Top 15 magic items for clerics in D&D 5e, ranking (2023)

Priests are some of the most amazing divine sorcerers in D&D 5e. They often get tipped in supporting roles. Priests are especially adept at buffing and healing. However, they also have the tools to deal massive damage, maim enemies, provide utility outside of combat, and much more.


Clerics are so versatile that they can use almost any magical item in D&D 5e. However, some stand out from the rest. Some tools and artifacts increase the priest's power in any way. Others make up for their weaknesses. Either way, there are magic items that are clearly better for a priest in D&D 5e.

Updated on March 1 by Isaac Williams:Thanks to the versatility of the Clerics in D&D 5e, finding the perfect magic item can be difficult. However, many of the best options in the game work in favor of this class. This list has been updated with even more of the best magic items for the clergy in D&D 5e.

15 Elven racing boots

Uncommon, Dungeon Master's Guide pg. 155

Top 15 magic items for clerics in D&D 5e, ranking (1)

Many priests wear medium or heavy armor as their preferred defensive gear. This makes them harder to hit. However, most of these options have a downside to Stealth checks. This can make the Priest a burden on stealth or infiltration adventures.

Elven Boots provide an advantage on sneak checks. This can counter the debuff of heavily armored priests or provide a large buff to a priest with lighter armor. Each character has a perpetual advantage on Concealment checks. Priests with unfavorable Concealment checks especially appreciate this. This can be the difference between a successful infiltration or a fierce battle.

14 +1-3 Shield

Varies, Dungeon Master's Guide, p. 197

Top 15 magic items for clerics in D&D 5e, ranking (2)

Simple magical weapons and armor are the order of the day in most campaigns. These are simple items that can increase a character's power without increasing complexity. Magic shield is something that any cleric can use and provides a significant bonus to armor class.


Clerics often find themselves in the middle of a fight. The general armor class bonus in the range of +3 to +5 can be invaluable. The +3 shield may not be as esoteric as some magic items in D&D 5e. However, it is still a solid option that will protect the Priest from countless hits.

13 Bullet magic wand

Uncommon, Dungeon Master's Guide pg. 211

Top 15 magic items for clerics in D&D 5e, ranking (3)
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Clerics have no shortage of combat options. They have spells for almost every situation. Cleric can be built to be effective in melee combat. They can focus on killing enemies, buffing allies, controlling the battlefield, and more. However, Clerics who specialize in other areas may struggle to deal raw damage.

Cleric's spell list doesn't offer many options for dealing high ranged damage. Even clerics with domains that grant explosive spells may want to conserve resources. Magic Missile Wand allows the character to deal guaranteed damage from a distance. Although Magic Missile is a low damage spell, the priest can cast it to deal damage as needed.

12 guardian emblem

Rare, Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, p. 128

Top 15 magic items for clerics in D&D 5e, ranking (4)

There are priestsbest support class in. Many domains still struggle to keep allies alive with crits. Even if they have healing spells in reserve, it may be too little and too late. The Guardian Emblem can help fill that gap in the Priest's toolkit.

This small sigil attaches itself to a shield or armor. The priest doesn't even have to hold it in his hands. You can negate three critical hits each day. This is a powerful effect for a rare magic item, even at higher levels. The symbol needs tuning, so it has a lot of competition. However, the ability to save an ally from a fatal crit can trump many other options.

11 Ogre Power Gauntlets

Dungeon Master's Guide pg. 171

Top 15 magic items for clerics in D&D 5e, ranking (5)

Not all priests are in the heat of hand-to-hand combat. However, many of the 5e Cleric's masterworks encourage clerics to engage in melee combat. This can be difficult for Clerics to achieve. They want to keep their Wisdom in order for their spells to be effective. It requires neglecting your strength.


Ogres Power Gauntlets increase the wearer's Strength to 19 when attuned. This is close to the maximum a character can get without special abilities or magic items. A Priest with a Strength of 19 can defend until the end of the campaign. This will unleash skill upgrades for Wisdom, Constitution, or Feats.

10 Diamond Armor

Uncommon, Dungeon Master's Guide p. 150

Top 15 magic items for clerics in D&D 5e, ranking (6)
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Adamantite Armor is a magical item that works at every level of the game. In addition to skin, it can take the form of any medium or heavy armor. Adamantium Armor has a practical effect. Prevents a critical hit from any Natural 20 from attacks against the character.

This effect may seem simple. However, it adds up throughout the campaign. A critical hit at the wrong time can make the difference between victory and death. Adamantite Armor will reduce the priest's damage most of the time, especially during melee combat. Keeps the Cleric alive and conscious to continue helping your team.

9 prayer bead necklace

Rare, Dungeon Master's Guide pg. 182

Top 15 magic items for clerics in D&D 5e, ranking (7)

, can choose spells from the full list of spells every day. They don't have to learn specific spells like many arcane wizards do. This makes them one of the most flexible and versatile characters in the entire game. However, a prayer bead necklace allows them to replicate this.

The prayer necklace has up to six beads. Each of these corresponds to a specific divine spell that the character can cast as a bonus action. These include basic options like Heal Wounds and Bless, and rarer options like Brand Smite or Walk on the Wind. If the priest has a prayer book, he can avoid preparing this spell for another option.

8 Devotee's censer

Rare, Cauldron of Everything autorstwa Tasha, str. 126

Top 15 magic items for clerics in D&D 5e, ranking (8)

The Devoted's Censer is an exclusive weapon for priests and paladins. It always acts as a holy symbol, allowing the priest to cast spells through it. In addition, attacks with it deal an additional 1d8 radiation damage. This makes it the perfect default weapon for a priest. It enhances your combat abilities and helps you cast spells.


However, the Devoted Censer also has an active ability. As a bonus action, it can release a cloud of healing mist up to three meters away. Priest and other creatures in this area recover 1d4 life points at the start of the priest's turn. This can only be done once a day. However, it can provide an incredible amount of healing for the entire team at a low cost.

7 Insect Swarm Staff

Rare, Dungeon Master's Guide p. 203

Top 15 magic items for clerics in D&D 5e, ranking (9)

Staves are not the most characteristic weapon of Clerics. However, various magic staffs can double as both melee weapons and spellcasting tools. The Insect Swarm Staff is one such item. These include spellcasting and unique abilities.

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The Insect Swarm Staff allows the character to cast Insect Plague. Priests already have access to this spell, but staff may prevent them from preparing it. It also grants access to a giant insect, exclusive to the druid. It also allows the user to create an area of ​​high shade. This is a valuable trick that some priests could not do otherwise.

6 break the mace

Rare, Dungeon Master's Guide pg. 179

Top 15 magic items for clerics in D&D 5e, ranking (10)

Mace of Disruption fits well with the Clerics both mechanically and story-wise. Priests possess the divinity of the Undead Reversal Channel, designed specifically to eliminate and neutralize the undead. Disruption Mace is the perfect partner for this power. Deals an additional 2d6 radiant damage to demons and undead enemies.

Enemies that have 25 or less HP after this damage must make a Wisdom saving throw. If they fail, they are immediately destroyed. If successful, they will be scared for one turn. Mace of Disruption can kill a dangerous boss or quickly thin the ranks when fighting the undead.

5 Admirer's amulet

Miscellaneous, Tasha's Cauldron of Everything p. 119

Top 15 magic items for clerics in D&D 5e, ranking (11)

Spellcasting is an essential part of a D&D Priest's toolkit. Clerics are a versatile spellcaster. This means they get the full range of magic, from gimmicks to level 9 spells. The Amulet of the Pious is perfect for making the priest's spells as devastating as possible.


When worn, the Amulet of the Devoted grants a +1 to +3 bonus on spell attack rolls and spell save DC. This allows Clerics to maim enemies more often, deal more damage, and generally be more efficient at whatever they want to do. It also grants one free use of one targeted deity per adventure day.

4 club of terror

Rare, Dungeon Master's Guide p. 180

Top 15 magic items for clerics in D&D 5e, ranking (12)

The club of terror does not fit the traditional image of a clergyman. However, not all clergymen have to be kind and heroic. Even those who are can appreciate the variety of their methods. The club of terror is darker than many of the better magic items in Cleric D&D 5e. It is no less effective for him.

Priests are very capable of inflicting Fright, especially on the undead. Mace of Terror extends this to all types of enemies. The wielding priest can spend a charge to force any creature of his choice within 9 yards to make a Wisdom saving throw. If they miss, they are scared up to a minute. A well-placed club of terror can decimate the enemy side in battle.

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3 medical staff

Rare, Dungeon Master's Guide p. 202

Top 15 magic items for clerics in D&D 5e, ranking (13)

Clerics aren't just healers. However, it is one of his most common roles at parties. Priests gain access to some of the best healing spells in D&D 5e. They will often take responsibility for keeping their allies alive if the team has no other support characters. However, they may not want to spend all of their spell slots on this.

Any cleric worried about running out of spell slots should opt for a Healing Staff. Allows them to use their charges to cast Heal, Minor Restore, or Mass Heal. With the Healing Staff, the cleric can assume a support role at a low cost. They can keep allies healthy by using their spell slots for other purposes.

2 Resurrection Rod

Legendary, Dungeon Master's Guide pg. 197

Top 15 magic items for clerics in D&D 5e, ranking (14)

Clerics are the best characters to bring back the dead in all of D&D 5e. They have access to almost every resurrection spell, from Revivify to True Resurrection. However, it is not enough to prepare spells. Spells such as Raise Dead contain diamonds as a material ingredient. These can be rare or expensive.


The Staff of Resurrection circumvents this requirement. The priest can use all of his stacks to cast Resurrect, bringing an ally back to life. This is already one of the best reactivation spells in all of D&D. The main cost is the risk of breaking the cane. In addition, she can spend one stack to cast Heal, a powerful support spell.

1 The Book of Sublime Deeds

Artifact, Dungeon Master's Guide pg. 222

Top 15 magic items for clerics in D&D 5e, ranking (15)

Artifacts surpass legendary D&D magic items in terms of rarity and power. Each of them has the potential to change the world. The Book of Sublime Deeds is one of the rarest items a cleric can find. It is a book that bestows divine blessings upon any character who reads it and uses its powers for good.

Tome of Lofty Deeds increases the cleric's Wisdom by 2. This may exceed the natural limit of the skill score to 24. It also permanently buffs all spells cast. Each priest spell they cast counts as a level up. They also gain a halo that grants combat and social benefits, as well as random beneficial properties. Few items reward a priest as much as the Book of Sublime Deeds.


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Top 15 magic items for clerics in D&D 5e, ranking? ›

#1: Dragon Scale Mail Is The Best Armor For Clerics In D&D

Clerics wearing this armor will get a +1 boost to AC along with advantage on saving throws against dragon breath weapons which work similarly to a Dragonborn's powerful innate skill in Dungeons & Dragons.

What is the best cleric magic armor in 5E? ›

#1: Dragon Scale Mail Is The Best Armor For Clerics In D&D

Clerics wearing this armor will get a +1 boost to AC along with advantage on saving throws against dragon breath weapons which work similarly to a Dragonborn's powerful innate skill in Dungeons & Dragons.

What is a cleric best magic weapon? ›

Clerics about to start an adventure won't go wrong with a trusty mace. Pair this weapon with a shield, and a Cleric can pack a punch while having a decent Armor Class (AC). A mace is a simple melee weapon that deals 1d6 Bludgeoning on a hit.

What are the ranks of magic items? ›

There are six different magic item rarities, from most to least available: common, uncommon, rare, very rare, legendary, and artifact. The closer an item's rarity is to artifact, the less numerous and pervasive such items become. Many legendary items and all artifacts are unique.

What is the strongest cleric spell? ›

Top 10 Best Cleric Spells in 5E D&D
  1. Healing Word. ...
  2. Spiritual Weapon. ...
  3. Spirit Guardians. ...
  4. Bless. ...
  5. Revivify. ...
  6. Greater Restoration. ...
  7. Heal. ...
  8. Cure Wounds & Mass Cure Wounds.
Nov 21, 2022

What should a cleric buy in 5E? ›

The 15 Best Magic Items For Clerics In D&D 5e, Ranked
  • 15 Boots Of Elvenkind.
  • 14 +1-3 Shield.
  • 13 Wand of Magic Missiles.
  • 12 Guardian Emblem.
  • 11 Gauntlets Of Ogre Power.
  • 10 Adamantine Armor.
  • 9 Necklace Of Prayer Beads.
  • 8 Devotee's Censer.
Mar 17, 2023

What is the most overpowered cleric domain? ›

The Grave Domain is hands down the best subclass for an overpowered cleric. The Grave Domain gives you many necrotic-based spells as you level up. From level one, you can heal people with zero hit points for the maximum amount the healing spell allows.

What weapon should a cleric use? ›

Cleric Weapons
  • Crossbow, Light: This may do more damage than your Cantrips at low levels because weapons add your ability bonus to damage. If you have good Dexterity, consider a crossbow until your cantrips scale at 5th level.
  • Javelin: Same logic as the Light Crossbow, but Strength-based.
  • Mace: The iconic Cleric weapon.
Jan 17, 2023

What is the best basic weapon for a cleric? ›

As a Cleric, you can use a staff, spellbook, and mace, amongst others. It's generally best to stick with the mace and shield combo for basic fights and switch to a magical weapon for healing, buffs, and magical attacks. The Spellbook comes highly recommended thanks to its high speed.

What are the big six magic items? ›

With that in mind, the Big Six are a collection of six specific types of magic items. They are as follows: Magic weapon, magic armor (and shield), amulet of natural armor, cloak of resistance, ring of protection, and an ability score boosting item such as a headband or a belt.

How many magic items is too many? ›

The official rules expect a character at level 20 to have 6 permanent magic items. That's a perfectly manageable number, and you should be very cautious to go beyond that. The official rules only have one limitation on this problem: Attunement.

What is the best common magic item? ›

Dungeons & Dragons: 8 Best Common Magic Items
  • 8 Medal Of The Meat Pie.
  • 7 Hat Of Wizardry.
  • 6 Earring Of Message.
  • 5 Masquerade Tattoo.
  • 4 Boots Of False Tracks.
  • 3 Clockwork Amulet.
  • 2 Moon-Touched Sword.
  • 1 Glamerweave.
Mar 17, 2023

What do clerics use for magic? ›

Most clerics use wisdom as their main spellcasting modifier - with charisma sometimes coming into the mix - meaning that it's advisable to put more points into this particular stat than others.

Why is cleric so strong? ›

Clerics are versatile figures, both capable in combat and skilled in the use of divine magic (thaumaturgy). Clerics are powerful healers due to the large number of healing and curative magics available to them. With divinely-granted abilities over life or death, they are also able to repel or control undead creatures.

What is the best cleric subclass for healer? ›

Clerics of the Peace Domain are among the best healing party members in all of D&D. A subclass that focuses on the bonds of one's party, these clerics can improve the saving throws of their allies, and even allow them to take hits for each other.

What Cantrips should a cleric take? ›

Dungeons & Dragons: The 9 Best Cleric Cantrips, Ranked
  • 9 Thaumaturgy.
  • 8 Light.
  • 7 Mending.
  • 6 Resistance.
  • 5 Guidance.
  • 4 Sacred Flame.
  • 3 Toll The Dead.
  • 2 Spare The Dying.
Dec 13, 2022

What is the best cleric trade? ›

The Cleric, who spawns in churches next to a brewing stand, can offer emeralds in exchange for Rotten Flesh (novice), Gold Ingots (apprentice), and Rabbit's Foot (journeyman).

How do you make a powerful cleric in 5E? ›

To build a cleric, make Wisdom your highest score, followed by Constitution. Choose an odd-numbered Constitution score. Traditionally, clerics rely on Strength, but a cleric's cantrips can bring more damage than weapon attacks, especially with the Blessed Strike option in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything.

What is the most powerful cleric subclass? ›

And all it takes is your Channel Divinity. This is admittedly not very much, but it outperforms spells at comparable or higher levels. This is why Twilight wins out as the strongest/best in our list of best cleric subclasses.

What cleric domain is best for combat? ›

Forge Domain. A great spell list, a clear role on the front lines in combat, and unique utility and support options. The Forge Domain is excellent in every aspect. Forge Domain Clerics make good Defenders, and have enough damage output to be a threat in combat even without relying on spellcasting.

What cleric domain is best for spells? ›

The Best Cleric Domains 5E Rnked
  • Trickery. Trickery Domain is at the bottom of our list. ...
  • Nature. As a Nature Cleric, you might look like a Druid on the outside. ...
  • War. ...
  • Knowledge. ...
  • Death. ...
  • Grave. ...
  • Life. ...
  • Tempest.
Dec 19, 2022

Do clerics need a god? ›

Clerics absolutely require a deity; they literally are not Clerics without this. That said, there's near-infinite room for choosing which deity to follow, and there's nothing stopping you from making one up (with DM approval, as always).

How to do more damage as a cleric? ›

If you want to deal more damage, or you're running solo Cleric, you might want to pick up Undead Slaying for that extra damage boost to undead and Blunt Weapon Mastery to improve your mace damage.

Can a cleric get lightning bolt? ›

There are 4 spells that can deal thunder damage for Clerics. There are 2 for lightning. You'd be limiting yourself quite a bit, but Call Lightning and Shatter are both completely acceptable spells.

Is cleric an easy class? ›

Of all the spellcasting-focused classes, the cleric is by far the easiest one for new players to learn. They have a good amount of survivability bestowed upon them through their access to armor and significant healing and buffing magic.

What is the best level 1 spell cleric? ›

D&D 1st Level Cleric: Most Useful Cantrips

The best Cleric Cantrip is sacred flame, as it's a damaging spell that they can throw out during the same turn as healing word. It also means they never need to worry about carrying ranged weapons in D&D.

What's better Paladin or cleric? ›

Paladins Make Great Leaders

While their spells are not as powerful as the cleric's, paladins' innate abilities further cement them as great leaders. At later levels, they can gain holy auras that bolster their allies simply by being near them.

What magic item increases intelligence? ›

The magical item 'Headband of Intellect' gives genius level intellect with attunement.

How many magic items can you wear? ›

You may equip as many magic items as you can properly wear, only three of which can be requiring attunement. In addition to the three attunement slots, you may use as many items not requiring attunement as you can wear.

How many magic items by level 5? ›

At level 5, all characters can pick up a free +1weapon or shield or Rod of the Pact Keeper, or Wand of the War Mage, but they are capped at carrying 3 magic items of >common rarity, not counting consumables, and that +1 sword or whatever counts against those 3. And no legendary items.

How often should I give players magic items? ›

A party with lots of casters, particularly artificers, shouldn't get as many, since they can replicate/create magic items with their spells. But in general, you should never give your players more magic items than they can use.

How much gold should a level 5 party have? ›

At the start of level 5 they should have roughly 700 gold each, and at the end 3000 gold each - so they gain a total of about 2300 gold. The amount of gold you gain isn't the same each level, as you level up the amount of wealth you accumulate will increase.

Can you attune to more than 3 items? ›

An item can be attuned to only one creature at a time, and a creature can be attuned to no more than three magic items at a time. Any attempt to attune to a fourth item fails; the creature must end its attunement to an item first. Additionally, a creature can't attune to more than one copy of an item.

How much should a rare magic item cost? ›

Rarity also determines the base price for a magic item. It's value. Common items are worth 100 gp, uncommon ones are worth 500 gp, rare items are worth 5,000 gp, very rare items are worth 50,000 gp, and legendary items are worth a whopping 500,000 gp.

How to find magic in everyday? ›

10 Ways to Add More Magic and Happiness Into Each Day
  1. Express Gratitude. Gratitude is a form of magic. ...
  2. Practice Forgiveness. If you're holding grudges you're not hurting anyone but yourself. ...
  3. Perform Acts of Kindness. ...
  4. Take Care of Your Body. ...
  5. Follow Your Dreams. ...
  6. Just Be You. ...
  7. Create a Ritual. ...
  8. Look for Everyday Magic.
May 20, 2020

What level are very rare magic items D&D? ›

RarityCharacter LevelValue
Uncommon1st or higher101-500 gp
Rare5th or higher501-5,000 gp
Very rare11th or higher5,001-50,000 gp
Legendary17th or higher50,001+ gp
1 more row
Oct 30, 2016

What stats should a cleric prioritize? ›

Despite all the different subclasses and playstyles, all Clerics will follow the same basic rules. They're primary spellcasters, so (and there is no arguing allowed here) maxing out their Wisdom (Wis) score is always going to be top priority, as it's their spellcasting ability.

Can you be a chaotic good cleric? ›

Can a cleric be Chaotic Good? In Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, a cleric can be Chaotic Good if that's the alignment of their deity.

What attributes do clerics need? ›

  • Wisdom -> Strength/Dexterity -> Constitution -> Charisma -> Strength/Dexterity -> Intelligence.
  • Knowledge Clerics are constantly on the hunt for esoteric lore or ancient tomes containing incredible knowledge.
  • Life Clerics are focused on the positive, vibrant energy of life.
Jun 5, 2017

How do you choose a cleric deity? ›

You don't pick a deity as a Cleric, you pick a domain. There can be many gods of death, all that matters is the domain, not the god. All Death Domain Clerics get the same Touch of Death Channel Divinity.

What is the cleric casting stat? ›

Wisdom is your spellcasting ability for your cleric spells.

What is the best cleric magic armor in 5e? ›

#1: Dragon Scale Mail Is The Best Armor For Clerics In D&D

Clerics wearing this armor will get a +1 boost to AC along with advantage on saving throws against dragon breath weapons which work similarly to a Dragonborn's powerful innate skill in Dungeons & Dragons.

What is a cleric holy symbol magic item? ›

A holy symbol is a representation of a god or pantheon. A cleric or paladin can use a holy symbol as a spellcasting focus, as described in the Spellcasting section. To use the symbol in this way, the caster must hold it in hand, wear it visibly, or bear it on a shield.

How many spells can a cleric cast per day? ›

You only get three spell slots per day, meaning you can only cast three of those seven spells over the course of the day. You can mix and match freely within the seven you have prepared. You can cast the same spell three times, or cast a different spell each time, or 2 and 1, whatever the situation calls for.

What armor do clerics wear? ›

Clerics are able to wear Full plate armor, and there is rarely any reason not to put them in it. Generally, plain old +5 Full plate will work well enough. Conventional wisdom says that there will not be any need for Mithral armor, since clerics rarely have enough Dexterity to fill it out.

What armor are clerics proficient in? ›

Proficiencies: Medium armor and shields will give you a decent AC, especially if you're not building for melee combat. Simple weapons will be fine, especially once your spells eclipse your damage output with weapons. Clerics don't get any tools, and get two skills from a very short list of options.

What is good mage armor? ›

Magic users that are seeking a bit more protection than the raggedy fabrics that sorcerer attire usually provides should look no further than the Carian Knight set. A lot heftier than what typical mages would be used to, it's one of the few medium-weight armors that are suitable for magic users.

What is the best armor in 5E? ›

Plate armor is the best armor you can get, it's heavy, you clank when you walk, but there's no better AC. It just costs a fortune. Plate is what you build towards, wear it if you can get it.

How do you make a good cleric in 5e? ›

To build a cleric, make Wisdom your highest score, followed by Constitution. Choose an odd-numbered Constitution score. Traditionally, clerics rely on Strength, but a cleric's cantrips can bring more damage than weapon attacks, especially with the Blessed Strike option in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything.

What does a cleric wear? ›

Black is the most recognisable colour of clerical clothing, with most denominations wearing black shirts as their primary attire. Traditional black shirts and cassocks are worn for everyday attire, as well as in public. Black is considered the primary colour for shirts and cassocks, as worn by members of the clergy.

What race is best for cleric? ›

  • Goblin. Fury of the Small is a reasonably reliable ability to have once a campaign gets rolling and you aren't just killing rats for the local innkeep.
  • Tortle. That thematic withdraw-into-shell ability is just great.
  • Human or Half-elf.
  • Tiefling, Dragonborn or Orc for me.
Feb 4, 2020

Do clerics need a God? ›

Clerics absolutely require a deity; they literally are not Clerics without this. That said, there's near-infinite room for choosing which deity to follow, and there's nothing stopping you from making one up (with DM approval, as always).

What is the strongest armor in DND? ›

Because Plate Mail is the best armor in the game. Offering a huge 18 AC without any magic or Dexterity, Plate Mail is the most AC that non-Light Armor (with high Dexterity) can give. Once you can get Plate Mail, you're going to be happy with it! As long as you're proficient, of course.

What is good hard mode mage armor? ›

Best Hardmode Mage Armor

Adamantine Armor is the best armor set for mages early in Hardmode as it reduces mana usage. Other options include: Hallowed Armor with a Hallowed Headgear, which is crafted from Hallowed Bars (increases maximum mana by 100).

What is the strongest armor in existence? ›

What will a level IV plate stop? Level IV armor is the highest rating of body armor currently available, and it will stop armor-piercing rifle threats. It can withstand up to 30-06 M2ap steel core armor-piercing rounds with a mass of 166 grains and a velocity of 2880 ft/s.

What is the strongest material in 5e? ›

"Adamantite" is listed in the Players Handbook (1e) (1978) as the hardest and most difficult metal to transmute with the spell molecular rearrangement.

What is the rarest material in 5e? ›

Aethel. One of the rarest and most valuable substances isn't a drug or a weapon, but a mineral. While the greenish stone of the absent moon is a natural power source on its own, the clear crystals of aethel absorb magical energy and even light.


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