Ten Gold: Love Advice, Future Outcomes, Yes or No? (2023)

The ten of coins represents material success and healthy family relationships. It often refers to the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new, more comfortable period. This is a good sign if you are starting a business or about to get married.

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family and safety

  • Earth element
  • Planets: Venus, Mercury
  • Signo zodiacal: Virgo
  • Important dates: from September 12 to 22

Go beyond reading meanings

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Visual elements and symbolism

An old man sits comfortably in front of an arch that leads to a village. He wears a robe decorated with crescent moons and vines, an indicator of his wealth and status. In front of him his family and two dogs. A boy stands next to a happy, laughing couple, possibly the boy's parents, and pets one of the dogs.

Dogs represent loyalty., while the child represents new beginnings, fresh ideas and hope. The arch is a symbol of passage or transition, while the city represents centers of thought, cooperation, and tolerance.

This is an adorable scene. The old man can count on the presence of his loved ones as he takes pride in the younger generations benefiting from his hard work. Therefore, the themes of this card also include family, community, and the preservation of family wealth.

The ten of the Pentacles card as a person.

His eyes are crinkled like a bird's nest, his gaze tired but content. His pride shines through as he looks at his children and grandchildren: the old man depicted on the ten of the coins has accomplished great things and is now enjoying the fruits of his labor.

A person represented by the ten of coins has had a good career and is financially independent. They are a central figure in their community or family and are consulted when important decisions are made, especially when those decisions require significant financial investment.

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Ten Gold: Love Advice, Future Outcomes, Yes or No? (2)


The ten of pentacles in an upright position: positive meanings

Drawing the ten of pentacles in one roll bodes well that things will eventually turn out as you hoped. Once that is the case, you will be immensely proud of all you have accomplished.

This card also urges you to focus on your family and make sure their basic needs are met at all times, even if it involves personal sacrifice.

love and relationships

The Ten of Coins is a good card if you are in a relationship. Your relationship is on solid foundations: you and your partner will stay together for the long haul and overcome challenges together. This card can be taken as a sign of more traditional family values. Milestones like a ring, a prenup, or even marriage may be imminent.

If you are single, this card could mean that someone who shares your values ​​is coming into your life. This person is willing to commit to you for the long term.


Taking out the ten of the coins is a good omen regarding work or education. Do not give up when you are going through a difficult stage. You are on the verge of a breakthrough: stability and financial independence are just around the corner.

The ten of coins also suggests that the company or organization you work for follows traditional or conservative values.


The ten of coins represents privilege and wealth. Consider establishing trusts, insurance policies, and other financial instruments to support future generations after you are gone.

This card also indicates that an unexpected windfall may be upon you.


In general, the ten of coins is a good card for your health. You will receive the care and treatment necessary to cope with a long-term injury or illness.

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If you have health problems, look at the hereditary factors that can explain it.

turned around

The Ten of Coins Reversed: Negative Meanings

The reverse ten of coins represents instability, especially within a family unit. For example, drawing this card reversed may indicate old feuds, skeletons in the closet, or a dispute over an inheritance.

The inverted ten of coins is also a bad omen for your finances.

love and relationships

The stability of your family has been threatened in some way. This may just be a brief period of insecurity, or it may lead to a complete break in your relationship. Money could tear them apart. You may need to investigate the true basis of your union for the relationship to thrive.

If you are single, the ten of coins reversed could mean that you are not ready for a long-term relationship or that you might be looking for an unconventional, casual relationship soon.


The reversed ten of coins does not bode well for your career. If you are in a business partnership, the relationship may currently be challenged by outside forces. It can also relate to the bankruptcy of the company you work for or concerns about the long-term stability of your position.


The inverted ten of the coins speaks of financial failure. This may include bankruptcy, loss of profitability, or debt problems. There may also be legal issues related to money owed or an inheritance.

If you live beyond your means, you may have no choice but to drastically reassess all of your financial obligations.


In terms of health, hitting the reverse ten of coins in one fell swoop may mean that an inherited gene is responsible for a recent and sudden change in your health.

Take a holistic approach to healing, making sure to focus on both mind and body.

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Ten Gold: Love Advice, Future Outcomes, Yes or No? (3)


Your past, present and future

In past position, the ten of coins represents a solid foundation that got you to where you are today. Some will have grown comfortably, while others will have overcome great challenges to get to where they are now.

When the ten of coins is in the current position, it is a sign to stick to the plan: your hard work and diligence will eventually pay off. Be warned, though: If you start making more money than you used to, you'll have some tough decisions to make about how to use your newfound wealth.

If you are just starting a business, finding the ten of coins in the future position is a great sign. The same is true if you are about to get married, at least as far as your finances are concerned. That's not to say you'll never have problems in the future, but for now, the outlook is generally good.

important card combinations

There are five cards in the tarot that are considered important omens related to the improvement of finances, and when they appear together their importance increases: the ten of coins,Nine of Pentaculos,Seven of Pentacles,Six of Pentacles, and thethe coins.

When there are several tens in a spread, it can indicate the end of a cycle.

Ten of Pentacles and Ten of Chalices

The tens of coins andten cupsit can signal the end of a period of wandering and the beginning of a new period of long-term stability. For couples in a relationship, it can mean establishing and renewing the bond. This can mean getting married for the first or second time.

Ten of Pentacles and Seven of Cups

This combination can describe an illusion about the ideal family. Be careful not to get lost in a fantasy.

These two cards together can also refer to a situation where a couple chooses to have a partner stay home to embark on a creative project or start a business while caring for the family.The Seven of Cupsit can also be seen as a warning against having unrealistic expectations that may never materialize.

Ten of Pentacles and World

When the ten of coins is connected to theworld map, means feeling good and complete. You can take the opportunity to plan a getaway, or simply spend the day at a spa and let yourself be pampered. On the days you can, take a well-deserved rest.

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Ten of Coins: Yes or No Questions

Security, financial independence and stability are signs of the ten of coins. Good relationships with your partner, family and close friends bring happiness. For most questions, the answer is yes.


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