Where To Find All Memories In A Requiem Plague Tale Immortal Memories Trophy Achievement (2023)

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Before we go any further, it's worth noting that this guide won't cover how to find every flower and bird feather in the game. If you're looking for these collectibles as well, we recommend checking out our guides for where to find all these items throughout the game.

How to find all memories in A Plague Tale Requiem

There are 21 memories in total to find in A Plague Tale Requiem, and they're spread out pretty evenly across most of the game's chapters. Unlike the first game, however, these collectibles aren't special items you collect to add to a visible collection. . On the contrary, they are moments that serve as important memories for Amicia, the game's protagonist. They can range from happier times with her friends and family to traumatic times she will hold on to on her own. However, they can only be activated by tracking hidden areas in the game and interacting with a specific part of the environment. For this, we divide the memories that you can find chapter by chapter and write down the linked number. to them in the Codex. We'll also include screenshots to give you some structure of where to look. And before you ask: no, you don't need to get all the game memories at once. If you encounter them for the first time in a Chapter or have to replay a level to add it to your codex, it will still count towards your grand total and related rewards. Take your time and don't be afraid to get them out of order if you've already passed where some can be found.

Where to find all memories in Chapter 1

There are no memories in A Plague Tale Requiem Chapter 1, so you don't have to worry about going too deep into the tutorial level. Play normally and save energy to explore in the next chapter.

Where to find all memories in A Plague Tale Requiem Chapter 2

Meanwhile, Chapter 2 has two memories you can track down. The first is found in the town's market, while the second is found in the house full of sick villagers later in the level.

1. Best player

For this souvenir, you'll need to interact with the stall where you can drop pots onto stacked blocks. This stall can be reached by going through the fairgrounds at the beginning of the chapter, while with Hugo, until you reach the flower seller's stall, where Hugo flees. Once he finds it, turn left and continue towards the giant fish hanging below. to the fisherman Once you reach it, turn right and you'll see a stall with blocks stacked at the back of the alley. Go to the booth and interact with him, then complete the pot toss game. Once that's done, you'll unlock the first in this series of collectibles.

2. Be at peace

Next is the Be At Peace souvenir. For this one, you'll need to be at the point where you go through the house full of infected following the main stealth section with the archer. After entering the house, continue up the stairs and take the hallway that leads. On the right. Continue down the hall until you reach the woman who is still alive. Interact with her and she will mistake Amicia for someone named Alice. After a short exchange, he will finally die and the Memory will appear.

Where to find all memories in Chapter 3

The next two memories are in Chapter 3 of A Plague Tale Requiem. These can be a little harder to find and require you to use your Sling to solve puzzles that aren't explicitly revealed to you.

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3. A grave

After entering the area beyond the portcullis you need to go through, head towards the abandoned buildings ahead of you. After reaching the abandoned forge with a house on your right, go to the right side of the house and look for a chain link on a fence. Shoot the chain link and go back forward. of the House. The patio door should now be open for you. Head to the front yard and examine the tomb on your right. This will give you the memory of A Grave.

4. Our Home

After retrieving Amicia's slingshot, head back to the second level of the storage building. From the center of the level, look to the right side of the building and you'll see a walkway supported by a chain link that you can shoot with your slingshot. Shoot him and cross the walkway. The map can be found on a table lit by some candles, and examining it will activate the Our Home Souvenir.

Where to find all memories in chapter 4 of A Plague Tale Requiem

Plague Tale Requiem Chapter 4 has two other memories to track down. both require a lot of attention around you, but one in particular can be easy to miss.

5. Silk Treasure

Make your way through the dock area as normal until you reach a trapdoor that leads down. Before interacting with him, turn around and look for a gap in the wall directly in front of him. Crouch down and go through the opening to enter a hidden room. Upon entering the room, Lucas comments on how the city used to be the "gateway to the Mediterranean". You can then look to the side of the room for a cart you can interact with. Grab it and move it with Lucas towards a wall you can't climb without a boost. Hop on the cart, climb the ledge, and head towards a pile of colored fabrics that you can examine to see the Silk Treasure dialogue between the two characters.

6. A grain of sand

After completing the Tar Workshop section where you move the platform with Lucas on it, head to the destroyed dock area and look for the chain link holding a walkway. It will be to the right of the hallway that leads to the next section of the level. Fire your slingshot down the hallway, then cross it to a docked ship. Upon reaching the upper right edge of the pier, you will have the option of viewing the city in the distance. Lucas and Amicia will then have a heart-to-heart talk, which will result in the activation of the Grain of Sand Memory.

Where to find all memories in Chapter 5

Another chapter of A Plague Tale Requiem means two more memories to track down. Both can be found while you are together with Lucas, which means this pack is preloaded in the first half of the level.

7. The roar of the deer

After the boat takes off without Amicia and Lucas at the start of the level, proceed along the path until you find a clearing in the bush on your right. Head through it to find a chest of alchemical supplies and a winding path you can follow. Continue along the winding path and you'll come to a tree with a red cloth hanging from it. Get close enough to it and you'll enjoy an exchange between Lucas and Amicia that will grant you the Stag's Roar souvenir.

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8. Huuuuuuu!

After reaching the penultimate segment of the section where Amicia and Lucas have to avoid rats with bales of hay, namely the point where they meet again and Amicia comments on Lucas' battle cry, look up and to the right to see a ladder supported by a chain link. She shoots him down the stairs and then climb up to the upper ledge that overlooks the river. Lucas will then go to the ledge, and you can interact with him for a short cinematic and the eighth memory in A Plague Tale Requiem.

Where to find all memories in chapter 6 of A Plague Tale Requiem

Chapter 6 of A Plague Tale Requiem has, you guessed it, two more memories to track down. They are spaced fairly evenly throughout the level, with one discovered early on while the other is found later in the level.

9. Imagine you are flying!

After arriving at the camp set up by Catholic pilgrims, head left and look for the man in white standing on the side of a road. Go down the path and head towards the swing. Hugo will offer to push Amicia on the swing, and interacting with her will trigger one of the cutest memories from A Plague Tale Innocence.

10. What color do you want?

After clearing out the room where Hugo controls the rats, head up the ladder and through the opening in the wall to your left. This will take you to a room full of fabrics and dyes. Drop down to the lower level of the room and interact with Hugo next to the cloth strips so he can give Amicia a new headband.

Where to find all memories in chapter 7

Another chapter, two more memories to track down. Both are a little further along in the level, so you don't have to worry about searching the rat-infested cave for a cunningly hidden collectible.

11. The Survivor

After clearing the segment where Arnaud has Amicia fire a flaming beam at her shield to eliminate the rats, continue along the beach to the left. Eventually, you'll come to a ledge of rock that you can climb on. Do that and go to the captain of the broken ship. Examine the pole and Hugo will give you a new name to unlock the Souvenir for you.

12. The first men

Near the end of the segment where you learn how to use Arnaud's ability in combat, there will be some debris you need to pick up in order to escape through a narrow passageway. Follow the passage and look immediately to the left to find a ledge you can climb onto. Do that and go through the small opening on your right to enter a cave. Go inside and grab the torch that hangs on the wall so you can see it as you make your way through the cave. Go forward and you'll eventually find a wall covered in handprints that you can interact with.

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Where to find all memories in chapter 8 of A Plague Tale Requiem

For A Plague Tale Requiem Chapter 8, there are two more memories to find. Both can be discovered while exploring the festival held in the harbor, and one also counts towards the Perfect Shot Hidden Achievement and Trophy.

13. Silent Lucinda

Once you reach La Cuna Brighter Day Market, head to the right side of the stands and you'll find some alleyways. Both will lead you to an area to pet the goats. Upon approaching the man with a goat next to him, Hugo will run out and ask if he can pet the goat. Have him approach and interact with the wall of his pen, and this will trigger the flashback scene.

14. Wreath of Flowers

Once the path up and out of La Cuna's main market opens up, look for an opening in a smaller area to your left. Head into this area, then head through the doorway for some hanging wreaths. Interact with the tent and play the minigame to unlock this souvenir. You'll also get the Perfect Shot trophy and achievement if you manage to send a pot for every crown in one go.

Where to find all memories in chapter 9

Finding all the memories in chapter 9 of A Plague Tale Requiem can seem intimidating, especially since it's the only chapter with three memories to track down. Thankfully, most of their collectibles aren't that hard to find and can be scavenged in minimal time.

15. Another thousand years

From the main castle house you start the level by going out, head to the right until you reach the bird statue next to some stairs and point to a small white house along the way. Continue on the path past the house and follow it along the river until you reach a tree with a gnarled trunk. Examine the tree and it will trigger a rather insightful flashback scene.

16. Good winch

From the main house, cross the river and head towards a ruined tower. It will be the square tower with a circular column on the side. Upon reaching it, head to the side with a small window facing the beekeepers. Through the window you'll see a latch that you can shoot with your Sling that will open a door. Shoot and head to the opposite side of the tower. You'll find a window that you can climb through to enter the building. Go through the door you opened and go up the stairs to the top level. Once there, examine the edge of the building to trigger a cutscene.

17. Tramontane

This souvenir is a pseudo-must see, as the game makes sure you know you're in the area. After talking to the goat herder at the shrine's gate, he'll mention that one of his goats is loose and needs to be sent back to him. Head down the goat path until you reach a dilapidated building and you'll discover her trapped inside. Go to the back of the building and burn the wheat plants with an Ignifer shot or a thrown object. This will open a hole that Hugo can go through, and then unlock a door for Amicia and Sophia to enter as well. Once inside, interact with the goat and you'll enjoy a beautiful scene between Hugo and the goat.

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Where to find all memories in chapter 10 of A Plague Tale Requiem

Plague Tale Requiem makes it a little easier on you when it comes to collectibles in Chapter 10, as there's only one to track down. It can be easy to miss, so stay away from the level unless you plan on coming back to it later.

18. A rag doll

After finding Sophia after Hugo's explosion, continue towards the building and turn left. You should see a rope end that can be used to knock down some loose boards blocking a passage on the opposite side of the building. Shoot a rope spike and lower the planks, then climb up and through the passage. Follow the trail below and examine the bloodstained tree.

Where to find all memories in Chapter 11

Chapter 11 of A Plague Tale Requiem once again asks you to find two souvenirs, though they're fairly easy to find as long as you explore thoroughly.

19. Castelo de Umbridge

After lighting all the carts in the room with mice, pull the cart on the right towards you with a rope and use Sophia's Prism skill to safely reach it. Then push the cart to the edge of the area and change lanes so you can push it to another ledge where there's a chest. To the left of the chest is a ledge you can drop off of. Use Sophia's ability to get to the ledge and then down, and then head towards the table covered with maps. When examining it, the memory will appear.

20. Your toys

On the right side of the room with the huge puzzle door, there will be a normal locked door with an opening on the left that Hugo can crawl through. Send him out and ask him to open the door. Then go inside and examine the toys on the table.

Where to find all memories in chapter 12 of A Plague Tale Requiem

Chapter 12 is another memory-free segment from A Plague Tale Requiem. Don't waste time trying to find collectibles during this segment, and bask in all the glory of the story as it builds to a grand climax.

Where to find all memories in Chapter 13

The game's final memory is found in Chapter 13, and it's very easy to miss. Take your time exploring at the start of the chapter, and you should be fine.

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21. A disaster

Right after starting the chapter, you'll need to find a rope point located behind a door. Once you reach the rope point, look straight behind you and you'll see a cart in a narrow room that can be moved to the left. This will reveal a hole in the wall that you can crawl through. Move the cart and crawl through the hole to enter a new room. Once inside, examine the table to unlock the final memory.

What do you get for finding every memento in A Plague Tale Requiem

As for what you get for finding each souvenir in A Plague Tale Requiem, that's what you'd expect considering how they worked in the first game. The main reward is the "Immortal Memories" Trophy and Achievement. This is one of the rarest and hardest-to-earn accolades in the game, and it offers a decent way to complete the game's roster of activities. Likewise, finding all of these specific collectibles substantially increases the overall experience. They help to further develop Amicia's relationships with Hugo, Lucas, Arnaud and several other characters, while also giving the game moments of lightness or extra weight. I hope this helped you figure out where to find each memory in A Plague Tale Requiem. For more information about the game, check out any of the articles linked below. For other guides, feel free to check out where to find each flower, where to find each feather, and how long it takes to complete the game based on your playstyle.

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