Owlin 5e DnD career stats guide (2023)

What is Owlin 5e? You'd be right if you think the owl has something to do with owls! Owls are the race you can choose for your player in the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons. Distantly related to the Great Owls of Feywild, the Owls are an amalgamationavesand people. Read our Owlin 5e guide below.


What are owls in 5e?

Distantly related to the Feywild giant owl, owls come in many shapes and sizes, from small and fluffy to majestic and wide-winged. The owl has arms and legs like other humanoids, as well as wings extending from its back and arms.

Like owls, owls are decorated with feathers that don't make a sound when moving or flying, making it easier for them to sneak up on you in the library.

Your owl character can be nocturnal. Or maybe your character just tends to get up later, embodying the popular moniker of the night owl."Strixhaven: Chaos Curriculumpage 29.

Description of the Owl 5e

Owls are winged humanoids resembling owls. They all have two hands like any other humanoid, but they are covered in feathers and have facial and owl features.

All owls have wings protruding from their backs covered with soft, silent feathers. Just as owls can vary greatly, owl species can also vary from one another. They can range from incredibly tall and stocky to tiny.

Some owls are known to keep a nocturnal schedule or simply get up later in the day, but this is more a matter of personal preference than a species trait.

In the 5e, owls are considered humanoid, but their appearance varies greatly. It is up to the player to finalize the appearance of his character. They can be cute, cuddly wide-eyed forest friends or mysterious and scary hunters at night.

Owlin stats 5e

ZStrixhaven: Chaos CurriculumOwls have the following stats and abilities:

  • Increased skill score.increase by oneskill scoreat 2 and another at 1.
  • languages.You can speak, read and write together and in another language that you and your DM deem appropriate for the character.
  • Creature type.You are a humanoid.
  • Size.You are medium or small. You choose the size when choosing this breed.
  • Speed.His walking speed is 30 feet.
  • dark vision.In low light conditions, you can see up to 50 meters away as a bright light, and in the dark as a dim light. You distinguish colors in this darkness only as shades of grey.
  • Lot.Thanks to your wings, you have the speed of flight equal to the speed of walking. You cannot use this flight speed if you are wearing medium or heavy armor.
  • Quiet feathers.You are proficient in the Stealth skill.

Owl's History

Owls are said to be distantly related to Feywilds great giant owls. Feywilds Giant Owls are strong and extremely loyal to Feywild creatures who manage to befriend them.

This trait is passed down to the owls themselves. They are curious and some may seem cute and curious, but they are fiercely protective of their allies and friends.

They are often found at Strixhaven University due to their natural curiosity.

Owl names in DnD 5e

The owl, like most creatures named DnD, has a surname and a first name. Their surnames usually represent something from their past or a clan name based on their species.

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Some Popular Owlin Surnames:

  • Cola from Milan
  • what a jet
  • silver lock
  • Gray wind

Names can generally fall into any range of names, and are usually given depending on the region where Owlin currently resides.

Of course, you can give your character Owlin a funny name, such as Owl Bundy or Owl Capone.

Features of Owlin 5e

Owlin 5e shares some common features. They usually have two wings protruding from their backs and arms hanging down their sides like the average human. Their size can vary from small to medium. You can be a huge nightmare creature six feet five inches tall or a three foot tall little bird friend. Either way, Owlins will be a great addition to any campaign.


Their owl origin also has some advantages. Owls can fly. Flight gives them a distinct advantage over their earthly companions. Owlin 5e also has the advantage of being stealthy. Their soft feathers make their flight almost silent, which is a definite plus for any stealthy adventurer.

Flight is not just an impulse. The ability to fly also includes staying suspended for more than an hour. Combined with stealth, the Owl version can be a super-powerful advantage. Owls can sneak up on a target or situation without triggering passive perception, which is ideal for surprise attacks and surveillance.

Skill score bonuses

In addition to stealth and flying, Owlin 5e also has an extra three points to add to his abilities. Players can split these bonuses however they like. They are limited to 2 extra points on any score. Players can add 2 to one skill score or add one point to three skill scores.

Moreover, owls can see in the dark. Any DM will tell you the importance of seeing in the dark for any character build.

I play sowlin 5e in DnD

whileD&D booksDon't give too much information about Owlin, e.gCarrera(actually more of a pedigree), overall Owlin is an interesting addition to 5e DnD. Owlin's characters can be cute and deadly. They give Ariel an edge and make the player furious.

The best activities for Owlin

Due to Owlin's flight speed and ability to choose skill modifiers, he is proficient in any class the player desires. What's more, they're also adept at stealth thanks to their soft, feathered wings that allow them to move silently.

The only real limitation is their inability to fly while wearing heavy armor. This disqualifies several combat classes that rely on heavy armor to complement their abilities.

For this reason, they are especially goodmonk'sybarbarityif you are looking for a fighting class, they can effectively pick any spellcasting class.

Any ranged class with a lot of DEXforesteroWarriorThey would be fantastic Owlin characters. Also, if you're leaning more towards the magic user,wizardsywizards(with their ranged attacks) would make great use of Owlin's traits.

Needless to say, it is a cunning, stealthy and quiet owlRoguewith night vision it would also be an absolutely perfect combination.

evocation assistant

Owls are excellent wizards of evocation. If you don't knowSummoningthe school of magic, is the one where all the powerful spells that explode are located.

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Since owls can fly, they can simply fly over the battlefield and become magical artillery. An owl flying overhead and dropping fireballs on enemies' heads is a tried and true tactic for many wizards, and Owlin can do it without the aid of levitation spells, which saves more spell slots for damage.

rogue scout

Owls themselves are excellent scouts. Its ability to silently fly forward and then return to check in is the main advantage of any expedition. They can do this without any class traits or skills.

When you choose ARogue, you can specialize in the abilities of these species and upgrade them. Scouts will be able to quickly move around the battlefield to attack and move around without being targeted by attacks of opportunity, then quickly return to support allies or stealthily attack engaged foes.

Arcane Ranger Archer

As a fighter in line, the Owl can easily change position, taking to the air or climbing hills.

Rangerare an excellent choice for ranged attackers, and by choosing the Arcane Archer subclass, you can amplify every shot with powerful magic.


any ofSorcererBuilds are fantastic for the same reasons you would pick Evoke Wizard. However, instead of firing summoning spells, the Owl Sorcerer can just sit high up and start shooting.supernatural explosionsagainst your enemies.

If you additionally choose the Eerie Spear upgrade, you will be able to safely sit out of the enemy's reach and hit them from a distance. This effectively turns your Owl into a flying spell sniper.

Why you should play DnD as Owlin

The owl is an interesting breed that is really only limited by your imagination. They are excellent melee fighters and spellcasters.

For melee fighters, it makes sense to choose the Dexterity version, as their ability to fly is negated while wearing heavy armor.

Their flight speed makes them great options for any character. Their sneaky abilities coupled with dark vision also help them play more cunning characters.

Finally, their ability modifiers can be chosen, giving them great versatility when it comes to building Owlin's character.

Frequently Asked Questions Owlin 5e

What book is the owl in?

Owlin can be found in Strixhaven: The Chaos Curriculum.

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Can an owl fly?

Yes, owls' flight speed is equal to their walking speed. Any upgrade that improves your walking speed will also improve your flying speed.

What is Owlin's lifespan?

Owls have the same lifespan as humans.

Should owl be banned?

NO. While the owl may employ tactics that may seem dishonest, they are the same tactics that any spellcaster can employ in the event oflevitation spell.

A beginner DM may struggle to balance encounters, but with a bit of experience you should be able to create encounters that challenge Owlin players without giving the impression that you're targeting them specifically.

The owl has its own language?

NO. The owl naturally speaks a common language, but like any other creature, it can also learn other languages.

Are there subbreeds of owls?

No, Owlin currently has no subraces.

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If you have owl traits, such as a tendency to be late, a desire to surprise friends, or a penchant for mice, the 5e Owlin may be your choice. Try Owlin Run on your next adventure!

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Jillian started learning Dungeons & Dragons in 2014. After a friend encouraged her to create a character, she became fully involved in character creation and later became an amazing Dungeon Master. Jillian tries to use her creativity to spread her DnD knowledge and interpret the rulebook.

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What is the best class for Owlin 5E? ›

Darkvision, stealth, and flight make Owlin's perfect for scouting and sneaking. This makes them perfect for two classes in particular: the DnD Rogue and the DnD Ranger. An Owlin Rogue naturally has proficiency in Stealth, so you're freed up to take some other useful class proficiencies.

Is Owlin or Aarakocra better? ›

If you want the highest flying speed or the option to fly in medium armor, just any flying speed and a skill, the owlin is the obvious choice.

What is the best Ranger subclass for Owlin? ›

When choosing a subclass for an Owlin Ranger, the best choice is the Gloom Stalker. Dread Ambusher boosts walking speed by 10 feet during combat which also applies to the Owlin Ranger's flight speed too. While Umbral Sight gives a Ranger Darkvision if they do not already have it.

What's the difference between Owlin and Aarakocra? ›

Introduced in Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos (affiliate link), the Owlin is an owl-like humanoid. Similar to the Aarakocra, the Owlin can fly nonmagically, but the Owlin trades a bit of the Aarakocra's speed and the Aarakocra's largely useless claws for several other useful racial traits.

What is the most overpowered class in 5e? ›

10 Most Overpowered Subclasses In Dungeons & Dragons Fifth...
  • College Of Eloquence (Bard) For some reason, people sleep on this class. ...
  • School Of Divination (Wizard) ...
  • Arcane Trickster (Rogue) ...
  • Horizon Walker (Ranger) ...
  • Oath Of Vengeance (Paladin) ...
  • Twilight Domain (Cleric) ...
  • The Totem Warrior (Barbarian) ...
  • Way of Mercy (Monk)
Mar 5, 2022

What is the strongest subclass in DND 5e? ›

Dungeons & Dragons: 13 Best Subclasses From 5e Expansions
  1. 1 Rogue: Phantom. Party Role: Damage.
  2. 2 Cleric: Death Domain. Party Role: Damage, Healing. ...
  3. 3 Warlock: Hexblade. ...
  4. 4 Ranger: Horizon Walker Conclave. ...
  5. 5 Barbarian: The Path of the Zealot. ...
  6. 6 Paladin: The Oathbreaker. ...
  7. 7 Sorcerer: Divine Soul. ...
  8. 8 Druid: Circle Of Spores. ...
May 26, 2023

What is the lifespan of an Owlin in D&D? ›

Owlin live, on average, around 130 years, reaching maturity around the age of 30.

What is Owlin's walking speed? ›

Speed. Your walking speed is 30 feet. Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 120 feet of yourself as if it were bright light and in darkness as if it were dim light.

What is the lifespan of Owlin 5E? ›

Lifespan. Owlins are like other humanoid player character races and can live for roughly a century without resorting to magic to extend their life or pursue undeath. Movement. The walking speed of this race is 30 feet, which also influences his owlin's ability to fly.

What race is best for Ranger? ›

Wood ElfPHB: Bonus Wisdom and Mask of the Wild is fantastic for Rangers. The Wood Elf is perhaps the most iconic race choice for the Ranger.

What stats should a Ranger have? ›

Ranger:Abilities and General
  • Dexterity: This is your main ability score as far as attack accuracy and damage is concerned. ...
  • Wisdom: This ability score affects a lot of the secondary effects you have available, so it's also good to have high and keep high. ...
  • Constitution: More HP and healing surges, which is never bad.

Can you pick the same fighting style twice? ›

Characters get multiple fighting styles by multiclassing, stacking, and achieving feats. Characters can stack fighting styles as they level up in DND. Characters can not possess the same fighting style twice. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about multiple fighting styles in DND.

Can a changeling turn into an Aarakocra? ›

Changelings cannot alter themselves enough to change physical sizes (i.e, changing from Medium to Small, etc). It is worth noting that while a changeling could technically shift into something like an aarakocra, their wings would be non-functional.

What is the bonus for Owlin abilities? ›

Ability Score Increase

When you select an Owlin character, you get a +2 bonus to one ability and a +1 bonus to another. Alternatively, you can take +1 to three different abilities.

Can Aarakocra carry someone while flying? ›

Aarakocra can't, because they have a specific rule that says so. It has nothing to do with weight. They can carry as much as they could carry walking, which is quite a lot. If you're worried about a player picking up and dropping enemies for damage, don't worry.

What classes are Leonin good as? ›

Leonin Classes (Customizable Origins)
  • Barbarian. An extra skill helps the Barbarian be useful outside of combat, and Daunting Roar helps handle crowds, which is normally difficult for the Barbarian.
  • Bard. ...
  • Cleric. ...
  • Fighter. ...
  • Ranger. ...
  • Rogue. ...
  • Warlock. ...
  • Barbarian.
Apr 25, 2022

Is Owlin a playable race? ›

Creature Type: No surprises here, the majority of playable races are humanoid and the owlin are no different.

What armor can Owlins wear? ›

Owlins can fly at a speed equal to their walking speed, provided they are wearing nothing heavier than light armor; medium or heavy armor is too much of a strain to make flight possible.


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