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Now that you have gathered the primary instruments of the greatest divinations, you are ready to undertake such an operation yourself. There are basically two types of it, one of themthe enchantmentand communicating with non-human entities, and the other dealing with the spirits or shadows of the dead, called necromancy or sometimes sciomancy. You will find that occasionallywitchestend to distinguish the two terms in this sciomancy, they claim, involving a relic of the summoned deceased person, an object bond of some kind, whether it be a lock of hair, a bloodstain or personal property, the evocation of the shadow or spirit attempt of the dead limited to visible appearance.

Necromancy, on the other hand, they argue, implies the resuscitation of a recently deceased corpse, as in the legendary operation performed by Thessaly Erichtho at the behest of Sextus, son of Pompey. However, this distinction is only scientific, and most witches use the term "necromancy" to refer to the operation that pedants call sciomancy, that is, the evocation of shadows as performed by Eliphas Levi in ​​the 19th century. . The cadaveric resuscitation method is very rarely, if ever, attempted today, for obvious reasons.

Necromancy doesn't require the use of your demonstration stone, but a manifestation triangle, so I'll save that process for last and deal with summoning non-human entities first. The quintessential creature called for interrogation has always been the favorite of witches and goes by the name of "Dirty." He is numbered among the seventy-twodemonicintelligences in this Middle Agesmagic book, to dieLemegeton, orSolomon's Little Key; e Wierus,Cornelius Agrippastudent of, also mentions him in his Pseudomonarchia Demoronum.

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1. The Magic Wand

2. See the stone inside the triangle

3rd and 4th art lamps

... Vassago, a powerful prince of nature from Agares, who proclaims the past, present and future and discovers what is lost or hidden. Good by nature, he governs twenty-six legions of spirits...

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But knowledge of their existence goes back much further than that, even to the most ancient Babylonian period. He was one of the Nephelim, and in eastern fable he is said to be one of the seventy-two jinn lords.

Your experiment must be carried out in clear weather, when the moon is two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve or fourteen days old and, of course, always waxing. Such is Vassago's power, however (he is a "prince" in the Hierarchy) that he is not bound by any rule of sidereal or solar time, and therefore can be summoned at any time of day or night. He is to be invoked only in matters of extreme confusion, when all lesser methods of divination have availed him nothing. Although he is "by nature good", it is extremely important to remember that he is one of the seventy-two of yore, a being formed from eons of primordial fire before man evolved into his present form, from an Intelligence in this present time. distant. superior to that of most living humans, and in the humiliating position of being summoned by a clay-sculpted, ape-like Homo sapiens, via a skill still largely undeveloped in these simian creatures. So let him approach his summons with the utmost respect at all times; it is not an idle operation.

After choosing the day of the operation, you must choose a companion to act as a scribe or recorder of the visions. Lock yourself in your secluded workplace after gathering your paraphernalia and other close associates directly involved in the divination.

Your utensils should consist of:

Its altar table with its triangular shield lid faces east; west facing east facing chairs across the table if you want to remain seated while eavesdropping;

Your athame, string, censer, chalice, work paste, mercury square, artistic quill and ink, a supply of Mercurial incense, and a box of incense consistent with Vassago's nature (see the end of this chapter, "Herbs and Incense" ).

All or some of these things can be maintained by your assistants during the operation.

The Vassago Conspiracy - Witches and Sorcerers (2)

On the table itself, your stone or speculum should be within the triangle, and on either side and about twelve inches back should be two of your candlesticks containing exorcised white.candles. The person performing the ritual must hold the wand in their right hand; it should hang on his chest (that of his assistants).Pentacle of Protection.

When everything is safe in placelight upyour incense sticks and Mercury candles and draw a triangle around your floor with your athame. Then cast your circle and exorcise it with fire and water as usual.

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That done, the next thing you should do is do the Mercury Square ritual to get in the mood. Then fill your censer this time with Vassago incense.

Now take two of your clean sheets and pull onceor seal itby Vassago in full size as shown in the illustration, using his art pen and ink. On the other side, draw the sigil as well, but this time small and in the upper right corner. Then, on the last sheet, carefully write the question you want answered. In this piece you will capture the nature of your visions.

Put this aside for later use and now go back to the first sheet. Take the full-size sigil in your right hand, like Perge, and gas it with Vassago incense three times, each time declaring your magical intent:

"Paper creature, I call you Vassago. You are Vassago.

Now transfer the paper to your left hand and, taking your wand in your right, trace the sigil three times in the air above it, strongly imagining a line of blue fire emanating from the tip of the wand and a large, glowing one forming a seal. where the air hangs. Repeat the binding spell three times again:

"Paper creature, I call you Vassago. You are Vassago.

Then, again using the wand, draw three crosses in the air above the symbol and seal it with the words "So be it".

Now move clockwise and walk around the circle, holding the sigil in your left hand and your wand in your right hand. Finish at the east of the circle and turn east. Hold the wand vertically over the seal and invoke Vassago with these words:

Von Satandar youSeatI summon you

O thou great and holy

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Dirty! Dirty! Dirty!

Grant yourself to descend from your abode and bring your influence and presence into this cup, that we may see your glory and enjoy your company and help!

At this point, circle the circle again clockwise, heading east as before to continue:

Of Satandar and Asentacer

I summon you

O thou great and holy

Dirty! Dirty! Dirty!

who knows the secrets of Elanel, who rides on the wings of the wind and is endowed with supernatural movements, come down and be present, I beseech you

Circle again and finish the invocation:

By Satandar and Asentacer I summon thee three times three times,

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Dirty! Dirty! Dirty!

to descend and appear to us in this glass that speaks mysteries of truth and understanding.

Then go back to the west of your altar table, face east and place the sigil in the triangle under the speculum or keystone in its holder.

At this point, you need to sit comfortably in front of the table, holding your wand in both hands, directing your gaze smoothly and effortlessly to the surface of your speculum. Simultaneously, with all the power of your imagination, imagine the same blue glow playing around the speculum and audibly repeat the question or mode of divination addressed to Vassago as previously placed on your paper. If you continue to look into the speculum, the surface will look faded; In fact, your gaze goes out of focus and quickly returns.

This effect will continue for a while as your eye gets dirty from the perspective changes on the glass. You may also feel a strange pinching sensation around your forehead and between your eyes. At this point, if you performed the divination correctly, you will notice that the surface of the speculum has begun to be covered with a gray-blue haze. This is the sign that the vision is opening up and at this stage the Vassago will start to take over and show certain things.

It may initiate the vision by revealing itself to you in human or therioform form, or it may simply begin to show you the answer to your questions in straightforward symbolic pictures, much like the tiny images seen through the wrong end of a telescope or being seen. of a telescope binoculars. But one thing is of paramount importance here for novice witches. Do not take your attention away from the speculum; Try not to let your excitement about what's happening get in the way of the delicate connection between you.everyday consciousnessand deep mind. This is a very difficult instruction for the beginner, but it can effectively ruin the guesswork if not followed.

Sometimes you will find images piling up alongside your immediate gaze. Here you must resist the temptation to look away to catch a glimpse of them, but allow them to develop and unfold in front of you. Sometimes visions don't seem to make sense to you right now. Whatever the case, you should describe them aloud and have your partner, who will act as your scribe, write them down with the artificial pen on the paper with the written question. Visions are very fleeting and will fade from your memory like dreams if you are not careful to record them immediately.

When the stream of images seems to have ended, the glass fogs up one last time and then returns to its normal state. At this point you need to place more Vassago incense sticks in the censer and repeat the License to Departure call to Vassago, which breaksthe magicand ends the operation. Under no circumstances may this license be waived; to do so is to bring about magical disasters of the worst possible kind, perhaps even the nature that befell the legendary Egyptian soothsayer.To cryin seventeenth-century England.

He and his sister Napula tried to summon him after a betbook spiritto visible appearance, unsuccessful as it seems, for no manifestation was to come. After repeating the formulas frequently, Chiancungi and her sister grew impatient and, not allowed to leave, left the circle without further ado. According to witnesses, at that moment they were "immediately seized and crushed to death by that infernal spirit which, until that moment, had not been sufficiently compelled to reveal itself to human eyes".

Because maybe there isn'tvisible manifestationdemonic activity does not necessarily mean thatyour magicdid not work. And although Vassago is “good by nature”, it's worth not taking shortcuts. To reiterate, when summoning intelligences, especially the 72 formed from the Primordial Fire, strictly follow the principles of safetywitchcraft.

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