Our Most Anticipated PlayStation Projects | gaming instincts (2023)

whenthere are rumorsabout the upcoming PlayStation Showcase, we're delving into the realm of possibilities as we explore potential projects from PlayStation Studios (thanks toreset threadfor their views) and organize them according to our personal expectations. While some of these games have been officially announced, others exist as mere job rumors. It should be noted that this list is completely subjective and reflects my personal preferences. We strongly encourage you to share your most anticipated projects in the comments section as we prepare for the upcoming PlayStation Showcase.

20. London Online Multiplayer Game

London studies, known under its previous titles as Blood & Truth, aA well-received PSVR shooter, has established itself as an experimental Sony VR/AR studio. His previous achievements include VR Worlds in 2016 and Wonderbook in 2012. Given his achievements, it's hard to predict his next adventure, an online multiplayer game set in a fantasy version of London. Given my limited enthusiasm for PlayStation VR, I'm carefully hiding this enigmatic project.

19. The Last of Us Part 2 Director's Cut

Iindustry insider suggeststhat Naughty Dog could develop a director's cut of The Last of Us Part 2, following in the footsteps of titles like Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima. The prospect of seeing Part 2 match the visual caliber of The Last of Us Part 1 is undeniably tantalizing. However, given Naughty Dog's unique talent, there are other projects fans might prefer to see in the studio. It's worth considering that the director's cut of The Last of Us Part 2's what-if could be seen as unnecessary and potentially a cash grab rather than a significant expansion or improvement on the original game.

18. Haven Studio online multiplayer game

Studia Havenis a newly formed team of experienced industry professionals who have contributed to such renowned titles as Assassin's Creed and Rainbow Six: Siege. Led by Jade Raymond, a key figure in the development of successful series such as Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed, Haven Studios aims to cultivate a friendlier environment for game developers. This ambition promises his next project. However, it's worth noting that Haven is part of PlayStation's multiplayer initiative, indicating a focus on an undisclosed live service game. While live-supported gaming may not be to my personal preference, I remain optimistic that Haven can deliver an experience that respects and resonates with players.

17. Insomniac Game A multiplayer game

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Ajob advertisement proposalThe thing is that Insomniac Games is working on a multiplayer project. The studio has created multiplayer experiences in the past, such as the online competitive mode of the Resistance games, but the studio has forged its identity around single-player games. I'd rather see Insomniac use its resources to perfect Spider-Man and Wolverine. My opinion may change when we see this multiplayer game, but for now, I'm pessimistic.

16. A new open world game from Bend Studio

Our Most Anticipated PlayStation Projects | gaming instincts (1)

While Days Gone received mixed critical reactions, I personally enjoyed the game's relentless hordes of zombies and the clever strategies required to defeat them. Admittedly, Days Gone may not be the best PlayStation has to offer. However, I am confident that Bend Studio will learn from this experience and create an open world game that will meet with a more positive reception.

15. Firewalk online multiplayer game

AAs a person inclined towards single-player experiences, my enthusiasm for multiplayer games is rather moderate. However,Studio FirewalkLed by industry veteran Tony Hsu, who has contributed to well-known titles such as Destiny, Apex Legends and Halo, he inspires respect and confidence in his ability to deliver immersive multiplayer on PlayStation. While it's hard to pin final rankings on these fledgling studios with their undefined projects, Firewalk's track record of creating exceptional multiplayer games puts them slightly ahead of the competition.

14. Gra Firesprite Twisted Metal

Announcement aTwisted Metal TV seriessparked speculation that PlayStation would reboot the series. Rumors suggest that Firesprite has taken overDevelopment of Lucid Games, the studio behind the poorly received Destruction AllStars. Firesprite's new development team has a history of developing VR games for the PlayStation, including Horizon Call of the Mountain. That being said, it remains uncertain which direction Twisted Metal will take. Personally, as someone without a strong nostalgic connection to the series, it doesn't rank in my top ten expected games. However, it's important to keep an open mind and wait for more details to form a more informed opinion.

13. A new game by Asobi

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Without a doubt, the Asobi team has shown their talent with the unique Astro Bot games. One offered the charming and inventive PlayStation VR platform, while the other served as a showcase for the PlayStation 5's haptic feedback capabilities. Given the charm and enjoyment its previous titles have provided, the anticipation of its next project, which is rumored to behis most ambitious game to dateis perceptible. Thanks to their track record of delivering great experiences, I can't wait to see what the Asobi team has in store for us.

12. Horizon Multiplayer

Similar to Guerilla Gamesdevelopment of a standalone multiplayer gameset in the Horizon universe. While my personal enthusiasm leans towards single-player Guerilla projects, the world of Horizon has great potential for an enjoyable multiplayer experience reminiscent of games like Monster Hunter. One of the most captivating aspects of the Horizon series is the thrilling encounters with colossal robotic dinosaurs, methodically dismantling their armor piece by piece. The prospect of participating in this exciting venture with a friend is certainly tempting.

11. New Media Molecule game

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It can be discouraging when new projects result in the retirement of older titles. Media Molecule recently announced that it wouldend of live support for Dreamsfocus on the new project. While details on this new venture are sparse, we know it won't be Dreams 2. Media Molecule has always had a reputation for being innocent and charming in PlayStation Studios' offerings, consistently delivering charming and innovative games for the platform. Given their ingenuity, I have no doubt that whatever Media Molecule has in store for us will leave fans impressed and enchanted.

10. Factions in The Last of Us

As someone who isn't inclined towards multiplayer games, my nostalgia is particularly strong for The Last of Us' original 2013 faction mode. It was a meticulously designed competitive multiplayer mode focused on gathering supplies for your camp. The mode required teamwork, strategy, and resource management, which was in stark contrast to the crazier nature of Naughty Dog's other competitive multiplayer offering in Uncharted. Now, with the expected return of Factions asindependent releasemy excitement reaches a new level. Out of all the multiplayer games on the horizon, Factions is my most anticipated title.

9. Bluepoint's first original game

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Bluepoint Studios has built a solid reputation for creating exceptional remakes of classic games, skillfully modernizing them while preserving their core essence. Its recent remake of Demon's Souls was a huge success as a launch title on PlayStation 5, garnering praise for its stunning graphics and faithful recreation of the original game. Therefore, the announcement that Bluepoint is starting its operationsfirst original game in 15 yearsis extremely exciting. This is a unique opportunity to witness the studio's creative prowess unleashed on a blank canvas. Given Bluepoint's rivalry with PlayStation tech, and great curiosity about what kind of game they'll create, their unannounced project ranks high on the list of highly anticipated titles.

8. New IP from Sony Santa Monica

Sony Santa Monica is widely recognized for its critically acclaimed God of War franchise. After years of anticipation, the release of God of War Ragnarok further cemented the studio's reputation as a provider of exceptional experiences. As we eagerly await news of his next project, it's worth noting that Cory Barlog, the current director of God of War Ragnarok, has stepped down.work on various unannounced projects. While the details of these projects are yet to be revealed, Sony Santa Monica's remarkable pedigree as a studio guarantees excitement and anticipation for whatever they have in store. Its track record of excellence has cemented its position as a studio capable of delivering memorable and innovative titles.

7. New unknown game

While Naughty Dog may have ended work on the Uncharted franchise, it seems they havefranchise cannot be deaD. In the PlayStation promotional trailer, a brief glimpse of a young woman exploring the catacombs sparked speculation that a new Uncharted was on the way. While the identity of the studio behind this possible new installment is unknown, the prospect of a new approach to the series with new characters is certainly intriguing. As one of my favorite franchises, the official announcement of a new Uncharted game could easily push it higher on this list.

6. Fantasma de Tsushima Sequal

Our Most Anticipated PlayStation Projects | gaming instincts (3)

Ghost of Tsushima really stood out as one of the best and visually stunning open world games of the PlayStation 4 era. Innovating the use of wind as a navigational tool, freeing players from cumbersome menus and keeping them in the game was a brilliant design choice. While an official sequel to Ghost of Tsushima hasn't been announced, onethe job advertisement suggestedin the possibility of its development. Whether or not a sequel materializes, anything Sucker Punch Productions creates holds a special place on my list of highly anticipated games. As a fan of Ghost of Tsushima and Infamous, I have great confidence in the studio's ability to deliver immersive and memorable experiences.

5. The Last of Us, Part 3

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Ellie's journey through The Last of Us Part 1 and Part 2 was undeniably intense, complex, and emotionally gripping. Although not necessarily necessary, the possibility of alast third installmentOverall, the story has a significant appeal. Expected improvements to game mechanics and the potential for a more expansive world add to the excitement. However, what really captivates me is the prospect of seeing where Naughty Dog will lead the next narrative. Reports suggest that the study alreadyChoose your next projectt and even mentions ofwritten plot outline of The Last of Us Part 3. While part of me wants Naughty Dog to venture into a new IP, another Last of Us related announcement would still be a welcome surprise.

4. Nowe IP Naughty Dog

While the exact nature of Naughty Dog's next project remains uncertain, the prospect of The Last of Us Part 3 or the studio's all-new intellectual property is certainly intriguing. As a fan, the desire for both is understandable, but Naughty Dog is also eager to explore uncharted territories and venture into something new. The new IP has the potential to free the studio from the path of melancholic storytelling and allow them to delve into a more carefree, gameplay-focused experience. Whichever direction they choose, one thing is certain: every Naughty Dog game will undoubtedly be crafted with attention to detail, exceptional polish, and one of the standout PlayStation titles.

3. Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Marvel's Spider-Man 2It ranks prominently on the expectation list due to the wealth of information we already know about the game. While gameplay footage has yet to be revealed, we realize that both Peter Parker and Miles Morales will stand out, offering an exciting dynamic as they are integrated into one game. The inclusion of Venom and the possibility of Spider-Man appearing in a black suit adds to the intrigue surrounding the game and the story. Insomniac Games has already proven its prowess with the Spider-Man franchise in its previous releases, and we hope Spider-Man 2 surpasses its predecessor in terms of quality and enjoyment.

2. Housemarque's new IP

The return wasmy favorite game of 2021. I was blown away by its innovative combination of rogue-lite gameplay and immersive sci-fi narrative. Exploring a mysterious alien planet and discovering the truth behind the events of the game was an exciting and fascinating experience. Known for its arcade roots, Housemarque has successfully brought its expertise into the AAA space, delivering a smooth, flowing third-person shooter that kept me on the edge of my seat. Now that he was Housemarkofficially acquired by PlayStationmy excitement level skyrocketed. Can't wait to see what kind of game they have on the system. Knowing their commitment to creativity and fun, I have no doubt that they will continue to push the boundaries and deliver more amazing gaming experiences. The return of their signature Bullet Hell arcade theme, reimagined in a new format, has me eagerly awaiting what they will bring to the table.

1. Marvel's Wolverine

wonderful wolverineit's a game that seems tailor-made for someone like me. I envision a broad, linear experience with a compelling narrative and beat-em-up combat style that truly captures the essence of Wolverine. The character's healing factor and powerful combat abilities make it ideal for a video game adaptation, and Insomniac Games, with its impressive body of work, seems like the perfect studio to bring that vision to life. I can't help but imagine the possibility of other Marvel characters like the Hulk or Charles Xavier appearing in Wolverine. I have to admit that the fact that the game is rated M means a lot to me. This seems to be a key element in staying true to the character and fully capturing the raw intensity and violence that comes with Wolverine's personality. If you found out that the game does not meet this rating, you would naturally have some reservations. However, right now, the mere mention of Marvel's Wolverine has me eagerly awaiting any news or updates that might come.

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