.

If he is killed, the artisans who made them may be less willing to help, as the noble was one of their most prestigious clients.

* * *

A gothic plague queen who rides an obsidian horse and commands an army of ebony flies to do her bidding, holed up in her rotten gothic mansion.

His army of giant flies causes trouble in the surrounding area, and their pestilence spreads throughout the area.

Farmers are concerned that their harvest will be less than in previous years, and tasked players with finding the source of these flies and spreading the disease across the lands.

* * *

The legendary spymaster, who conducts most of his communications through his army of Silver Ravens, tracks the group with his scouting army of Snake Owls.

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The group is slowly seeing an increase in great owl numbers in their vicinity, even in places where owls may be less common.

They can befriend the spymaster, who will teach them the secrets of the figures and help them make their own figures, or kill him and take his figures.

* * *

The city guard in the power of magical wizards commands an army of K9s, which are Onyx Dogs. Every dog ​​has a name and you can name them, even if they are in the form of figurines.

The dogs are unwaveringly loyal to him and he would be devastated if anything happened to his dogs.

However, she is getting old and looking for new homes for her dogs as she is too old to care for them properly.

Players who befriend him can receive an onyx dog as a gift, as he sees the team as a force for good.

* * *

The mighty druid has wrapped herself in a jungle dungeon filled with Magic Mouths that activate their Miraculous Power Figures to protect her.

He uses miraculous power figures as vessels for the souls of his fallen animal friends and considers them his true family.

Players can learn his soul transmitting power or kill him for his items. However, their figures will rebel against them when they realize that they have killed their friend.

Final thoughts on miraculous power figures

Miraculous Power Figures are a great way to introduce players to the concepts of magical items.

They allow your players to familiarize themselves with the functions related to magic items, such as command words. They also allow players to combine team numbers with additional allies.

The most important thing to consider is whether the inclusion of Wonder Power Figures will be fun for you and your players.

There is no right or wrong way to leadD&Dgame, so make your decision based on what you think will be most fun for your group!

Good luck, have fun and happy hunting!

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Fighters are the most popular class in all of D&D, and Champion Fighters are the most popular Fighter. By a lot. This is something that D&D has said is true internally, it's something that D&D Beyond has correlated, and it remains true–for single classed characters.

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  • Sorcerer. ...
  • Cleric. ...
  • Warlock. ...
  • Rogue. ...
  • Ranger. ...
  • Paladin. The easiest class for beginners on this list is the paladin, however, it is harder to play than the fighter and the barbarian. ...

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Can you be a character and a DM? ›

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Does the DM create a character? ›

The Dungeon Master doesn't play a character themselves, instead, they are the storyteller and referee of the game. They create the story and adventure for the players and then facilitate the story in the gaming session.

How do you roll for proficiency bonus? ›

Your proficiency bonus is always based on your total character level, as shown in the Character Advancement table, not your level in a particular class. For example, if you are a fighter 3/rogue 2, you have the proficiency bonus of a 5th- level character, which is +3.

Can you relapse with burnout? ›

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Can you reverse burnout? ›

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How long does it take your brain to recover from burnout? ›

It takes an average time of three months to a year to recover from burnout. How long your burnout lasts will depend on your level of emotional exhaustion and physical fatigue, as well as if you experience any relapses or periods of stagnant recovery.

How do you start a flirty DM? ›

Internet flirting 101: How to slide into the DMs
  1. Start small (and subtle) Sliding into the DMs works best when the person already knows you exist. ...
  2. Use your words. Once you've started liking pictures, you can up the ante by adding a comment. ...
  3. Less compliments, more questions.
Jan 5, 2018

How to slide into a guys DM without looking desperate? ›

But sliding into someone's DMs can be tricky, and there are a few things that'll really up your changes of getting a message back.
  1. Make sure your socials are as clear as day. ...
  2. Like a pic or two of his in the days leading up to DMing. ...
  3. Reply to his story but only if you're following one another. ...
  4. Do not ignore him IRL.
Oct 30, 2018

Who is the strongest character in DM? ›

The tarrasque is essentially the godzilla of the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse, where it is said that only one exists on each world and its arrival will bring about the apocalypse. The tarrasque will resist most forms of damage and can heal so quickly that most attacks won't do it any lasting harm.

How long does it take to prep as a DM? ›

Just about a third of surveyed DMs spend three hours or more preparing on a four hour game. A little less than half spend an hour or less. Another quarter spend about two hours.
How Long Does it Take You to Prep Your D&D Game?
Response% of total
About an hour33%
About two hours28%
About three hours or more29%
1 more row
Dec 20, 2021


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