Owlin Race 5e: Get ready, the race is about to begin (2023)


Owlin 5e Career Guide:These are just a few of the many races you can take part inDungeons and Dragonshave a fast flight. This corresponds to your walking pace at the start of the game. This is for those who help Masters of Dungeon wince, as flying gives players freedom. One of the lucky races with the natural ability to fly is the Owl, which was first encountered in Strixhaven: The Chaos Program. This has significant benefits for the player character.

While this event is a welcome addition, it is not without its criticisms. In this essay, we'll go over how to play the owl character in the next campaign, as well as discuss the breed's advantages in general.

Playing as an Owl is a great start if you've ever wanted to soar through the night sky as an owl. Owlin has a lot to offer players looking for something unusual, whether the character prefers the night or the very concept of flying to fight worthy opponents.

For all those who crave flight speed, we finally have a new official playable race to rival the Aarakocra. While this event is a welcome addition, it is not without its criticisms. In this essay, we will discuss how to play an owl in the next campaign, as well as the advantages of the breed in general.

What is Owlin 5e in DnD Races?

OnFeywild's giant owlsAccording to tradition, they are distant relatives of the Owls.giant owlsthey have a reputation as cruel guardians of a group of creatures called the Fey, serving and befriending them, which may be one of the reasons why the Owls themselves make excellent traveling companions. They look human, have arms and limbs, but that's where the similarities end. Owls have appendages on the back of their arms that allow them to fly and are covered with feathers. If they fit into a small or medium range, owls can be almost any size. They usually live about a hundred years, which is similar to other humanoids. as well as you can readwhere racing"The official guide.

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Origin of the Owl

As a resultWizards of the CoastWith the ambition of cross-promoting tablet D&D games with their core IP, Magic: the Gathering, the Owlins team was introduced to the Dungeons & Dragons universe for the first time.

Owls entered the fantasy world through the Magic: the Gathering set known as "Strixhaven: Wizarding School"or only"Strixhaven"ignoring generalizations about the numerous species of avian humanoids of the past known as "avens". On April 23, 2021 atStrixhavenThe set debuted in game stores and department stores. In this particular expansion, there are seven monster cards dominated by owls, one of the new races added with the expansion.

When did The Owlin join D&D in Race?

December 7cz,2021 when"Strixhaven: Chaos Curriculum"released on December 7, 2021, it introduced the Owlin as the only new race to include player characters, and gave players the chance to experience a magical college adventure across multiple game worlds. When is the term considered"Strixhaven"effectively translates into"owl house"the idea that the owl race was associated with this environment makes much more sense.

race definition

Simply put, owls are owls with arms, legs, and wings sprouting from the backs and arms of their feathered bodies. Although owls are nocturnal animals, the art of owls in Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons depicts them as active during the day as they are at night, allowing the player to decide whether an owl character is nocturnal or diurnal.

In the history of this breed, two divisions can be distinguished.

  • Dungeons and Dragons

According to Dungeons & Dragons, although the breed is distantly related to the giant owls of Feywild, there are still significant differences in the appearance of each owl.

  • Magic - meeting

Owlins considers Archavios, the plane where Strixhaven is located, to be his home realm in Magic: the Gathering. After learning as much as possible at home, some Owls will look for ways to reach other planes to continue learning and better understand magic and the multiverse.

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owl abilities

  • Owlin's smooth glide

Owls can glide quickly and stealthily overhead thanks to the beautiful wings sprouting from their shoulders, but only under the cover of little or no armor. Your walking pace, which is 30 feet per second, is also your airspeed. They are natural for stealth because their feathers mute their movements.

As a result, they are adept at using stealth, which is useful for classes like Rogue and Ranger as both rely heavily on it to broadcast their activities.

  • Better vision in the dark

In addition, owls can see better in the dark. Owls can see darkness and dim light up to 30 meters away, but owls can only distinguish colors with varying degrees of gray. Owls have the option to choose which core numbers they want to upgrade, unlike many other contests that offer specific skill point upgrades during character creation.

owls can lead one+2 stat core and +1 secondary stat,in this way they complement almost every session as the stats can be adjusted to the difficulty level and statistical needs of the class.

Owlin's names in DnD

Since there are currently no authorized naming guidelines for Owlin characters, players can get creative and even come up with their own naming scheme. The names Talon or Night Eye may have come from the physical characteristics of the Owls' ancestors, who could always call their descendants after their illustrious ancestors. This is one of the perfect times to get even more creative in developing your characters and giving them a memorable name.

Why is Owlin played as DnD?

Most importantly, the Owl is an extremely adaptable race that is well suited to almost any player class. They also have the characteristics of a fairy tale, which makes them as fascinating as they are charming. The Afflicted Fey feat, which grants access to the Misty Walk spell, an additional +1 stat to Wisdom, Charisma, or Cunning, and a standard first summon from the Institute of Fascination or Divination, makes it even easier for them to upgrade their abilities. due to his long association with Feywild.


In addition to adaptability, they have a higher flight speed. This will give them an advantage in tasks such as scouting the battlefield and reconnaissance from a vantage point that others cannot reach, as well as making it easier for them to overtake their opponents by flying higher and away from dangerous combat situations.

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These players will find it much easier to conduct scouting and research missions, keep their group informed, and avoid being detected by the enemy thanks to their ability to adapt to stealth.

Frequently asked questions

Q: An owl can only be a certain age.

A:Length of life. Like other races of humanoid player characters, owls live for about a hundred years without using magic to extend them or hunting the undead. Movement. The walking speed of this run is 30 feet, which also affects your owl's ability to fly.

Q: What dialects does Owlin speak?

Owlin speaks Auran and often learns new languages ​​depending on his environment.

Q: Can you play Owl Run?

The playable race known as the Owlin is one of the most intriguing new player options in Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos. Owl Race, one of the few races with natural flight speed, is a fun new option.

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